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There's a Good Chance Your Rare Scotch Is Fake

Be careful what you buy, especially if it's claimed as a single malt

(Newser) - A word of warning if you plan to celebrate the holidays by sipping on vintage Scotch whisky: There's a solid chance the stuff you have is fake. Advanced lab tests on 55 bottles of rare scotch nabbed from auctions, private collections, and retailers revealed 21 were outright fakes or...

He Paid $10K for a Nip of Scotch. It Was a Fake

But everything worked out OK for Zhang Wei in the end

(Newser) - To say that it was an indulgent purchase would be an understatement: A Chinese millionaire paid a record $10,050 for a shot of 1878 Macallan single malt scotch in July—except it turns out the alcohol was all of 40 years old. Eyebrows were raised about the veracity of...

Forget a New Car, Buy This $35K Bottle of Scotch

Macallan's 65-year-old whisky comes in a decanter inspired by Lalique perfume bottles

(Newser) - Macallan has an ample portfolio of quinquagenarian and sexagenarian spirits, but it's the release of one that's "old enough to collect Social Security benefits," as Eater puts it, that's got booze buffs abuzz. "Peerless Spirit" Scotch whisky, which comes in a decanter inspired by...

US Boozers Sour on Scotch
 US Boozers Sour on Scotch 

US Boozers Sour on Scotch

Bourbon is on the rise worldwide

(Newser) - America's whiskey drinkers have joined the trend to buy local, which is bad news for the Scots: The latest figures show that export sales of Scotch whisky dived 7% to $5.8 billion last year, largely because of a 9% fall in sales to the US, reports the BBC...

Bar Caught Serving Rubbing Alcohol as Scotch

New Jersey catches 29 establishments filling top-shelf bottles with bottom-shelf booze

(Newser) - A New Jersey restaurant is in hot water for trying to pass off a heady mix of caramel food coloring and rubbing alcohol as scotch, state authorities revealed yesterday, while another even cheaper establishment filled its booze bottles with dirty water. Both restaurants were caught in a state-wide sting intended...

Explorer's Long-Lost Scotch Is Returned to Antarctica

Shackleton's stash is going home

(Newser) - Talk about whisky on ice: Three bottles of rare, 19th-century Scotch found beneath the floor boards of Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackelton's abandoned expedition base were returned to the polar continent today. New Zealand Prime Minister John Key personally returned the Scotch to Antarctic Heritage Trust officials at a ceremony...

On Shelves Soon: Scotch in a Can
 On Shelves Soon: 
 Scotch in a Can 

On Shelves Soon: Scotch in a Can

Scottish company will sell 12-ounce cans for $5

(Newser) - You'll soon be able to crack open and swig down a can of… Scotch whisky? Liquor company Scottish Spirits Imports plans to introduce aluminum cans filled with Scotch to the US by February 1. Each can will contain 12 ounces of the 80-proof liquor, or about eight shots' worth,...

Malt Whisky Fetches Record $73K

Glenfiddich bottle honors oldest living Scot

(Newser) - A 55-year-old bottle of Scotch has sold for the princely sum of $72,630 at auction, reports Bloomberg . The price makes the bottle of Glenfiddich Janet Sheed Roberts Reserve the most expense single malt whisky ever sold, notes Deadline . What's with the weird name? The whisky honors the oldest...

100-Year-Old Scotch Back From Antarctic Depths

But you won't be able to get your hands on it

(Newser) - This is probably a little more special than anything your Average Joe has in the liquor cabinet: Three bottles of Mackinlays scotch whisky, which have sat beneath the Arctic ice since 1907, made their way home to Scotland today. The bottles are part of a crate of circa-1897 whisky found...

Beer Cocktails? Cheers!
 Beer Cocktails? Cheers! 

Beer Cocktails? Cheers!

Porters, ales, stouts, pilsners all OK with a little mixing

(Newser) - The week of St. Patrick’s Day is always big on the drinking front, and perhaps you’re ready for something other than plain old beer. Esquire suggests some beer-based cocktails:
  • Porteree: Take a quarter-pint of porter, add superfine sugar, then fill with ice before topping off with more porter.

Dodd, Kill Yourself With Pills and Whiskey: Protester

(Newser) - Connecticut Republicans protesting health care reform outside a Chris Dodd event yesterday mocked the senator with references to his newly diagnosed cancer, reports Talking Points Memo. “How come we just don't give Chris Dodd painkillers?” one shouted. “Like a handful of them at a time! He can wash...

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