Manny Pacquiao

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Manny Pacquiao: 'I Just Heard the Final Bell'

Boxing great retires

(Newser) - Boxing legend Manny Pacquiao is officially hanging up his gloves, the AP reports. The eight-division world champion and Philippines senator on Wednesday announced his retirement from the ring, “As I hang up my boxing gloves, I would like to thank the whole world, especially the Filipino people for supporting...

Philippine Boxing Great to Run for President

'I am a fighter,' Manny Pacquiao says in accepting his party's nomination

(Newser) - Philippine boxing icon and senator Manny Pacquiao is running for president. Pacquiao accepted the nomination of his PDP-Laban party for the 2022 elections at its national convention on Sunday, saying that the Filipino people have been waiting for a change of government. "I am a fighter, and I will...

Manny Pacquiao's Home Burglarized as He Fought

Boxer's publicist says Los Angeles home believed to have been burglarized Saturday

(Newser) - This weekend, likely right around the time he was fighting Adrien Broner in Las Vegas, Manny Pacquiao's Los Angeles home was burglarized. A burglary was reported in the upscale Larchmont neighborhood around 4:15pm Sunday. "They think it happened on fight night," the boxer's publicist tells...

Pacquiao Stripped of Title in a Stunner

WBO fight goes to the end, Australian Jeff Horn gets unanimous decision

(Newser) - It went all the way and ended in a contentiously bitter loss, the opposite of the outcome Manny Pacquiao's handlers predicted for his WBO welterweight world title fight against Jeff Horn. Pacquiao's long-time trainer Freddie Roach tipped a "short and sweet" knockout win for the 11-time world...

Manny Pacquiao Is Now a Senator

Bid for Philippine presidency could be next

(Newser) - Boxing great Manny Pacquiao has won a seat in the Philippine Senate based on an unofficial count and is set to be proclaimed Thursday with other senatorial winners, bringing him closer to a possible crack at the presidency. The 37-year-old Filipino slugger has garnered more than 15.5 million votes...

Nike Dumps Manny Pacquiao Over 'Abhorrent' Remarks

He said gay people are 'worse than animals'

(Newser) - Manny Pacquiao has dealt a knockout blow to his Nike endorsement deal with his comments about gay people being "worse than animals." Nike announced on Wednesday that it has cut its ties with the boxer, who's running for a senate seat in the Philippines, over the "...

Manny Pacquiao Sorry for Comparing Gays to 'Animals'

Born-again boxer-politician walks back comments ahead of Senate election

(Newser) - World champion boxer and politician Manny Pacquiao is being called a "hypocrite" and "false prophet" after inflammatory statements he made about gay couples, the BBC reports. Pacquiao, who's in the Philippines' house of representatives and is running for a senate seat in May, was talking to local...

There Might Be a Rematch to the Fight of the Century

Pacquiao says he's negotiating with Mayweather for one more match

(Newser) - Is it possible to have two Fights of the Century? We may be about to find out, as Manny Pacquiao announced Thursday he is in talks with Floyd Mayweather about staging a rematch of last May's bout . Business Insider reports Mayweather is currently retired, but money—May's fight...

Mayweather Stripped of 'Fight of the Century' Belt

Boxer failed to pay fee, give up titles in other weight classes

(Newser) - Floyd "Money" Mayweather has nothing to show for his " fight of the century " against Manny Pacquiao but his paltry $240 million . The World Boxing Organization has stripped the boxer, 38, of his welterweight title earned in Las Vegas in May after he failed to pay a $200,...

Floyd Mayweather's Year: $300M

Boxer shatters record for best-paid year for a jock

(Newser) - We knew Floyd Mayweather made a lot of money in his May 2 bout against Manny Pacquiao , but it turns out that payday helped him make the man who's been the world's highest-paid athlete for 12 of the years since 2001 look like he belongs in coach: As...

