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Mountain Lion Found Dead Less Than a Mile From Planned Wildlife Crossing

Expert believes the big cat was likely struck by a vehicle on highway

(Newser) - A mountain lion was found dead on a California highway, less than a mile from where a wildlife crossing is in the process of being constructed. The animal was found in the far right lane of the southbound 101 near Agoura Hills early Saturday, Fox 11 Los Angeles reports. The...

Brothers in Fatal Cougar Attack Fought Ferociously

Family describes heroic efforts by Taylen and Wyatt Brooks

(Newser) - One of two brothers who were searching for shed deer antlers in Northern California on Saturday became the first person to be killed by a mountain lion in the state since 2004—and authorities described how fiercely the pair fought back during the attack. The Guardian reports Taylen and Wyatt...

California Sees First Fatal Cougar Attack in Decades

Man killed, younger brother injured in Northern California

(Newser) - A California mountain lion has killed a person in for the first time since 2004. The big cat, also known as a cougar, puma, or panther, attacked two brothers who were searching for shed deer antlers in Northern California on Saturday afternoon, ABC News reports. The younger brother, who is...

Mountain Lions Are Rarer Than We Thought

A count of the giant cats in California found thousands fewer than previously estimated

(Newser) - A painstaking, seven-year census of California's mountain lions has yielded some pretty surprising results. As the Los Angeles Times reports, previous estimates of their populations assessed that up to 6,000 were living in the state, but that number turns out to be fairly exaggerated—with the actual number...

Mountain Lion Attacks Child, 8, Camping in Washington State

Authorities say such an attack is 'very, very unusual'

(Newser) - An 8-year-old camping with their mom at Lake Angeles in Washington state was attacked by a mountain lion in what officials are calling an "extraordinarily rare" incident Saturday. The pair was camping in the Heart O' the Hills area south of Port Angeles in Olympic National Park when the...

He Was Enjoying a Soak When a Cougar Grabbed His Head

Man was in a hot tub with his wife when the attack occurred Saturday in Colorado

(Newser) - Wildlife officials said Monday they are searching for a mountain lion that clawed a man's head while he was sitting in a hot tub with his wife at a rental home in central Colorado. The man was soaking in the in-ground hot tub in a wooded subdivision west of...

Cougar That Made 'Improbable Journey' Gets a Tribal Burial

Native American tribes oversaw private interment of P-22, who resided for years in LA's Griffith Park

(Newser) - A mountain lion who emerged from Southern California's mountains nearly a dozen years ago and has resided in Los Angeles' Griffith Park ever since was buried over the weekend in a tribal ceremony after being euthanized late last year, a rep for the Tongva Taraxat Paxaavxa Conservancy confirms to...

Cougar Had 5-Year-Old 'Fighting for His Life'
Boy Survives
Mountain Lion Attack

Boy Survives Mountain Lion Attack

Jack Trexler was hospitalized after Tuesday's attack in California's San Mateo County

(Newser) - A 5-year-old boy on a hike with his family in California ended up "fighting for his life" as he was attacked by a mountain lion. The family was hiking near their farm property in rural San Mateo County just before 7pm Tuesday when Jack Trexler ran a little ahead...

Mural Honors Mountain Lion
LA Mural Honors P-22

LA Mural Honors P-22

Artist says the mountain lion 'is still the king of the hill'

(Newser) - An artist has devoted a sweeping new street mural to the memory of one of Los Angeles' most famous residents: P-22. The celebrated mountain lion that took up residence in the city was euthanized this month as its health worsened, partly from injuries likely caused by a car. With a...

Famed Hollywood Mountain Lion Captured After Showing 'Signs of Distress'
Mountain Lion
Famously at
Home in LA

Mountain Lion Famously at Home in LA Euthanized

P-22 suffered from diseases and injuries, exam found

(Newser) - P-22, the celebrated mountain lion that took up residence in the middle of Los Angeles and became a symbol of urban pressures on wildlife, was euthanized Saturday. California Fish and Wildlife officials said exams found kidney and liver disease and injuries, including a fractured skull, that probably were caused by...

