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In Florida Primaries, Rubio Wins, Grayson Loses

Patrick Murphy will challenge Rubio in November

(Newser) - Florida's high-profile Senate race is set in November: Marco Rubio will defend his seat against challenger Patrick Murphy, a Democratic congressman. Rubio beat millionaire developer Carlos Beruff on Tuesday, the only major GOP candidate to stay in the race after Rubio decided to run for re-election two days before...

Schumer Says Grayson Should Drop Out of Senate Race

Rep. Alan Grayson was recently accused of abuse by his ex-wife

(Newser) - That crazy Florida senate race just got crazier, with high-ranking Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer calling on Rep. Alan Grayson to drop out. Schumer tells Politico that Grayson—one of the Democrats currently in a primary fight to run against Marco Rubio in November—has "shown himself not to be...

In Crazy Year, Don't Forget About the Bizarre Race in Florida

Alan Grayson, Patrick Murphy, and Marco Rubio fight it out in Florida

(Newser) - Most of this year's political attention is, of course, focused on the race for the White House. But a piece at New York calls attention to the "second strangest campaign of the season," the race for a Senate seat in Florida. On the Democratic side, it features...

Alan Grayson Bigamy Trial Stalled by Leaky Breast Implants

Everyone's favorite Florida legislator is back, and justice stalls

(Newser) - File this under "This Isn't a Real Headline, Right?" because democratically elected Florida Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Crazytown , is again making waves. When last we left Grayson, he was accusing his soon-to-be-ex wife of bigamy after 24 years of maybe-wedded bliss, as couples do (this after Lolita Grayson accused...

Rep. Grayson: My Wife Is a Bigamist

Fla. Democrat's divorce gets even messier

(Newser) - US Rep. Alan Grayson's messy split from his wife of 24 years has become even messier: The Florida Democrat now says Lolita Grayson is a bigamist who was still married to another man when they married in 1990 and for years afterward, NBC reports. When Grayson first met her,...

Grayson's Wife Drops Domestic Complaint

Congressman's lawyer: 'It was all made up'

(Newser) - Last week, Florida Rep. Alan Grayson's estranged wife sought an injunction against him for domestic violence; now, she's dropping the effort, the Orlando Sentinel reports. She "will no longer pursue a restraining order against him," says a Grayson rep, per Politico . The Democrat "never did...

Wife Accuses Rep. Grayson of Domestic Violence

Florida Democrat denies he shoved Lolita Grayson during dispute

(Newser) - Things have gotten pretty ugly in Rep. Alan Grayson 's divorce from his wife of 24 years. Lolita Grayson has been granted a temporary protective order against the Florida Democrat, whom she accuses of shoving her against a door, and causing her to fall to the ground during a...

Fraudster Cheats Alan Grayson Out of $18M

William Chapman sentenced to 12 years in scheme

(Newser) - Florida Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson —one of the richest people in Congress—was a victim of fraud that cost him $18 million, court documents show. On Friday, William Dean Chapman was sentenced to 12 years in prison over the scheme, which cost 120 investors some $35 million. After investors...

Only 5 Lawmakers Listen to Drone Survivors Testify

Story of grandmother's death brings translator to tears

(Newser) - The Congressional testimony of a Pakistani elementary school teacher and his children about the killing of his mother by a US drone brought the translator tasked with relaying their story to tears yesterday. The number of lawmakers who showed up to listen? Five, the Guardian reports. Rafiq ur Rehman told...

Dem Rep Uses Flaming Cross, Compares Tea Party to KKK

Yes, Alan Grayson of Florida is at it again

(Newser) - Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson has been relatively uncontroversial for at least five minutes now , so this week became time to discuss his distaste for the Tea Party in an email to supporters: The movement, he says in a transcribed interview with Al Sharpton, "is no more popular than the...

