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In St. Louis, a Long Stretch of Unsolved Murders
In St. Louis, a Long Stretch
of Unsolved Murders

In St. Louis, a Long Stretch of Unsolved Murders

Marshall Project examines the problem

(Newser) - St. Louis has long been known for having one of the highest murder rates in the nation. An investigation by the Marshall Project reveals a troubling tangent to that: A surprising number of the city's killings over the last decade remain unsolved. The city had approximately 1,900 homicides...

Love Driving? You'll Feel Right at Home in These US Cities

Folks in Raleigh, North Carolina, drive nearly 40 miles daily per capita

(Newser) - Whether you walk, take public transit, or take a seat behind the wheel to get to school, work, or other activities may depend on where you live—but among the 50 most populated metropolitan areas in the US, people are driving the most every day in Raleigh, North Carolina, with...

News Station Sorry Anchor Referred to 'Colored' Homeowners

TV station says script originally read 'homeowners of color'

(Newser) - While on-air teasing a story about Black homeowners, a local St. Louis news anchor referred instead to "colored" homeowners, prompting mea culpas. "Last night at this time, I read an outdated racial term on-air during a story," KMOV anchor Cory Stark said on February 27, NBC News...

Girl Scouts to Troop: Stop Tying Us to Your Gaza Fundraiser

St. Louis mom says girls were making bracelets to raise cash for humanitarian aid for Palestinian kids

(Newser) - On the Girl Scouts of the USA website, the organization touts its diversity, including with a feature-length piece on two California troops made up of Muslim children who attend school in an Islamic mosque. But a St. Louis mom says she's now being threatened with legal action from the...

Cops: Missing Adults, Kids Joined Child Molester's Cult

6 missing people from St. Louis area said to be followers of self-proclaimed god Rashad Jamal

(Newser) - Four adults and two children reported missing in Missouri in August are believed to have joined a cult run by a convicted child molester and online guru, police say. Rashad Jamal, born Rashad Jamal White, is serving an 18-year prison sentence in Georgia for child molestation and cruelty to children,...

Man With Schizophrenia Found After Leaving Nursing Home

Frederick Caruthers wandered off when Missouri nursing home closed

(Newser) - A 61-year-old man with schizophrenia—who had been missing for more than three weeks since the St. Louis nursing home where he lived abruptly closed—was found Tuesday about a mile away, authorities said. The Missouri State Highway Patrol said Tuesday that Frederick Caruthers was found at a local restaurant,...

This Is America's Most Christmas-y City

Atlanta is No. 1 on WalletHub's list of where the spirit of the season shines, affordably

(Newser) - Looking to get your Yule on? WalletHub has sought out the cities across the US where celebrating Christmas doesn't have to break the bank. The site looked at 100 of the nation's largest cities, tapping into more than two dozen metrics in five main categories: traditions and fun,...

City's Biggest Nursing Home Abruptly Shuts Down

Some people still can't find their relatives after sudden closure of St. Louis facility

(Newser) - "Are you angry? Because I'm mad as hell," St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones said at a rally Tuesday protesting the abrupt closure of the city's largest nursing home. Employees and relatives of Northview Village's 170 residents say the long-term care facility shut down without warning...

Man, 73, Charged With Digging Up His Grandmother

Zebulun Nash and a friend face misdemeanor after bizarre episode near St. Louis

(Newser) - Two men are facing charges in Missouri after trying to dig up one of their long-dead grandmothers. Police found the 73-year-olds covered in dirt at Washington Park Cemetery in the St. Louis suburb of Berkeley on Aug. 22. Zebulun Nash of Houston, Texas—who formerly sat on the board of...

Peewee Coach Shot by Player's Father

Man facing felony charges in shooting at St. Louis youth football practice says it was self-defense

(Newser) - As a youth football coach, Shaquille Latimore is used to parents being angry with him. He's not used to angry fathers pulling out guns and shooting him, as he says happened at a recent practice in St. Louis. A father confronted Latimore about his decision to bench the man'...

