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City Blames Loss of Resident Data on Drunk Guy With USB Drive

Officials in Amagasaki, Japan, say man lost device with info on all of city's 460K residents

(Newser) - If you're a resident of the Japanese city of Amagasaki and find out over the next few months you're the victim of identity theft, you can allegedly blame a worker who had a little too much to drink. CNN reports that the city's government has put out...

Pest Company Makes 'Creepy, Crawly' $2K Offer to Homeowners

The Pest Informer will pay you to let 100 cockroaches loose in your home for 30 days

(Newser) - Looking for "100 creepy, crawly new roommates"? That's how WREG frames a rather unusual call for homeowners (or those who have explicit written permission from the homeowner) who are willing to allow 100 cockroaches to be released in their homes as part of a North Carolina pest...

Supermarkets Find $83M Worth of Cocaine in Banana Shipments
Oops: $83M Worth of Cocaine
Sent to Supermarkets
in case you missed it

Oops: $83M Worth of Cocaine Sent to Supermarkets

And in Colombia, cocaine disguised as potatoes

(Newser) - Supermarkets in the Czech Republic got a little more than they bargained for in their banana shipments last week: $83 million worth of cocaine. Police were alerted after grocery workers started discovering blocks of pressed cocaine in with the fruit; ultimately, 1,851 pounds were found, Newsweek reports. The crates...

Virtual Hearing on Peru's Leader Has Unexpected Guest

Clip of male stripper interrupts videoconference on corruption probe into Pedro Castillo

(Newser) - A virtual public hearing into possible corruption involving Peruvian President Pedro Castillo took a briefly bizarre turn on Wednesday thanks to what the Mirror calls a "lewd gaffe" that made its way into the videoconference. As seen in a clip that's now widely being shared on Twitter and...

25 Hurt in Hot Coal 'Team-Building' Walk

13 were hospitalized after Swiss event

(Newser) - A company team-building exercise in Switzerland apparently didn't go the way the firm intended it to—although participants will have a shared experience of extreme pain and injured feet to bond over. Authorities say 25 people were treated for burns after they walked across hot coals at a private...

Boston Transit Agency Really Wants You to Hold It In on the Elevator

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority pilot program will use urine sensors

(Newser) - Urine trouble no more, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority hopes, with a new program to tackle public urination in system elevators with technology. The MBTA, which services Boston and the surrounding area, is launching a pilot program this summer in which urine detection sensors will be placed in four downtown...

Know What This Is? A Curious City Would Like to Know
Know What This Is?
A Curious City
Would Like to Know
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Know What This Is? A Curious City Would Like to Know

Amarillo, Texas, looking for help to identify strange figure spotted outside zoo

(Newser) - Is Sonic the Hedgehog looking for friends in Amarillo? Officials in the Texas city are asking for the public's help to identify an odd-looking object, possibly creature, spotted near the city zoo. In the "dark and early morning hours" of May 21, security cameras inside an Amarillo Zoo...

2 Workers Rescued From Chocolate Vat at Mars Plant

It doesn't appear they were injured during incident in Elizabethtown, Pa.

(Newser) - It's a story out of Pennsylvania that Today describes as "something straight out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." The local fire department received quite an unusual call on Thursday, when it was informed that two maintenance workers at the Mars Wrigley plant in Elizabethtown, known for...

Geico May Owe Millions Over Woman's STD

Court backs $5.2M payout to her after she had liaison with boyfriend in his car

(Newser) - Can a gecko blush? Geico may have to pay millions to a woman who says her boyfriend gave her an STD during sex in his car, reports the Kansas City Star . The woman, identified as M.O. in court documents, says she contracted HPV—the human papillomavirus—from her (now...

If Ikea Has Its Way, Your Baby Will Be Named Malm

Swedish retailer's Norway branch offers 'name bank' with hundreds of ideas based on its products

(Newser) - Have you thought about Malm, Kivik, or Trotten? Swedish retailer Ikea is known for the distinctive names of its flat-pack home products. Now, the company's Norway branch wants to use the brand's experience to help parents browsing the baby-naming department. Ikea Norway has built a "name bank"...

