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Samsung Chief: I Used Drug That Killed Michael Jackson

Lee Jae-yong admits in court he partook in propofol many times over 5-year period, says he's 'regretful'

(Newser) - More troubles have emerged for Samsung chief Lee Jae-yong, who admitted in court this week he's used a controlled substance illegally—and quite a bit of it. Reuters reports that in Seoul Central District Court on Tuesday, Lee copped to partaking in the sedative propofol more than three dozen...

Jackson Doctor Freed After 2 Years

Conrad Murray wants his medical license back

(Newser) - The doctor convicted of causing Michael Jackson's death was freed from the Los Angeles County jail at midnight after serving the maximum sentence for involuntary manslaughter. Conrad Murray was sentenced to four years in 2011 but only served two because of California prison rules that give him a day...

Execution Halted Over Propofol Concerns

Allen Nicklasson was scheduled to be executed in Missouri Oct. 23

(Newser) - Allen Nicklasson was scheduled to be executed Oct. 23, but concerns over the drug that was to be used has led Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon to halt the lethal injection, the AP reports. The convicted killer was to be the first person in the US to be put to death...

Missouri: We May Have to Bring Back Gas Chambers

Attorney general warns state supreme court

(Newser) - If the Missouri supreme court doesn't start letting the state schedule lethal injection executions again—and soon—the state may be forced to revert to the gas chamber, Attorney General Chris Koster warned this week. The trouble began when drug companies started refusing to sell their products to corrections...

Star-Studded Jackson Civil Trial Kicks Off Today

Prince, Spike Lee, and more on the witness list as mom sues concert promoter

(Newser) - Michael Jackson's doctor has already been held accountable in his death, and today his mother will set out to prove that his concert promoter should be, too. The wrongful death suit against Anschutz Entertainment Group promises to provide, according to the AP , the "most complete account" yet of...

Missouri to Use Jacko Death Drug in Executions

It plans to use propofol

(Newser) - The same anesthetic that caused Michael Jackson's overdose death is now the drug of choice for executions in Missouri, causing a stir among critics who question how the state can guarantee a drug untested for lethal injection won't cause pain and suffering for the condemned. Last week the...

Dr. Murray: Why I Didn't Call 911

Plus: Michael Jackson's last words

(Newser) - In a Today interview airing tomorrow and Friday, Dr. Conrad Murray finally explains why he didn’t call 911 as soon as Michael Jackson stopped breathing—although his explanation may still leave you with a few questions. Emergency responders wouldn’t have been able to come through the gate, the...

Murray Guilty in Jackson's Death

Unanimous verdict read as crowds outside cheer

(Newser) - A Los Angeles jury just found Dr. Conrad Murray guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson, reports TMZ . Crowds gathered outside the courthouse were heard cheering immediately after the announcement of the unanimous verdict. Murray, who faces the almost certain revocation of his medical license and up...

Jury May Get Conrad Murray Case Thursday

Closing arguments begin that day in Michael Jackson death

(Newser) - Conrad Murray's involuntary manslaughter case could be over this week. The defense rested today, and closing arguments are set to begin on Thursday, reports the Los Angeles Times . Murray today decided not to testify on his own behalf. His fate will hinge on whether jurors buy his claim that...

Defense Expert: Murray Screwed Up
 Defense Expert: 
 Murray Screwed Up 
Michael Jackson Trial

Defense Expert: Murray Screwed Up

Defense says Jackson administered propofol to himself

(Newser) - Conrad Murray’s lawyers called an expert anesthesiologist to the stand today, but the jury’s out (no pun intended) on whether his testimony helped or hurt Michael Jackson's doctor. Dr. Paul White contradicted a prosecution expert who said that evidence showed that Murray had pumped Jackson full of...

Conrad Murray Trial: Michael Jackson's Propofol Dose 40 Times What Murray Claimed, Says Witness

 Drug Dose 40x 
 What Murray 
 Claimed: Expert 
conrad murray trial

Drug Dose 40x What Murray Claimed: Expert

'People just don't wake up from anesthesia like that': professor

(Newser) - An expert witness has cast some serious doubt on Conrad Murray’s account of Michael Jackson’s death. An anesthesiologist told the court yesterday that the doctor had likely given the singer 40 times the propofol dose he has claimed. Murray kept the surgical anesthetic flowing even when Jackson’s...

