Etan Patz

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NYPD Resumes Search for Boy Missing 33 Years

Cops think Etan Patz might be buried in SoHo basement

(Newser) - Etan Patz disappeared way back in 1979, but the NYPD and FBI think they might find him at last. Authorities today swarmed a SoHo basement that they believe contains the boy's remains. The building is just 200 feet from the one Patz lived in, reports NBC 4 New York...

Famed 1979 Missing Child Case Reopened

Etan Patz disappeared on way to school bus in downtown Manhattan

(Newser) - Manhattan's district attorney is taking a fresh look at the evidence in one of America's most famous missing child cases. Six-year-old Etan Patz vanished on his way to a Manhattan bus stop in 1979. A huge search was mounted, and Patz became the first missing child ever to be shown...

30 Years Later, Case of 1st Boy on Milk Carton Still a Mystery

Spawned missing children's movement

(Newser) - Almost 30 years after he walked himself the few blocks to the bus stop for the very first time, the case of Etan Patz is unresolved. The boy, then 6, became the first missing child to grace a milk carton, and the New York case sparked a nationwide missing-children's movement,...

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