Check Your Uber for Tater Tots, Metal Legs, Slime

Those are just some of the odd items left behind in the company's vehicles last year

(Newser) - If you've ever left something behind in a cab—or, these days, in a ride-hailing vehicle—you're not alone. It's not uncommon for drivers to discover the phones, keys, wallets, or purses that customers forgot in the back seat, especially in Austin, Texas, the most forgetful city...

After the Club, They Spotted the Puncture Mark

A mysterious wave of needle attacks is being reported in France and beyond

(Newser) - Across France, 302 people have reported being pricked out of the blue with needles at nightclubs or concerts in recent months. Doctors and multiple prosecutors are on the case, but no one knows who's doing it or why, and whether the victims have been injected with drugs—or indeed...

Cops: Lake Had 'No Swimming' Signs, but Man Went in Anyway

Largo, Florida, cops believe man was killed by alligator while looking for Frisbees

(Newser) - Florida police believe a man who was searching for a Frisbee in a lake at a Largo park may have been killed by an alligator. The unidentified 47-year-old man was found dead Tuesday morning in John S. Taylor Park. Largo police say that despite there being "no swimming" signs...

Want to Scare a Male Mouse? Try a Banana

Want to Scare
a Male Mouse?
Try a Banana
new study

Want to Scare a Male Mouse? Try a Banana

Scientists make an odd, and accidental, discovery

(Newser) - It's one of the weirder scientific discoveries in a while: Scientists accidentally found that mice are afraid of bananas—but only male mice, and particularly virgins. It seems that bananas give off the same scent that female mice emit when they're warning males to steer clear of their...

Man Disguised as Woman Throws Cake at Mona Lisa

It was apparently done in the name of the planet

(Newser) - A man seemingly disguised as an old woman in a wheelchair threw a piece of cake at the glass protecting the Mona Lisa at the Louvre museum and shouted at people to think of planet Earth. The Paris prosecutor's office said Monday that the man, 36, was detained following...

Here's Why Changing Your Name to 'Salmon' Might Be a Bad Idea
After a Quirky Name Change,
Now They're Stuck With It
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After a Quirky Name Change, Now They're Stuck With It

Taiwanese lawmakers debate rules change for those who adopted 'Salmon' moniker for restaurant promo

(Newser) - Is the free fish really worth it? A bunch of people in Taiwan who legally changed their name to "Salmon" to take advantage of a restaurant promotion are about to find out, because the government isn't letting some of them change their names back, reports the Guardian . It...

After Singer Walks Off, Spectators Fill In
Fans Step In
After Singer
Bails During
in case you missed it

Fans Step In After Singer Bails During Concert

But strange incident raises concern about Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes

(Newser) - A strange incident unfolded over the weekend during a concert in Houston, one that has raised concerns about the well-being of lead singer Conor Oberst of the group Bright Eyes. As the Chronicle reports, Oberst abruptly walked off the stage after just two songs, leaving the audience—and other band...

He's the No. 1 Josh in America. Again

Jokey battle of the Joshes turns into charity event for 2nd straight year

(Newser) - A couple of hundred people grabbed their pool noodles and headed to a Nebraska park again this weekend to battle over the right to the name Josh, per the AP . The event started as an online joke when Josh Swain from Tucson, Ariz., sent out a tweet challenging anyone who...

He Had Memorable Role in Jaws as a Kid. Now, Fitting News

Ex-child actor Jonathan Searle named police chief in Martha's Vineyard town where 1975 movie was shot

(Newser) - Life is definitely imitating art on Martha's Vineyard, where a former child star in one of Steven Spielberg's biggest blockbusters ever has just accepted a stars-are-aligned job. The Vineyard Gazette reports that the town of Oak Bluffs has named as its new police chief Jonathan Searle, a longtime...

Suspects' Mercedes-Benz Getting Loads of Attention

Irvine Police call it like 'something out of @007 movie'

(Newser) - They reportedly had a James Bond-like car, but not his luck. A California couple was arrested on Tuesday, and their white 2008 Mercedes Benz C300 is featuring big into the news. The Irvine Police Department says Garden Grove residents Yasmine Kambour, 37, and Chris Huynh, 44, were arrested after a...

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