Zoo Mourns Elephant Death After Dog Causes Stir at Zoo

Rani, 27, collapsed after others became distressed

(Newser) - An Asian elephant at the St. Louis Zoo has died after becoming agitated when a loose dog in the area apparently caused distress in other elephants. Rani, 27, had been at the zoo since 2001, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports. "We are absolutely devastated," zoo Director Michael Macek...

Detective Torpedoed Own Cases in Spat With Prosecutor

Roger Murphey refused to testify in protest of how attorney treated St. Louis police

(Newser) - Roger Murphey investigated his share of murder cases as a police detective in St. Louis, but an unusual twist has affected at least nine of them, reports ProPublica . Murphey, who retired in 2021, has refused to testify in court against the defendants he believes are guilty. He acknowledges sabotaging the...

Here Are the Most, Least Safe US Cities

Nashua, New Hampshire, comes in as the safest on WalletHub's list; St. Louis ranks last

(Newser) - Community safety "comes in many forms," notes WalletHub —from avoiding mass shootings, natural disasters, and car accidents, to having health insurance, financial security, and avoiding eyebrow-raising websites. WalletHub looked at more than 180 of the nation's largest cities to see which ones are safest, using more...

We Got Atomic Bombs. St. Louis Paid a Price

A joint investigation finds health risks, spills to the St. Louis area were ignored

(Newser) - The federal government and companies responsible for nuclear bomb production and atomic waste storage sites in the St. Louis area in the mid-20th century were aware of health risks, spills, improperly stored contaminants, and other problems—but often ignored them, finds an investigation done in collaboration by the AP , the...

This Is the Most Stressed City in America

Cleveland tops WalletHub's list, while Vermont's South Burlington chillaxes in last place

(Newser) - Between work, family issues, money, and life's other usual trials and tribulations, trying to tamp down on stress can seem a fruitless task. There may be some areas of the country, however, where you can surround yourself with a calmer, more carefree populace. WalletHub examined the 182 largest US...

This Bear Keeps Busting Out of the Zoo
This Bear
Really Wants
Out of
the Zoo

This Bear Really Wants Out of the Zoo

Ben recaptured after 2nd escape from St. Louis Zoo this month

(Newser) - St. Louis Zoo officials say they're working to find a way to keep an Andean bear named Ben inside his enclosure after he escaped Thursday for the second time this month. The bear was outside for less than an hour and was found only about 100 feet away from...

Cops: KFC Customer Shot Worker After Corn Ran Out

Police are searching for St. Louis suspect

(Newser) - For most people, finding out that a KFC outlet had run out of corn would be a minor disappointment at most. For a customer in St. Louis, it was reason enough to shoot somebody, police say. According to a police incident report, a 25-year-old male employee was shot in the...

No, That's Not a Desert— That's the Mississippi River

Drought, record-low water levels are mucking up ship routes and commerce along trade super-route

(Newser) - Every year, 589 million tons of freight moves up and down the Mississippi River, which CNN deems "America's most important trade waterway." But you may need to take "water" out of that description along many sections of the route, as a historic drought has caused the...

Prosecutors: Father, Son Nearly Drowned Pokemon Go Rival

Robert and Angelo Matteuzzi convicted of felony assault following 'ridiculous' brawl

(Newser) - Two men from Missouri have been found guilty of assault after a brawl over Pokemon Go that landed the pair and their victim in a lake, along with some teeth. The popular smartphone game sees rival players do virtual battle with Pokemon characters for control of real-life locations known as...

Police Say School Shooter's Family Took His Gun Away

St. Louis police say relatives 'did everything they could'

(Newser) - The "heartbroken" family of St. Louis school shooter Orlando Harris did "everything that they possibly could have done, but sometimes that's not enough," Police Commissioner Michael Sack said Wednesday. Sack said the 19-year-old's family had long been concerned about his mental health and would check...

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