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Elusive Tire Slasher Turned Out to Be a Dog

Billy had police stumped for a while

(Newser) - Police in the small Italian village of Vastogirardi were stumped—someone kept slashing the tires of cars parked near the village center, reports the Guardian . Undercover officers failed to spot the culprit, but newly installed cameras managed to do so last week: The slasher is a dog named Billy. "...

He Had Headaches for Months. Doctors Made a Surprising Find

Vietnamese man hadn't realized someone had shoved chopsticks up his nose in drunken brawl

(Newser) - When a man presented himself last month at Vietnam's Cuba Friendship Hospital in Dong Hoi with complaints of bad headaches, vision loss, and fluid coming out of his nose that he'd been suffering for months, doctors arranged for a CT scan, as the 35-year-old couldn't think of...

Lawyer Suspended for Chucking Poop-Filled Can

He 'failed to control his own bizarre impulses,' Ohio Supreme Court says

(Newser) - "Very few, if any, prior cases offer guidance regarding the appropriate sanction for the misconduct at issue here," Ohio's Supreme Court said in a ruling on an attorney who admitted throwing a Pringles can filled with his own feces into the parking lot of a crime victim-advocacy...

Cops Chasing Stolen Forklift Find Surprise Driver

Boy, 12, arrested after pursuit by Michigan police through Ann Arbor and beyond

(Newser) - A Michigan tween has been arrested after cops say they chased him on a stolen forklift through the streets of Ann Arbor. Local officers say they were called to Forsythe Middle School around 6:45pm local time on Saturday over a report of a stolen construction vehicle, and just minutes...

Angry Elephants Damage Car That Hit a Calf

Family of 3 escapes unhurt after their vehicle was roughed up in Malaysia; calf walked away

(Newser) - Malaysian police had to investigate an unusual case of road rage in which the angered party was a herd of elephants. It seems a 48-year-old driver struck an elephant calf with his car on a highway Sunday evening in foggy, rainy conditions, reports the Straits Times . "Seeing this, the...

NFL Player Got Creative to Avoid Trash-Talk Penalties

DK Metcalf of the Seattle Seahawks learned American Sign Language

(Newser) - After Seattle Seahawks receiver DK Metcalf scored a touchdown, he very publicly taunted the opposing player he beat on the play. Normally, that would draw a flag. But Metcalf avoided one in clever fashion—he delivered the taunt in American Sign Language. Watch it here . Metcalf used his newly acquired...

Cops Find Wanted Woman in Most Comfy of Hiding Spots
Cops Find Wanted Woman in
Most Comfy of Hiding Spots
in case you missed it

Cops Find Wanted Woman in Most Comfy of Hiding Spots

Felon Stacy Usher, sought by police for alleged parole violation in Florida, was found inside couch

(Newser) - A convicted felon in three different Florida counties eluded law enforcement for most of November, but authorities tracked her down this week hiding in her own home. WFLA reports that the Citrus County Sheriff's Office had been searching for 39-year-old Stacy Usher, who, according to its Nov. 8 Facebook...

Flight Crew Allegedly Faked Robbery to Cover Up Wild Night
Flight Crew
Allegedly Faked
Robbery to
Cover Up Wild Night
in case you missed it

Flight Crew Allegedly Faked Robbery to Cover Up Wild Night

Brazilian authorities are investigating trio of British Airways employees

(Newser) - British Airways crew members allegedly indulged in a raucous night of drinking and drugs in Rio de Janeiro, then covered it up by pretending they'd been the victims of various crimes, Brazilian authorities allege. The three airline employees are accused of inventing an armed robbery that supposedly took place...

Mystery Song's Origin Stumps Online Sleuths

With only 17 seconds of the New Wave song recorded, no one has cracked where it came from

(Newser) - Can you name this tune in 17 seconds? If so, you'd be the hero to a community of online sleuths who've been tracking down its origin for the last two years. Rolling Stone covers the quest to crack the case of "Everyone Knows That," which has...

Man's Decision to Hitch a Ride Under a Truck Goes Awry

Drunk man reportedly traveled 250 miles before the truck stopped

(Newser) - It's every driver's dream: hitting a slew of green lights and sailing on toward your destination without pause. For one Australian stowaway, it turned into a headline-grabbing problem. As the Australian Associated Press reports, a 43-year-old New South Wales man apparently ended a night of drinking by deciding...

