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Gaetz Alleges 'Massive Cover-Up' by US Over Niger

GOP lawmaker's report says US soldiers aren't getting meds, mail amid confusing situation abroad

(Newser) - US troops in Niger have told GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz that they're "functionally stranded" in the landlocked West African nation, and a new report by the congressman accuses the Biden administration—specifically the State Department—of engaging in a "massive cover-up," per the Intercept . The hubbub...

Secret WWII 'Ghost Army' Finally Getting Its Due

US outfit that tricked Hitler will receive Congress' highest honor this week

(Newser) - A once-secret Army unit tasked with the unusual mission of tricking Adolf Hitler about the size of enemy troops will receive Congress' highest honor this week. The "Ghost Army"—more formally known as the Army's 23rd Headquarters Special Troops—will receive the Congressional Gold Medal on Thursday,...

Helicopter Carrying 5 Marines Vanishes
5 Marines Confirmed
Dead in Helicopter Crash

5 Marines Confirmed Dead in Helicopter Crash

Aircraft went down in the mountains of California during a storm

(Newser) - The Navy has confirmed that five Marines are dead after their helicopter crashed in the mountains near San Diego in stormy weather on Tuesday night, reports the AP . Their names have not yet been released, and efforts to recover their remains are underway. Rescuers found the wreckage on Wednesday.

How 2 Navy SEALs Were Lost in the Arabian Sea

Christopher Chambers, 37, and Nathan Gage Ingram, 27, died during a raid

(Newser) - Under the darkness of night, in the roiling high seas off the coast of Somalia, members of the US Navy's SEAL Team 3 began to climb aboard an unflagged ship that was carrying illicit Iranian-made weapons to Yemen. As Navy Special Warfare Operator 2nd Class Nathan Gage Ingram began...

US Navy Sailors Go Missing Off Coast of Somalia

Search and rescue operation is underway

(Newser) - A search and rescue operation is underway off the coast of Somalia after two sailors from the US Navy went missing on Thursday night, reports Reuters . "For operational security purposes, we will not release additional information until the personnel recovery operation is complete," read a statement from US...

On New Year's Eve, a Secret Operation in Gaza

United States worked with Israel, Egypt to bring US service member's family to safety

(Newser) - The mother and American uncle of a US service member were safe outside of Gaza after being rescued from the fighting in a secret operation coordinated by the US, Israel, Egypt, and others, a US official told the AP on Wednesday. It's the only known operation of its kind...

US Army Sees Record Number of Fatal ODs From This Drug

Fentanyl is hitting all military branches, but none as hard as the Army, and loved ones want answers

(Newser) - Earlier this year, Congress received some sobering data from the Department of Defense showing that fentanyl was involved in 88% of the 2021 deaths of US troops who'd died of drug overdoses—up from just 36% five years earlier. "Our military is not immune to the opioid epidemic,...

Pentagon to Military Members: Stop Eating Poppy Seeds

They could cause a failed drug test, memo warns

(Newser) - It's a lesson that Elaine learned the hard way —and one that's not purely the stuff of TV lore . In a Feb. 17 memo , the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness Gilbert Cisneros warned service members of the potential perils posed by poppy seeds as...

US 'Missileers' Have Troubling Rates of Cancer

9 officers who worked at nuclear base years ago diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma

(Newser) - Nine military officers who'd worked decades ago at a nuclear missile base in Montana have been diagnosed with blood cancer, and there are "indications" the disease may be linked to their service, according to military briefing slides obtained by the AP . One of the officers has died. All...

Three US Soldiers Saved 30 Lives in Crowd Crush

The Americans, stationed at Camp Casey near Seoul, were in Itaewon on their night off

(Newser) - The death toll from the weekend crowd crush in Seoul stood at a staggering 156 on Thursday, reports the AP , but it might have been even worse if not for three off-duty US soldiers. Yonhap News Agency credits the trio of Jarmil Taylor, 40, Jerome Augusta, 34, and Dane Beathard,...

