Zaytuna College

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First Muslim College in US Opens

Zaytuna is located in Berkeley

(Newser) - The first Muslim college in America quietly began classes this week, amid the continued fervor over the proposed Islamic center near Ground Zero and a certain pastor bent on burning Korans. The location of Zaytuna College in Berkeley probably explains its relatively untroubled beginnings, though some conservatives have attacked the...

Nation's First Muslim College Opens Next Week

So far, things have been relatively quiet

(Newser) - So far, so quiet. The nation's first Muslim college opens next week in Berkeley, and Reza Aslan in the Daily Beast is worried it will give the West Coast its very own lightning rod for anti-Islamic fervor. But the founders of Zaytuna College say they've gotten relatively little flak, even...

Converts Plan Islamic College in Berkeley

Renown converts lead effort to reinterpret Islam

(Newser) - Two superstars of American Islam are at the helm of what they hope will be the nation’s first accredited Islamic college, tasked with creating scholars who can usher a religious renewal. Hamza Yusuf and Zaid Shakir, both converts, aim to admit Zaytuna College’s first class next year in...

3 Stories