'Cheated' Fans Sue Pacquiao
 'Cheated' Fans Sue Pacquiao 

'Cheated' Fans Sue Pacquiao

Ex-girlfriend sues Mayweather for $20M

(Newser) - The boxing part of the " richest fight in history " is over, but it looks like the lawyers are getting gloved up for a few dozen more rounds. Two fans in Nevada filed a lawsuit in federal court yesterday, claiming they were cheated by Manny Pacquiao's alleged failure...

Pacquiao Could Be in Trouble Over Injury

Adding insult to the whole shoulder thing

(Newser) - Manny Pacquiao could face disciplinary action from Nevada boxing officials for failing to disclose a shoulder injury before he lost the sport's richest fight ever against Floyd Mayweather Jr. Nevada Athletic Commission Chairman Francisco Aguilar said yesterday that the state AG will look at why Pacquiao checked "no"...

Mayweather Wins Richest Fight in History

Manny Pacquiao says shoulder was injured, anti-inflammatory shot denied

(Newser) - The pressure of a $180 million payday never got to Floyd Mayweather Jr., even if the richest fight ever wasn't the best. Using his reach and jab last night, Mayweather frustrated Manny Pacquiao, piling up enough points to win a unanimous decision in their welterweight title bout. Mayweather remained...

'Genius' Mayweather Will Make $180M for One Fight

Manny Pacquiao can expect about $120M

(Newser) - There's a reason Floyd Mayweather sits atop the Forbes list of highest-paid athletes, and tomorrow night's pay-per-view fight against Manny Pacquiao provides a good example of it. The AP estimates that Mayweather will take home $180 million for one night's work, while Pacquiao's team can expect...

Romney to Pacquiao: Hello, Manny, I Ran for Prez, I Lost

So did Pacquiao in knockout stunner

(Newser) - Mitt Romney continued his post-election re-entry last night by taking in the fourth fight between boxer Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez in Las Vegas, and the AP notes that the candidate dropped by Pacquiao's dressing room beforehand with this strange greeting: "Hello Manny. I ran for president....

Reid, McCain: Feds Need to Regulate Boxing Industry

Senators move to create US Boxing Commission

(Newser) - Former amateur boxers John McCain and Harry Reid have teamed up to bring federal oversight to the sport. The senators have introduced legislation to create a United States Boxing Commission that would oversee boxing matches around the country and fight conflicts of interest in the sport, reports Politico . The move...

Pacquiao Reign Ends in Controversy, Boos

Promoter 'ashamed' by results

(Newser) - Timothy Bradley promised to shock, but the biggest shock in his fight with Manny Pacquiao came from the judges' scorecards. In a fight Pacquiao seemed to have in hand, two judges decided otherwise, giving Bradley a split decision last night and ending the Filipino fighter's remarkable seven-year unbeaten run....

Most Influential Athletes in US
 Most Influential US Athletes   

Most Influential US Athletes

Jimmie Johnson leads Forbes list for second straight year

(Newser) - Forbes is out with its annual list of the nation's 10 most influential athletes, and NASCAR's Jimmie Johnson leads the way for the second straight year. Here are the top 5, with the results based on opinion polls commissioned by the magazine:
  1. Jimmie Johnson
  2. Tm Tebow
  3. Peyton

Manny Pacquiao Ekes Out Championship

Pacquiao holds onto welterweight title, but Marquez protests decision

(Newser) - Manny Pacquiao narrowly survived his third fight with Juan Manuel Marquez in last night's battle for the welterweight title, winning two out of three scorecards to retain his championship, reports the AP . Pacquiao's aggression was evenly matched by Marquez's counterpunching, and many thought Marquez deserved the win—...

Why Boxing Is Coming Back (or Not)
 Why Boxing Is Coming 
 Back (or Not) 

Why Boxing Is Coming Back (or Not)

Pacquiao fight raises excitement in the sport

(Newser) - Last night's big fight between Manny Pacquiao and “Sugar” Shane Mosely turned out to be a dud, with Pacquiao winning an easy decision, reports AP . But the fight had generated much buzz, leading Atlantic to ponder whether the sport might be ready to burst back into the mainstream....

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