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Report: $100K in Taxpayer Funds Settled Misconduct Claim

Congress paid it out quietly in Eric Massa case

(Newser) - People who argue that Congress needs to be a lot more transparent about sexual harassment cases may have a new Exhibit A—the Eric Massa case. Sources tell ABC News that the Congressional Office of Compliance quietly paid around $100,000 in taxpayer funds to settle sexual harassment claims against...

Weiner Campaign Still Spending Cash

Spent $130K just after resignation—and he's not the only one

(Newser) - In the three months after he resigned, Anthony Weiner spent $130,000 in campaign funds, FEC data shows—more than what most current US representatives from New York City spent over the same period, the Hill reports. Some $10,000 went to travel, $25,000 to consulting and “policy...

I Attempted Suicide Twice: Eric Massa

Esquire delves into his Petraeus conspiracy theory, downfall

(Newser) - On the day he resigned from Congress, Eric Massa called Esquire editor Ryan D'Agostino and invited him to stand witness to, in his own words, “the total and complete destruction of a man.” A month prior, Massa had been feeding D’Agostino a story about Gen. David Petraeus,...

FBI Opens Inquiry of Massa
 FBI Opens Inquiry of Massa  

FBI Opens Inquiry of Massa

Feds looking at big payments in days before resignation

(Newser) - The hits just keep on coming for Eric Massa. Now the FBI and the Justice Department have launched an investigation into questionable payments he made just before resigning his seat in Congress, reports the Washington Post . The feds are looking at a $40,000 payment from campaign funds to top...

Massa Fires Back at Aide
Massa Fires Back at Aide 

Massa Fires Back at Aide

Says former staffer accusing him of sex harassment wrote himself $40K check

(Newser) - Eric Massa fired right back at his former chief-of-staff yesterday, alleging that Joseph Racalto wrote himself a suspicious $40,000 check from Massa's campaign war chest as he was forced to resign amid sexual harassment allegations. Racalto not only decided the amount, but he or someone forged the former congressman's...

Massa Faces Sex Harassment Suit From Aide He Paid $40K

Sketchy payout came day after resignation

(Newser) - It's not a good time to be Eric Massa. The former New York congressman is facing a sex harassment complaint from his male former chief of staff—who took a sketchy $40,000 payout from Massa the day after his resignation, reports the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle .

Massa's Male Staffers Complained for a Year
Male Staffers Complained
for a Year

Massa's Male Staffers Complained for a Year

Ex-rep's aides cite lewd comments, touching

(Newser) - This was apparently no isolated tickle fest , no matter what Eric Massa says. A Washington Post investigation finds that the former congressman's male staffers began complaining about lewd overtures from him in March 2009, just 3 months after he took office. Massa's senior aides tried to handle it internally—for...

Mate Tells of Massa 'Meat-Gazing' Days on Ship

GOP demands new probe of former congressman's case

(Newser) - More sordid details are emerging about disgraced former NY Rep. Eric Massa and his days ogling and groping shipmates when he was in the Navy. When Massa was a commanding officer in the '90s, he used to take his wash down to the self-serve laundry, which happened to be where...

Stewart, Colbert Mock Glenn Beck's Apology
 Stewart, Colbert Mock 
 Glenn Beck's Apology 
eric massa interview

Stewart, Colbert Mock Glenn Beck's Apology

Jon and Stephen agree, however, that the hour wasn't a total waste

(Newser) - Glenn Beck got skewered for his Eric Massa interview by both Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert last night. “Yes, Glenn Beck said this interview might change the course of the nation. He never specified which direction,” Stewart said. But, he added, “the night wasn’t a total...

Pelosi Informed of Massa Concerns Months Ago

It's not clear if Speaker acted on 'gay cruising' concerns

(Newser) - House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was informed of concerns that NY Rep. Eric Massa was cruising congressional male staffers 5 months ago. Massa's top aide called Pelosi's office last October to report his worries about the congressman's practice of spending time with young gay staffers that had nothing to do with...

