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Sorry, Sriracha Fans, It's Happening Again

Bottles of popular Huy Fong hot sauce are selling for triple digits online amid chile pepper shortage

(Newser) - A hot summer lies ahead , though that heat won't be carrying over to meals usually doused in Sriracha sauce. A shortage of the chile-pepper-based condiment means it's been harder to find on store shelves, though fans can likely stumble upon the hot sauce made by Huy Fong, its...

Get Ready to Freak Out, Sriracha Freaks

Ubiquitous Huy Fong brand warns that its supply of hot sauce is currently in peril

(Newser) - Take a deep breath, Sriracha lovers—trying times may shortly be upon you. Those ubiquitous bottles of the widely beloved hot sauce may soon be in short supply, according to a new message from Huy Fong Foods, which has been a major manufacturer of its own brand of the condiment...

Heinz Pioneers Sriracha Ketchup

Spicy blend to be rolled out this month

(Newser) - Heinz ketchup mixed with sriracha sauce is now a real product, not just the preserve of people experimenting at home. The company says it plans to release the Asian-style hot sauce mix this month, reports CNN . In a press release , Heinz says fans clamored for the new flavor, which is...

City Ends War on Sriracha Factory

It's no longer considered a 'public nuisance'

(Newser) - You can sleep easy tonight, Sriracha fans, because peace has been declared in the war between Irwindale, California, and Huy Fong Foods. Irwindale's city council voted unanimously yesterday to roll back its declaration that Huy Fong's factory was a "public nuisance," and to drop its lawsuit...

Texas Tries to Lasso Sriracha Away From CA

David Tran says US government not much different than Vietnam's

(Newser) - With Huy Fong Foods under siege at its current Irwindale home, a group of Texas lawmakers calling itself the "Sriracha delegation" is traveling to California today to try to convince owner David Tran to move the company. "I am confident that this group will be able to communicate...

Sriracha Smell Designated a 'Public Nuisance'

By the city council of Irwindale, California

(Newser) - A trial is already set between a Los Angeles suburb and the maker of Sriracha hot sauce after a judge ruled that the smell wafting from the company's Irwindale plant was "offensive to the senses" —but the town isn't stopping there. The Irwindale City Council yesterday...

Judge Sides With City in Battle Over Sriracha Fumes

Orders Huy Fong to do something about the smell

(Newser) - It looks like the residents of Irwindale, California, will cease to be plagued by Sriracha fumes . A judge in Los Angeles has ordered the Huy Fong Foods hot sauce plant to halt any operations that produce said fumes, the LA Times reports. It's not clear what operations will be...

Judge Squashes Move to Shut Sriracha Plant

Chili sauce fans, rejoice; Irwindale residents, get used to those fumes

(Newser) - Sriracha sauce may have inspired its own cult-like following , but neighbors of its Southern California factory are decidedly not fans : Now, a judge has denied Irwindale's attempt to shut down production of the popular chili sauce over the pungent pepper and garlic fumes emanating from the Huy Fong Foods...

City Sues Hot Sauce Company Over Fumes

Sriracha making eyes water in Irwindale

(Newser) - For some people, Sriracha hot sauce may be too spicy to eat. For one small LA suburb, it's also apparently too spicy to breathe. The city of Irwindale has filed a lawsuit to try to shut down the local Huy Fong Foods factory, the LA Times reports, claiming that...

How Sriracha Accidentally Became an Empire

David Tran made his sauce a household name—and left millions on the table

(Newser) - You might imagine the CEO of Huy Fong Foods is a ruthless, number-crunching business genius. In just 33 years, its Sriracha sauce has become for Asian chili sauce what Heinz is to ketchup, and it's still posting double-digit growth every year. But David Tran tells Quartz that he never...

Chili Sauce Conquers American Palate

(Newser) - From celebrity chefs to Applebees to Wal-Mart, America is in love with the Asian chili-and-garlic condiment sriracha—only it’s not that Asian, the New York Times reports. “I wanted something that I could sell to more than just the Vietnamese,” said David Tran, creator of the top-selling...

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