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Janet Jackson on New Documentary: 'Needs to Be Done'

Extended trailer is out now

(Newser) - "It's just something that needs to be done." So says Janet Jackson of the new documentary on her—titled Janet—in the opening minutes of a new extended trailer . The documentary airs Jan. 28 at 8pm ET on Lifetime, and USA Today rounds up some of the...

Jackson Family's Controversial Patriarch Dead at 89
Joe Jackson Dead at 89

Joe Jackson Dead at 89

Joe Jackson launched the Jackson 5 to stardom, but not without controversy

(Newser) - Joe Jackson, the iron-fisted Jackson family patriarch and manager, died Wednesday at age 89 from cancer, reports Billboard and TMZ . The father of Michael Jackson, Joe Jackson launched the Jackson 5—which included Michael and brothers Jackie, Marlon, Jermaine, and Tito—in Gary, Ind., in the 1960s. The group...

Joe Jackson, Creator of Jackson 5, Is Near Death

Family patriarch, 89, in final stages of terminal cancer

(Newser) - The man who created the Jackson family's musical dynasty is near death in the hospital, reports TMZ . Joe Jackson, 89, is in the final stages of terminal cancer and receiving final visits from family members. Variety confirms the news. Decades ago, Jackson was the architect of the Jackson 5,...

Joe Jackson Has Stroke
 Joe Jackson Has Stroke 

Joe Jackson Has Stroke

83-year-old could be home tomorrow, however

(Newser) - Jackson family patriarch Joe Jackson has been hospitalized after suffering a stroke, reports celebrity website X17 Online . Michael Jackson's controversial dad, 83, is at a Las Vegas hospital, though his spokeswoman says he's doing fine and could be home tomorrow, reports AP . “The good thing is that...

Jackson Kids: Michael 'Just a Normal Dad'
 Kids: Michael 
 'Just a Normal Dad' 
oprah interview

Jackson Kids: Michael 'Just a Normal Dad'

Paris, Prince, and Blanket share memories with Oprah

(Newser) - Oprah Winfrey’s highly-anticipated interview with Michael Jackson’s children aired today, allowing Prince, Paris, and Blanket a chance to tell the world all about the “best dad ever.” Paris, 12, says “no one understood what a good father he was,” and says, “He was...

'Shoeless' Joe Jackson Hall of Fame Jersey a Fake

One of a handful of fake items in huge collection

(Newser) - For 10 years, the Baseball Hall of Fame displayed a jersey supposedly worn by "Shoeless" Joe Jackson during the 1919 World Series—which he and his teammates infamously threw. Turns out the jersey, just like the Series, is a fake. It was pulled from display in 2008, and a...

Jacko's Son May Have Dad's Skin Condition

White patch may be vitiligo

(Newser) - Photos of Michael Jackson's children vacationing in Hawaii have revealed a strange patch of white skin under the right arm of oldest son Prince Michael, indicating that the boy may be suffering from the same skin-lightening condition as his father. Michael Jackson, who was often accused of bleaching his skin...

Katherine Jackson Fires Back at Joe

He probably won't be getting any money from her now

(Newser) - It didn’t take long for Katherine Jackson to hit back at hubby Joe, who recently blamed her for son Michael’s death. Her lawyer bottom-lines it for TMZ : “The world knows who Joe Jackson is and he seems bent on never letting us forget.” Despite the fact...

Dad Blames Mom for Michael Jackson's Death

Joe Jackson unloads on Katherine Jackson in UK tabloid

(Newser) - As the first anniversary of Michael Jackson's death approaches, his father is honoring his memory by blaming the late entertainer's mother—his wife of 60-plus years—for his death. "In Michael's final months alive I said to her many times that I couldn't get through to him—and that...

Gary, Indiana Plans $300M Jackson Museum
 Gary, Indiana, Plans 
 $300M Jackson Museum 

Gary, Indiana, Plans $300M Jackson Museum

Issues with family, competing museum may derail plans

(Newser) - The mayor of Gary, Indiana, with Jackson family patriarch Joe Jackson by his side, announced grand plans for a $300 million Graceland-style Michael Jackson Center in his dwindling Rust Belt city yesterday. The estate of Gary's most famous son, however, issued a statement soon afterwards saying it hasn't given its...