Allegations Against Massa Date to Navy Days
Allegations Against Massa Date to Navy Days

Allegations Against Massa Date to Navy Days

As officer, he forced himself on subordinates

(Newser) - Eric Massa, the Democratic congressman who stepped down this week over allegations he harassed male staffers, has a history of such behavior dating back to his days as a US Navy officer in the 1980s and ‘90s, the Atlantic reports, citing sources who say Massa “was notorious for...

Patrick Kennedy Loses It on House Floor
 Patrick Kennedy 
 Loses It on House Floor 
afghanistan coverage 'despicable'

Patrick Kennedy Loses It on House Floor

Rhode Island Congressman blasts media for Afghanistan Coverage

(Newser) - Patrick Kennedy blasted the media on the floor of the House this afternoon, calling the focus on the likes of Eric Massa rather than the war in Afghanistan "despicable." The lame-duck Rhode Island Democrat was speaking—and eventually shouting—in favor of a Dennis Kucinich-sponsored resolution requiring President...

Beck Meltdown Ends Massa's Fling With Right

 Beck Meltdown Ends 
 Massa's Fling With Right 
Train Wreck Dept.

Beck Meltdown Ends Massa's Fling With Right

Forget about him become a conservative hero

(Newser) - Eric Massa's disastrous interview with Glenn Beck yesterday has brought his brief flirtation with the right to an end, writes Dana Milbank. Tickle fights? Beck himself told viewers, "I think I've wasted your time," after Massa refused again and again to be specific about the promised Democratic dirt....

Latest Limbaugh Racist Quip: Paterson as New 'Massa'

He uses slave term about black governor, Massa controversy

(Newser) - The resignation of New York congressman Eric Massa has given Rush Limbaugh fodder for a new racist comment: Yesterday, he said David Paterson will be playing "massa" if he appoints Massa's replacement—a reference to slavemasters and the governor's African-American heritage. "So, David Paterson will become the massa...

Eric Massa on Allegations: 'No, No, No, No, No'
 Eric Massa on Allegations: 
 'No, No, No, No, No' 
goes on glenn beck

Eric Massa on Allegations: 'No, No, No, No, No'

He denies making sexual advances to male staffers

(Newser) - Eric Massa went on Glenn Beck's show today and emphatically denied that he made sexual advances to male staffers. "No, no, no, no, no," said the newly resigned congressman when asked about the charges. "Now they're saying I groped a male staffer. Yeah, I did," he...

Eric Massa Allegedly Groped Male Staffers

Charges are more than 'salty language'

(Newser) - Eric Massa has been under investigation for allegedly groping several male staffers in his congressional office. Massa resigned when sexual-harassment allegations came to light, but he characterized the conduct as being only "salty language." In fact, his inappropriate advances constitute "a pattern of behavior and physical harassment,...

Rush Limbaugh: I'm No 'Champion' of Eric Massa

He pulls back as Steny Hoyer and Robert Gibbs blast ex-congressman

(Newser) - Rush Limbaugh says the mainstream media has it all wrong about his opinion of former Democratic congressman Eric Massa. “They think I'm a big supporter,” the talk show host said today, perhaps because yesterday he promised to make Massa’s ordeal “a national story,” reports Politico...

Eric Massa Will Step Down Monday
Eric Massa
Will Step Down Monday

Eric Massa Will Step Down Monday

NY congressman: 'I'm guilty' of sexual harassment

(Newser) - Rep. Eric Massa, who had already said he wouldn't run for re-election , will leave office on Monday. The first-term New York Democrat said a recurrence of cancer played a role in his decision, but also admitted a sexual harassment complaint a male staff member filed with the Ethics Committee had...

Dem Massa Retiring Amid Harassment Allegations

He cites health; male staffer accuses him

(Newser) - Democrat Eric Massa will retire from the House of Representatives after only one term. The congressman announced his surprise decision amid allegations that he sexually harassed a 20-year-old male staffer, reports Politico . Massa, who's married with two children, said there was no truth to the allegations, though he admitted to...

Shut Mexican Border: US Lawmaker

Massa says swine flu necessitates 'immediate' closure

(Newser) - A Democratic member of the House Homeland Security Committee has called for the US-Mexico border to be closed as the number of swine flu cases continues to mount, reports the Hill. Eric Massa of New York said that swine flu is "a serious threat to the health of the...

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