NC City Just Picked Its Mayor Via a Coin Toss

Robert Burns wins office in Monroe, North Carolina, after tie with opponent

(Newser) - Five candidates recently ran for the office of mayor in North Carolina's city of Monroe, and two of them ended up at the top during the Nov. 7 election, with the same exact number of votes: 970 each. Now Robert Burns has been declared the new mayor of the...

Plane Crash Mystery Was 'Inexplicable'—Until It Wasn't

Police said it seemed 2 decades old

(Newser) - A Canadian hunter came upon the site of an apparent plane crash near Kamloops, British Columbia, on Nov. 3 and alerted police. The Guardian reports the Royal Canadian Mounted Police's initial investigation only deepened a seemingly "inexplicable" mystery: The bush plane wreckage had no motor, wings, doors, or...

Uber-Rare Lobster Becomes a TikTok Star
This Is One
Wildly Unique Lobster

This Is One Wildly Unique Lobster

Split-color, split-sex Maine lobster now dubbed 'Bowie'

(Newser) - As a fifth-generation lobsterman, Jacob Knowles has seen his fair share of crustaceans. However, one half-orange, half-blue lobster recently caught his eye—and those of his millions of social media followers, per Boston 25 . As Knowles explains in a TikTok video , "it's probably one of the rarest lobsters...

What to Get for the Baby Who Has It All? $230 Scented Water

It's part of new Baby Dior line, a 'tender, poetic collection' of luxury skin-care products for infants

(Newser) - Babies are known for having skin that fills estheticians with envy—there's a reason for the phrase "as smooth as a baby's bottom"—but one luxury brand thinks the youngest set needs a bit more help when it comes to their dermatologic needs. People reports on...

No One Knows Why Dogs Are Contracting Mystery Illness

Veterinary laboratories are looking into canine respiratory sickness popping up in multiple states

(Newser) - Veterinary laboratories in several states are investigating an unusual respiratory illness in dogs and encouraging people to take basic precautions to keep their pets healthy as veterinarians try to pin down what's making the animals sick. Oregon, Colorado, and New Hampshire are among the states that have seen cases...

After Police Chase, Golfers Trap Suspect in Port-a-Potty

Golf course in the Wisconsin city of Glendale saw a bit of excitement this week

(Newser) - A run-in with law enforcement drove a suspect in Wisconsin into the stinkiest hiding place he could find—both figuratively and literally. WISN reports that police in Glendale embarked on a chase Wednesday of an SUV stolen from Minnesota, which crashed into multiple cars, traffic barrels, and a guardrail before...

Taylor Swift Isn't Only One in the Relationship With a No. 1 Song

Turns out boyfriend Travis Kelce can also carry a tune, as heard on Christmas tune with brother Jason

(Newser) - Watch out, Taylor Swift— your new man can apparently sing. The BBC reports that a Christmas song recorded by Travis Kelce, tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, along with his older brother, Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce, shot to the No. 1 spot on Apple's iTunes, just hours...

Gwyneth Paltrow's Ski Trial Is Becoming a Musical

Though you'll have less than 2 weeks to see it at a small theater in London

(Newser) - Gwyneth Paltrow's strange, and strangely fascinating, ski trial is being turned into a musical. It won't be on Broadway or the West End—at least not yet—but will debut at a small theater in London next month. Gwyneth Goes Skiing, written by singer-songwriter Leland and produced by...

Not Sure We Needed to Know This Superstition, Mahomes

Kansas City Chiefs QB says he wears same pair of (supposedly washed) undies for every game

(Newser) - In the world of professional football, there are TDs, FGs, and now, thanks to Patrick Mahomes, TMI. The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback showed up Monday on ESPN's ManningCast , hosted during Monday Night Football by brothers Peyton and Eli Manning, and the football veterans (and the world) found out just...

Pilots Send Out an SOS: 'We Have a Horse in Difficulty'

Plane bound for Belgium forced to return to JFK after equine passenger gets loose in cargo hold

(Newser) - A flight from Belgium out of New York City took a wild turn last week after a horse managed to get out of its enclosure in the cargo hold, forcing the plane to turn back to the US. Jalopnik reports that Air Atlanta Icelandic Flight 4592 took off Thursday from...

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