cognitive overload

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Consider Letting That Text Just Sit There a While

We shouldn't feel pressured to answer every work communication instantly, Eric Dhawan writes

(Newser) - Ghosting in a personal relationship context gets more attention, but there's plenty of it on the job, too. An Indeed survey found it's common for employers and job candidates to flake out on interviews. Erica Dhawan makes a case in an opinion piece in the New York Times...

Multitasking Causes Serious Brain Drain

Constant switching of focus is inefficient, can lead to trouble

(Newser) - Multitasking isn’t helping you do anything faster, and constant exposure to multiple electronic media makes people really bad at—multitasking. “When you’re pushing yourself to perform two or more tasks, especially complicated tasks, it’s not beneficial,” a researcher tells the Boston Globe . “It’s...

Online Dating's Problem: Too Many Matches, Not Too Few

(Newser) - Online dating sites are so packed with possible matches that they cause “cognitive overload” in seekers, leading to unconsidered choices, the MIT Technology Review reports. The lovelorn may say they want a wider variety of candidates, but they spend less time evaluating them, new research shows. “More search...

3 Stories