Authorities Search for Cougar After Attack on 7-Year-Old

Boy was bitten in southern California park

(Newser) - A park in southern California has been closed until further notice as authorities search for a mountain lion that attacked a 7-year-old boy. The boy, Knightley Quintos, is being treated for possible rabies exposure after the rare attack on Monday, KTLA reports. Authorities say the "aggressive" cougar pounced on...

Los Angeles, Mumbai Share Rare Trait Among Mega-Cities

They each have big cats

(Newser) - Los Angeles and Mumbai, India, share many superlatives as pinnacles of cinema, fashion, and traffic congestion. But another similarity lurks in the shadows, most often seen at night walking silently on four paws. These metropolises are the world’s only megacities of 10 million-plus where large felines—mountain lions in...

Dog Defends California Woman From Mountain Lion
Dog Who Saved Owner
From Mountain Lion Dies

Dog Who Saved Owner From Mountain Lion Dies

'We said goodbye,' owner writes of Eva

(Newser) - Update: A sad coda to the story of a life-saving dog—Eva has died from injuries sustained while protecting her owner from a mountain lion, reports the San Francisco Chronicle . "We said goodbye," owner Erin Wilson wrote on a GoFundMe page for her dog's vet bills. The...

Janitor Traps Cougar in English Classroom

'Lost' animal wandered into California high school

(Newser) - A quick-thinking custodian safely confined a curious cougar in an empty classroom after it entered a Northern California high school Wednesday morning, authorities said. The custodian was opening Pescadero High for the school day when the juvenile mountain lion was spotted, said Detective Javier Acosta with the San Mateo County...

Mont. Governor Killed Collared Mountain Lion Outside Yellowstone
Mont. Governor
Killed Collared
Mountain Lion
Outside Yellowstone
in case you missed it

Mont. Governor Killed Collared Mountain Lion Outside Yellowstone

Animal hunted by Gianforte, who has a license to do so, had been chased up tree by hounds first

(Newser) - On Tuesday, Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte announced the 150th anniversary of Yellowstone National Park, praising its beauty and wonder. It's also the same day the governor showed up in a different headline, this one involving his killing of a mountain lion that wandered outside the protected areas of that...

Under Picnic Table Were Mountain Lion Kittens

The litter was spotted outside an office building near LA

(Newser) - Two mountain lion kittens that survived after a litter of four was found under a picnic table are being cared for at a Southern California veterinary hospital, officials said. The four tiny cats, estimated to be about six weeks old, were spotted Nov. 29 outside an office building near foothills...

5-Year-Old's Mom Fights Off Mountain Lion Attacking Him

Boy is hospitalized with injuries after being dragged across lawn

(Newser) - A mountain lion that attacked a 5-year-old boy and dragged the child across his front lawn in Southern California was shot and killed by a wildlife officer, authorities said Saturday. The 65-pound mountain lion attacked the boy while he was playing near his house Thursday in Calabasas, the AP reports,...

Homeowners' Trophy Heads Attract Mountain Lion

Animal jumped through window of California home

(Newser) - Taxidermy trophy heads mounted on the interior walls of a California home attracted a hungry intruder, police say. A mountain lion jumped from a fence and broke through a glass window at a San Bruno home early Tuesday morning but was scared off by the homeowners, the San Francisco Chronicle...

Capitol Riot Suspect's New Woe: a Dead Mountain Lion

Patrick Montgomery accused of killing animal near Denver, though he's not supposed to own guns

(Newser) - A Colorado man accused of storming the Capitol and who was banned from owning firearms is facing another arrest and new charges after feds say he killed a mountain lion near Denver. CBS Denver reports that Patrick Montgomery, 48, was already facing a series of counts linked to the Jan....

Owner Jumps in Car to Save Dog From Mountain Lion

California woman drove car onto lawn

(Newser) - Police say a California woman acted quickly to save her dog from the jaws of a mountain lion on Wednesday night. The dog's owners heard a noise in their yard in Woodside just before 10pm while their dog was outside. "When they looked out the window, they saw...

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