Ash Carter Oversaw Big Changes to US Military
Ash Carter Oversaw
Big Changes to US Military

Ash Carter Oversaw Big Changes to US Military

Former defense secretary dies of heart attack at age 68

(Newser) - Ash Carter, who as defense secretary in the final two years of the Obama administration opened military combat jobs to women and ended a ban on transgender people serving in the military, has died at age 68. Carter died after suffering a heart attack on Monday evening, according a statement...

Army Can't Find Enough New Soldiers
Army Can't Find Enough
New Soldiers

Army Can't Find Enough New Soldiers

Recruitment expected to miss goals over the next 2 years

(Newser) - The Army is running short of soldiers. The military branch is projected to end the current fiscal year with 466,000 soldiers, which CBS News reports is about 20,000 short of the goal. And the trend line is only getting worse—the total at the end of the 2023...

4 US Troops Die During NATO Exercise in Norway

Cold Response exercise unrelated to war in Ukraine, Norway's PM says

(Newser) - Four US soldiers were killed in a plane crash in a Norwegian town in the Arctic Circle during a NATO exercise unrelated to the Ukraine war, Norway's prime minister said Saturday. Jonas Gahr Stoere tweeted that they were killed in the crash on Friday night. The cause was under...

First of US Troops Arrive in Poland
US Troops Land
Near Ukraine Border

US Troops Land Near Ukraine Border

Biden sends 82nd Airborne members to Poland in support of allies

(Newser) - The first of 1,700 US service members to arrive in Poland from Fort Bragg landed Sunday, about 56 miles from the Ukraine border. A C-17 and several other planes delivered troops and equipment, Reuters reports, as well as Army Maj. Gen. Christopher Donahue, commanding general of the 82nd Airborne...

Biden Sending Thousands More Troops to Europe

US move meant to show support to NATO allies as tensions continue between Ukraine, Russia

(Newser) - President Biden is sending about 2,000 troops from Fort Bragg, NC, to Poland and Germany this week, as well as sending part of an infantry Stryker squadron of roughly 1,000 troops based in Germany to Romania, a senior administration official said Wednesday, per the AP . The military moves...

US Places 8.5K Troops on High Alert for Ukraine

Move is intended to reassure allies, Pentagon says

(Newser) - Saying "it's very clear the Russians have no intention right now of de-escalating," a Pentagon spokesman announced Monday that 8,500 US troops have been placed on high alert. Should Russia invade Ukraine, most of them would join a NATO response force that hasn't yet become...

Bidens Mourn With Families at Dover
Bidens Mourn With
Families at Dover 

Bidens Mourn With Families at Dover

President meets with troops' families privately

(Newser) - President Biden and his wife, Jill, traveled to Dover Air Force Base in Delaware on Sunday to honor the 13 US troops killed in the Kabul airport bombing last week. The Bidens met privately with the troops' families, CNN reports, then watched the transfer of the troops' remains from the...

Biden Sets a Noteworthy Date for Afghan Withdrawal

Troops to be out by Sept. 11, the 20th anniversary of attacks

(Newser) - The 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks is this September, and President Biden has decided US troops will be out of Afghanistan by then. Biden plans to make the announcement Wednesday, the Washington Post reports. President George W. Bush launched the invasion after the 9/11 attacks, and President Trump signed...

Vaccinations of Troops Overseas Lag
Overseas Troops Await Shots

Overseas Troops Await Shots

Pentagon says it's replacing lost Johnson & Johnson supply with Moderna vaccine

(Newser) - US military leaders said Thursday that recent problems with the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine have made it more difficult to provide shots for forces overseas, and that vaccines have been offered to service members' families or other Tier 2 beneficiaries in only 40% of the military sites outside the...

FEMA Asked DOD for Help on Vaccines. The DOD Delivered

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has OK'd the deployment of 1K troops to vaccination sites

(Newser) - The Pentagon will deploy troops to assist getting Americans vaccinated against COVID-19, the White House said Friday. Coronavirus senior adviser Andy Slavitt announced that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has approved a request for assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, per the AP . It means about 1,000 active-duty military...

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