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Fan Completes a Truly Bonkers Disney Challenge

Nathan Firesheets rode every available ride at all 12 Disney theme parks in 12 days

(Newser) - It's fair to call Nathan Firesheets a Disney superfan, especially after he ventured to all 12 Disney theme parks, spread across the globe from Paris to Tokyo, in exactly 12 days. And not just to take a quick look at each. To prove his dedication, Firesheets made it onto...

Lawyers: We Know Phony High Schooler's Case Is 'Very Bizarre'

Attorneys for Hyejeong Shin say she faked her way in to New Jersey high school due to loneliness

(Newser) - At age 16, Hyejeong Shin came to the United States from South Korea and attended boarding school in Massachusetts. In 2019, she graduated from Rutgers with a degree in political science and Chinese, got married, and set up her home in a high-rise not far from the New Jersey university....

The List of Every Place on Earth Just Got Bigger

The 'Most Traveled People' group ups the count to 1.5K

(Newser) - Quick: Name how many countries and territories one could visit on Earth. If your guess was in the hundreds, you're already way off, at least according to the "Most Traveled People" (MTP) community. MTP was founded by Charles Veley after he tried and failed to have Guinness World...

Aldi's Easter Candy Looks a Little Racy

'Sorry Aldi, but that ain't a bunny'

(Newser) - With Easter just weeks away, stores are starting to stock sweets on their shelves. One supermarket chain's offering, however, has caused quite the online brouhaha. Earlier this month, a shopper at a UK Aldi picked up a bag of "marshmallow bunnies and chicks," according to the bag'...

'Bird' Heard in Home's Walls Was Something Else Entirely

Animal rescue called off after UK resident discovered creature was a stuffed 'Harry Potter' toy

(Newser) - It can be quite distressing to discover there's a wild animal trapped in the walls of your house, as one UK resident thought had happened in their case. Per UPI , a call was recently made to Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue about a bird in such a predicament in a North...

He Once Wooed on the Soaps. Now, a 'Bizarre' Crime

Forbes March, who played Scott Chandler on 'All My Children,' is accused of stealing cooking oil

(Newser) - It's still early, but is already calling this "the most bizarre crime you're likely to read about this week." It involves Forbes March, a 49-year-old former soap opera veteran who's starred in such programs as All My Children, As the World Turns, and...

See If You Can Spot What Doesn't Belong in This Attic

Home inspector stumbles on alligator holed up in NC home

(Newser) - Alligators have popped up in Florida swimming pools , a Brooklyn lake , and even in a post office . North Carolina attic is a new one, in a discovery out of New Hanover County by a code compliance officer making his rounds. Per WECT , Dean Brown was inspecting a new home under...

Critics on Weird Sport: 'One of the Stupidest Things You Can Do'

UFC President Dana White says slap fighting is just good fun, but concussion experts disagree

(Newser) - The competitors stand rigidly upright with their hands behind their backs, waiting to absorb a brutal slap to the face. When the open-handed blow is delivered, there's a sharp report and the reaction can be dramatic. Some fighters barely move, while others stumble backward or fall to the floor....

Nick Cannon's Show Seemed Too Bad to Be True. It Was

'Who's Having My Baby' promo with Kevin Hart was just a stunt for their new 'Celebrity Prank Wars'

(Newser) - In a world where Reality TV Land includes shows featuring the "best funeral ever," Vanilla Ice becoming temporarily Amish, and a group of women who've convinced themselves they're vying for the hand of Prince Harry (it was an obvious lookalike), a series dedicated to prolific dad...

14-Foot Python Found Dead on Side of New York Road

Officials are trying to find out who owned it

(Newser) - Finding animals dead on the side of the road is not uncommon. But finding a 14-foot-long python dead on the side of the road is. That's what happened on Valentine's Day in New York, when the state's Department of Environmental Conservation got word that a large snake...

