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Mom Charged After Her Baby Dies in Her Bed

Leslie Neuman was warned of dangers of 'co-sleeping'

(Newser) - A Michigan mom is facing criminal charges after her infant son died after she took him to bed with her, People reports. Prosecutors say Leslie Neuman, 32, had been drinking alcohol before she tucked 6-month-old Connor Kleeman into her bed. He wasn't breathing when Neuman awoke early on Dec....

New Theory on When Babies Should Be in Own Room
New Theory
on When 
Babies Should
Be in Own Room

New Theory on When Babies Should Be in Own Room

Study suggests moving them out of parents' room at 6 months improves sleep

(Newser) - More fodder for the debate on when babies should be sleeping in their own rooms: A new study in Pediatrics suggests 6 months of age is a good target, which generally contradicts advice from the American Academy of Pediatrics. The AAP says babies should sleep in the same room as...

'Co-Sleeping' Mom Charged After a 2nd Baby Dies

Erin Piche-Pitts had been warned on co-sleeping dangers for both babies, authorities say

(Newser) - "It happened again" is what Erin Piche-Pitts told authorities when her second infant died of apparent suffocation, even though she'd been repeatedly warned about the dangers of co-sleeping, the New York Times reports. The son of the woman from Winter Haven, Fla., died in October, this time resulting...

Health Ads Rip Family Bed for Baby

But critics slash horror 'co-sleeping' campaign, call it headline-grabbing distraction

(Newser) - In the latest unkind cut in parenting battles, startling Wisconsin health ads are warning moms and dads that sleeping with their babies is the same as leaving a butcher knife next to them. The Milwaukee horror campaign against family "co-sleeping" reveals dozing babes cuddled next to knives almost as...

'Co-Sleeping' Puts Babies at Risk of Death

Sharing bed or couch with an adult imperils infants: UK docs

(Newser) - Sleeping with an infant on a bed or sofa is dangerous for the baby, new research finds. The risk of unexpected infant death goes up for babies sleeping somewhere other than their cribs, especially for parents who smoke or who have been drinking. The study found that half of sudden...

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