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It's Over Between Oprah, Michelle
 It's Over Between 
 Oprah, Michelle 

claims book

It's Over Between Oprah, Michelle

Winfrey-Obama relationship breaks down, Edward Klein alleges

(Newser) - BFFs no more? A new, unauthorized, and contentious Barack Obama biography alleges that the relationship between Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey has been deteriorating ever since the early days of Obama’s presidency, the Telegraph reports. According to The Amateur, by former New York Times Magazine editor Edward Klein, Obama...

Bill Wants Hillary to Take On 'Amateur' Obama: Book

Clintons denounce author Edward Klein as a 'known liar'

(Newser) - Bill Clinton considers Barack Obama such an "incompetent" president that he begged Hillary last summer to quit the State Department and run against him in 2012—or at least, that's the story a new, unauthorized Obama biography is telling. "Barack Obama is an amateur," Clinton is...

CIA Hunts Truth About Obama—in New Novel

Obama Identity: A Novel (Or Is It?) tackles those pesky conspiracy theories

(Newser) - One CIA agent will stop at nothing until he uncovers the shocking truth about the president himself. That’s the plot of The Obama Identity: A Novel (Or Is It?), a new satirical thriller from Edward Klein (the man behind The Truth About Hillary) and John LeBoutillier (a former GOP...

Words Failed Kennedy on Chappaquiddick

Senator invited Kopechne's parents over, couldn't talk

(Newser) - Though he longed to tell Mary Jo Kopechne’s parents about the 1969 accident that killed their daughter, Ted Kennedy couldn’t find the words on two occasions when he invited them into his home, a new book on the senator says. “When the time came, after plenty of...

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