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Bird Flu Continues to Wreak Havoc, Killing Seals Worldwide

Tens of thousands of seals, sea lions have died, and scientists aren't sure how to slow the spread

(Newser) - Avian influenza is killing tens of thousands of seals and sea lions in different corners of the world, disrupting ecosystems and flummoxing scientists who don't see a clear way to slow the devastating virus . The worldwide bird flu outbreak that began in 2020 has led to the deaths of...

Seal Stuck in Lake Is Feasting, to One Man's Displeasure

Nick North of Marks Hall Fisheries says the creature is eating all his fish

(Newser) - To get the punchline, US-based readers need to know that Waitrose is an upscale British supermarket. Hence a marine rescuer's quip that a seal that has become trapped in a fishing lake "probably has no incentive to leave as its found itself in a branch of Waitrose."...

Seal Breaks Into Marine Biologist's Home

'Missed my time to shine,' says New Zealand's Phil Ross, who wasn't home at time of break-in

(Newser) - Phil Ross loves the sea—so much so that he became a marine biologist and moved into a home just 500 feet from the shoreline. That proximity to the ocean brought the New Zealander and his family a surprise visitor on Wednesday morning, when a juvenile fur seal slipped inside...

Protective Monk Seal Attacks Swimmer Who Got Too Close

The 60-year-old woman suffered lacerations to her face, arm, and back

(Newser) - A swimmer at a beach in Waikiki was injured this weekend after encountering an endangered Hawaiian monk seal known as Rocky and her young pup. The Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources said in a statement that the victim is a 60-year-old elementary school teacher from California. A witness...

In This Long Island Town, an 'Unusual 911 Call'

Police help rescue baby seal from Southampton traffic circle

(Newser) - Police in an East End town on Long Island received what deems a most "unusual 911 call" over the weekend. Sgt. Jim Cavanagh of the Southampton Town Police Department tells CNN a seal was spotted on Sunday by residents, sliding through a parking lot in the hamlet...

Clever Seal Goes to Desperate Lengths to Dodge Killer Whales

'Most intense epic experience ever': boat owner

(Newser) - Seals are cute, curious, and apparently quite resourceful when they're trying to avoid becoming someone's dinner, per a story out of British Columbia. The CBC reports on the adventures of a survival-minded seal who, desperately trying to escape the clutches of the ravenous orcas pursuing it, hopped aboard...

2 Harbor Seal Pups Die After Beachgoers Take Them Home

Separate incidents prompted NOAA to put out a press release

(Newser) - In another devastating case of humans interfering with wildlife , a harbor seal pup had to be euthanized in Washington state after a woman carried it off the beach in a reusable shopping bag. The woman saw the pup on a beach near Westport and mistakenly believed it had been abandoned,...

Baby Seal Found in Front Yard, 4 Miles From Water

It's not the first time she's lost her way

(Newser) - Authorities say a baby seal made it 4 miles from the water to the front yard of a home in the San Francisco Bay Area, the AP reports. Rescuers nicknamed the seal Ozzie after she was found Thursday on Osgood Road in Fremont. The female northern fur seal had no...

Mayor: Our Seal Just Shows Some 'Friendly Wrestling'

New York town's depiction of white settler, Native American decried as racist

(Newser) - Some are calling the official seal of Whitesboro a ridiculously racist depiction that could've come straight from the set of Parks and Recreation , but the mayor of the upstate New York town doesn't think anything's amiss with showing a white settler grappling with a Native American. "...

FBI Goes After Wikipedia Over Seal
 FBI Goes After Wikipedia 
 Over Seal 
Your Tax Dollars at Work

FBI Goes After Wikipedia Over Seal

Site won't back down, refuses to remove image

(Newser) - The FBI has sent a letter to Wikipedia complaining that it violated federal law by showing an image of the FBI seal on its page . “Whoever possess any insignia … or any colorable imitation thereof … shall be fined … or imprisoned … or both,” the Bureau wrote,...

Baby Sea Lion Goes Up on the Roof

California man hears noises, finds visitor on 2nd-floor deck

(Newser) - A California man who heard noises outside his apartment investigated and found himself nose-to-snout with a baby sea lion—on his two-story building's roof deck. "I think, maybe this guy can be my friend?" blogged Mike Kai . "Maybe he can live in my bathtub like the 1994 classic...

Orcas Storm Beach to Grab Seals

Killer whales surf ashore for dinner

(Newser) - Innovative killer whales are breaching a beach in Argentina to grab seals and sea lions in the first such behavior ever witnessed. A pair of orcas particularly adept at the brazen strategy, nicknamed Mel and Maga by observing National Geographic scientists, have been spotted repeatedly riding the waves to shore,...

Hawaiian Island to Evict Over-Friendly Seal

Scientists fear monk seal pup raised by people will harm his human playmates

(Newser) - A seal pup that loves human company is facing deportation to hundreds of miles away from his Hawaiian home, the Wall Street Journal reports. Baby monk seal KP2, who often swims with people and even climbs on boogie boards, has become a much-loved local celebrity on Molokai since he showed...

Canadian Gov Guts Seal, Eats Raw Heart

'Delicious' gesture meant to show support for Inuit hunts

(Newser) - When in Rome, do as the Romans do. And in Canada's Arctic, that means gutting a freshly slaughtered seal, slicing out its heart, and chowing down, reports AFP. Canadian Governor General Michaelle Jean kicked off a tour of the region yesterday by dining on raw seal as a gesture of...

Fossil of 'Missing Link' Walking Seal Found

Arctic creature's existence was predicted by Charles Darwin

(Newser) - The fossil of a semi-aquatic creature unearthed in northern Canada may hold the key to how seals and walruses evolved, the BBC reports. The carnivore—which resembles a cross between an otter and a seal—had feet that were webbed but weren't flippers. Scientists believe the animals walked on land...

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