Conrad Murray Defense Abruptly Drops Key Theory

They no longer say Jackson drank propofol when left alone

(Newser) - Prosecutors are close to wrapping up their case against Conrad Murray, with the final witnesses (medical experts) testifying that Murray's care of Michael Jackson was grossly irresponsible. Murray's attorneys, meanwhile, announced a surprise shift yesterday: They dropped their long-held theory that Jackson drank a fatal dose of propofol...

Michael Jackson Autopsy Photos Shown to Jury
 Jurors See Photo of 
 Jackson's Naked Corpse 
conrad murray trial

Jurors See Photo of Jackson's Naked Corpse

Singer 'healthier than average' before fatal OD, doc says

(Newser) - A photo of Michael Jackson's body was shown to jurors in the Conrad Murray trial yesterday as a coroner described the autopsy and his decision to rule the death a homicide. Jackson's body appears emaciated in the photo, but Los Angeles Deputy Medical Examiner Christopher Rogers said he...

ER Docs: Jackson Was Beyond Saving
ER Docs: Michael Jackson Was Beyond Saving

ER Docs: Michael Jackson Was Beyond Saving

Conrad Murray begged physicians to revive dead singer

(Newser) - Michael Jackson was dead when he arrived at the UCLA Medical Center, but Dr. Conrad Murray insisted that physicians try to revive him, two emergency doctors testified yesterday. An aortic balloon pump was placed in Jackson's heart, a move that doctors knew was futile but was done "to...

Dr. Murray's Defense: Jacko Killed Himself

Defense will claim pop star gave himself extra dose of Propofol: prosecutor

(Newser) - Dr. Conrad Murray, accused of involuntary manslaughter in Michael Jackson's death, appears to be taking a novel approach to his defense: Claim the King of Pop killed himself. Or so says the prosecution, reports the AP. "I do think it's clear the defense is operating under the theory that...

Michael Jackson Doctor Keeps License

California medical board wanted Conrad Murray banned

(Newser) - Conrad Murray, the doctor charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson, can keep his medical license, a California judge ruled today. Murray is already barred from using Propofol, the powerful sedative that killed Jackson, as a condition of his $75,000 bail, ABC News reports . The state...

Lawyers for Doc: Michael Jackson Killed Himself

Sleepless pop star administered lethal dose of drug, defense will argue

(Newser) - Michael Jackson, foiled in his quest for sleep despite the use of a powerful anesthetic, gave himself the drug overdose that killed him, Conrad Murray's lawyers plan to argue. The pop legend's personal physician, who has been charged with involuntary manslaughter, will contend that Jackson was addicted to Propofol and...

Cops Found Skin Whiteners, Propofol at Jackson House

Unsealed search warrants reveal stash of drugs

(Newser) - Michael Jackson's house contained large quantities of general anesthetic and dozens of tubes of skin-whitening cream, unsealed search warrants show. Cops found eleven containers of propofol—some enough to serve as general anesthetic for several hours—in a closet where Dr. Conrad Murray told them he had stashed them in...

Michael Jackson's Fatal Syringe Up for Grabs

Could hit Vegas auction house by June with a price tag of $5M

(Newser) - Another piece of strange Michael Jackson memorabilia is going up for sale, but this one might win the prize for most disturbing: It is, allegedly, the syringe that administered a fatal dose of drugs. “This is one of the sickest lots ever put up,” a source tells the...

Wig, Tattoos, Weight Bared in Jackson Autopsy Report

Singer had skin disease, facial tattoos

(Newser) - Michael Jackson's hairline and eye makeup were tattooed into his body and he weighed 136 pounds when he died of "acute propofol intoxication," according to his just released autopsy report. The singer was killed by a level of the drug usually only seen in major surgery, CNN reports....

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