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Major Gang Takedown Snags Drill Rapper Sheff G

He was among 32 people indicted by the Brooklyn DA

(Newser) - Rappers Sheff G—born Michael Williams—and Sleepy Hallow, AKA Tegan Chambers, are well-known in the popular New York drill music scene, having racked up more than 100 million views and plays on YouTube and Spotify. On Tuesday, they racked up something else—charges. The New York Times reports the...

Final Juvenile Suspect in Murder of 3 Teens Arrested

3 young suspects all now in custody

(Newser) - The final juvenile suspected in the murder of three other teens in Florida was arrested Saturday, the AP reports. US Marshals located the 16-year-old and took him into custody. He faces charges of carjacking with a firearm, aggravated assault, grand theft of a motor vehicle, fleeing or attempting to elude...

Prosecutors: Gang Targeting Celebs Set Its Sights on Mariah

26 are now facing charges related to the 'Drug Rich' gang

(Newser) - A violent street gang has been targeting the homes of the wealthy and famous in Atlanta, including pop star Mariah Carey, prosecutors said Monday. They announced a 220-count indictment alleging attempted murders, shootings, kidnappings, home invasions, armed robberies, and carjackings by 26 members of the "Drug Rich" gang, some...

Young Thug Busted in Gang Indictment

He allegedly rented car used in murder, approved another murder attempt

(Newser) - Young Thug was arrested at his Atlanta home on Monday and is now in jail facing charges that he co-founded a criminal street gang. The 30-year-old Grammy-winning rapper, whose real name is Jeffery Williams, is charged with conspiracy to violate the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act and participation...

Russian Cybercriminals and Miami Gangs Find Synergy
Miami Street Gangs 
Feed Off Russian Hackers 

Miami Street Gangs Feed Off Russian Hackers

For gangs, identity theft is an easy way to raise money, and Russian criminals are making it easy

(Newser) - "Fraud is the new dope." So says Armando Aguilar of the Miami Police, per a recent report by Thomas Brewster for Forbes about links between Miami street gangs and Russian cybercriminals. Gangs have always seen identity theft as a low-risk funding source. Crips from the East Coast to...

Rapper Testifies That Cardi B Is a Gang Member

Tekashi69 says Cardi B is a Blood

(Newser) - Cardi B, a gang member? A rapper said so Thursday in federal court and sparked a flurry of reactions from the media and Cardi B herself. Rapper Tekashi69, real name Daniel Hernandez, brought it up when testifying about two members of the Brooklyn gang Nine Trey Bloods who allegedly kidnapped...

81 Busted in LA Gang Sweep
 81 Busted in LA Gang Sweep 

81 Busted in LA Gang Sweep

Rancho San Pedro gang dealt 'crippling blow'

(Newser) - "Slick," Scrappy," "Boner," "Toker," "Fat Boy," and scores of other gangsters have been taken off the streets of the Los Angeles Harbor area after a series of massive raids. More than 1,300 federal and local police officers arrested 81 gangsters...

Ex-Marines Sold Weapons to Gangs: Cops

LA trio arrested in ATF sting

(Newser) - Federal authorities have arrested three ex-Marines accused of selling assault weapons to Los Angeles gangs. The trio were arrested, along two other people, after the alleged ringleader sold two crates of weapons to a federal informant he believed was a gang member, authorities say. Police sources tell the Los Angeles ...

Los Angeles Gangs Make Peace to Boost Profits

Blood red and Crip blue make green

(Newser) - After decades of violent conflict, Los Angeles gangs like the Bloods and Crips are joining together across racial divides and neighborhood turf lines—not to end their life of crime, but to make more money from it. Gang violence in Southern California has plummeted in recent years as longtime enemy...

3 Teens Charged With Murder of Chicago Student

Three youths charged as adults, held without bail, for taped killing

(Newser) - Chicago police have charged three teens with the murder of Derrion Albert, the high school honor student whose vicious beating was captured on video and widely circulated. Silvanus Shannon, 19, Eugene Riley, 18, and Eric Carson, 16, were all charged as adults with first-degree murder and ordered held without bail....

Lions Defend Turf Like Gangstas

(Newser) - Lion prides display the behavior of human gangs not to hunt more efficiently, but to defend their turf, researchers have discovered. The larger the prides, the more successfully lions keep out interlopers, reports the BBC. Scientists have long been stumped by why lions are singularly sociable among cats and what...

11 Stories
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