Hollywood's 10 Youngest Grandparents

Jim Carrey, at 48, is the latest

(Newser) - Jim Carrey recently became a grandfather at 48, but he’s not the youngest celebrity grandparent by a long shot. The Daily Beast rounds up nine others:
  • Whoopi Goldberg: Here’s how you become a grandmother by 34: Have a daughter at 18 who then has her own daughter at

Michael Jackson's Doctor Pleads Not Guilty
Michael Jackson's Doctor Pleads Not Guilty

Michael Jackson's Doctor Pleads Not Guilty

Conrad Murray faces 4 years if convicted of felony manslaughter

(Newser) - Conrad Murray pleaded not guilty after being charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson today. The singer's parents, Joe and Katherine, and several of his brothers were in court in Los Angeles. Prosecutors allege Murray killed the pop legend "unlawfully, and without malice," by administering...

A List of the Best Lists of 2009

Who could forget classics like 'Things that look like Joe Jackson'?

(Newser) - This is almost too meta to handle but yes, what follows is an Internet list of the best Internet lists of 2009. Here are Nerve's favorites:
  • 5 Cats That Look Like Wilford Brimley : Comparing felines to the Cocoon star is pure genius.
  • 11 Predictions that Back to the Future II

Joe Jackson Asks Estate for Allowance

Michael left dad out of the will, but supported him for years

(Newser) - Michael Jackson's dad is asking for an allowance from his son's estate to help cover expenses that exceed $15,000 a month. The request came in court papers filed yesterday by his lawyer, despite the fact that Michael's 2002 will omitted any mention of his father. The two had a...

Jackson Movie Trailer Released
 Jackson Movie Trailer Released 

Jackson Movie Trailer Released

Plus, the King of Pop's final messages revealed—and a secret sister speaks

(Newser) - The trailer for Michael Jackson’s This Is It, a flick pieced together from more than 100 hours of rehearsal footage, has been released, the Sun reports. Watch it at left. More on Jackson:
  • Messages left on Post-it notes give a view into Jackson’s state of mind before he

Jackson Laid to Rest
 Jackson Laid to Rest 

Jackson Laid to Rest

Elizabeth Taylor, ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley among invitees

(Newser) - Paris Jackson wept as she stepped into the Forest Lawn mausoleum where her father, Michael, was to be entombed. Katherine Jackson, overcome by sorrow, turned back when she was faced with her son's final resting place. On a sultry evening, amid a sea of white flowers and with a bejeweled...

Jacko to Be Buried on Birthday: Dad

King of Pop to be laid to rest at LA's Forest Lawn Cemetery

(Newser) - Michael Jackson will be buried on Aug. 29, what would have been the late artist’s 51st birthday, Joe Jackson tells the New York Daily News. The King of Pop’s father says plans for the burial, to take place at LA’s Forest Lawn Cemetery, were just made in...

Jermaine's Old Book Pitch: Michael Hated Jews

Jackson bro hoped to pen shockingly candid tell-all

(Newser) - Jermaine Jackson circulated a tell-all book proposal that got no takers in 2003, writes Roger Friedman for Showbiz411. He lays out some salacious excerpts:
  • "My brother purchased children. It is like a sanctioned black market. He is very powerful; he picked the sperm donor by using information provided by

Jacko Sources: Pal Not Paris' Dad
 Jacko Sources: 
 Pal Not Paris' Dad 

Jacko Sources: Pal Not Paris' Dad

Plus, Michael finally buried, and more

(Newser) - Mark Lester’s words were “twisted around,” his friends tell People, and though he did donate sperm to Michael Jackson, “he’s not claiming to be the father of Paris Jackson.” Or at least not this morning. All such stories circulating the tabloids are “just...

Joe Jackson: 'I Knew Michael Had Another Son'

Omer Bhatti 'can dance like a Jackson'

(Newser) - The rumors are true: Michael Jackson “had another son,” his father tells NewsOne. Omer Bhatti “looks like a Jackson, he acts like a Jackson, he can dance like a Jackson. This boy’s a fantastic dancer,” Joe Jackson says. Discussing Michael, he became emotional, saying he...

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