Grayson: GOP Is Drinking on Job

Making them 'abusive towards America,' charges liberal congressman

(Newser) - House Republicans have been called everything from anarchists to political terrorists , but Rep. Alan Grayson may have struck the unkindest blow of all. In an interview with Salon , the controversial liberal from Florida says they're drinking on the job. It's "been a problem all year long,"...

Syria Vote Unites Far Left, Far Right

In House, liberals join libertarians in opposition

(Newser) - When President Obama addresses the nation on Tuesday about Syria, he'll no doubt be hoping to sway members of Congress, too. Just how tricky that will be is made clear by the Washington Post , which reports that opposition to any such military strike has managed the rare feat of...

What You Should Know About the 113th Congress

Notable faces, facts

(Newser) - The fiscal cliff deal was the last hurrah for the 112th Congress. Now a freshly elected class is coming to Washington, with more than 90 new faces gracing Capitol Hill. Here are some of the notable names and facts you'll want to know:
  • The Rising Star: Politico sees big

Allen West Demands Recount in Florida

And Alan Grayson is returning to Congress

(Newser) - Political firebrand update: One on the right is in trouble, and one on the left is back in Congress:
  • Republican Allen West is demanding a recount in Florida. He trails Patrick Murphy by about 2,500 votes but refuses to concede, citing "disturbing irregularities" at the polls. Murphy has

Alan Grayson Loses Florida Race to 'Taliban Dan'
 Grayson Falls to 'Taliban Dan' 

Grayson Falls to 'Taliban Dan'

GOP's Dan Webster credits victory to positive campaign

(Newser) - In one of the nation's most keenly watched House races, voters in central Florida rejected combative liberal incumbent Rep. Alan Grayson in favor of veteran Republican state lawmaker Dan Webster. The Democrat—who drew the wrath of GOP leaders for saying the Republican health care plan was to "die...

GOP Beats Incumbents in Virginia, Florida

 GOP Will 
 Take Over 
the house

GOP Will Take Over House

Perriello loses in Virginia, Grayson in Florida

(Newser) - Nancy Pelosi's reign as House speaker will soon be over. Republicans will easily take control of the House of Representatives by night's end, say both CNN and NBC . The GOP entered the evening needing to gain 39 seats, and they'll likely end up with about 60, a development that will...

9 House Races to Watch

 9 House Races 
 to Watch 
midterms 2010

9 House Races to Watch

Alan Grayson, Tom Perriello, Joseph Cao among those fighting for their job

(Newser) - Polling guru Nate Silver used his highly sophisticated model to predict that the GOP could pick up anywhere from 23 to 81 seats . They need to pick up 39 in order to grab a 218-vote House majority. We boiled it down to the 9 that you should keep an eye...

Politics Has Lost Its Bleeping Mind

It's not just the certifiable crazies—it's everyone

(Newser) - In case you hadn't noticed, American politics has flown off the handle, spun its head around crazily a la Exorcist, and sailed clear off the deep end. So to speak. Sure, we sort of took the battier candidates of both sides in stride (we're looking at you, Alan Grayson , Christine...

Bachmann Rules House Wingnuts Index

Steve King, Louie Gohmert not far behind among fringe congressmen

(Newser) - A week after releasing its Senate Wingnut Index , the Daily Beast investigates wingnuttery in the House. Using a “semi-scientific” process to identify the most extreme members on both sides of the spectrum, the site ranks them:
  1. Michele Bachmann (R-MN): From calling the president “anti-American” to warning of tyranny,

Alan Grayson Dubs Opponent 'Taliban Dan'
 Alan Grayson Dubs 
 Opponent 'Taliban Dan' 

Alan Grayson Dubs Opponent 'Taliban Dan'

It's really Daniel Webster, but whatever

(Newser) - Alan Grayson, he of "Die Quickly" fame, is taking an equally, er, unusual approach to dragging his opponent's name through the mud, reports Talking Points Memo. In a new campaign ad, the Florida Democrat compares the stances of patriotically named Daniel Webster to, say, a certain notorious Afghan fundamentalist...

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