Art Blogger Finds the 'Most Nightmarish Job Listing'
Job Posting
by 'Art World
Family' Is Just

Job Posting by 'Art World Family' Is Just Eye-Popping

Art blogger calls it 'the most nightmarish job listing I've ever seen'

(Newser) - What may be the "worst art job listing ever created" has since been deleted, but freelance art writer Emily Colucci has saved it for all of us to marvel at. Writing about her recent find on her Filthy Minds blog , Colucci notes she stumbled upon the posting for an...

Latest Makeover Trend: Your Signature

The AP takes a look at the unusual idea with plenty of takers

(Newser) - Doctors, lawyers, celebrities: There's a new cosmetic surgery, of sorts, for which they're all signing up. By that, we mean handing over money to hire a calligrapher for a fresh take on writing one's own name in cursive, writes Leanne Italie for the AP . With a pen...

Woman Declared Dead Decades Ago Suddenly Turns Up

Patricia Kopta, who vanished from Pennsylvania in 1992, found in Puerto Rico nursing home at age 83

(Newser) - A Pennsylvania woman who went missing more than 30 years ago in a case that stumped authorities who later declared her legally dead has been found living in a nursing home in Puerto Rico. Patricia Kopta left behind a husband and siblings and meandered through northern Puerto Rico for a...

Sweet Potato Leads to Arrest in Massachusetts Cold Case

Officials were able to match DNA from the root vegetable left at the scene with suspect

(Newser) - After Todd Lampley was shot in the bedroom of a Massachusetts home on February 27, 2011, police recovered evidence outside the bedroom window: shell casings, a cellphone, and a sweet potato. Twelve years later, there's finally an arrest in the case, and authorities say DNA left on that sweet...

Cops Make Unusual Find in Ex-Food Delivery Man's Bag

Man in Peru called 'Juanita' his 'spiritual girlfriend'; police say it was an ancient mummy

(Newser) - Peruvian police have arrested a 26-year-old man allegedly found carrying an ancient mummy—whom he reportedly described as his "spiritual girlfriend"— in his food delivery bag. Police said three men were acting drunk at a park, also described as an archaeological site, in the southern region of Puno,...

Guy Scores a Disneyland Record 8 Years in the Making

Even little kids might get sick of happiest place on Earth after 2,995 days in a row

(Newser) - You know how sometimes some guy wins the Super Bowl and screams, "I'm going to Disneyland!" Well, sometimes some guy finds himself out of a job and with some time and an annual pass to Disneyland on his hands, so he just starts going. Every day. It...

Mexico's President Shares a 'Mystical' Photo

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador didn't appear to be joking about elf-like creature spotted in a tree

(Newser) - Mexico's president posted a photo on his social media accounts Saturday showing what he said appeared to be a mythological woodland spirit similar to an elf. President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador didn't seem to be joking when he posted the photo of an "aluxe," a mischievous...

Spain Ordered New Trains, Forgot to Measure
Spain Ordered New Trains,
Forgot One Important Thing

Spain Ordered New Trains, Forgot One Important Thing

They're too wide to fit in the nation's old tunnels

(Newser) - Two top transportation officials in Spain are out of a job over a hard-to-fathom gaffe: They ordered the construction of new trains too wide to fit in the nation's old railway tunnels. Isaias Taboas, head of rail operator Renfe, and Isabel Pardo de Vera, secretary of state for transport,...

'Evil Elmo' Has Become 'Creepy Monster,' Cops Warn

'Do not engage' with man wearing Cookie Monster costume in Santa Cruz, they say

(Newser) - "Do not engage" with Cookie Monster. That's the message from police in Santa Cruz, California, where a street performer wearing a costume of the Sesame Street character has been harassing people. "It's the creepy monster, not the Cookie Monster," a visitor to the Santa Cruz...

Critic's Review Ends With Dog Poop Smeared on Her Face
He Smeared Dog Poop on
a Critic's Face, Is Out a Job

He Smeared Dog Poop on a Critic's Face, Is Out a Job

Ballet director had extreme reaction after review says audience will be 'killed by boredom'

(Newser) - A German ballet director has lost his job after doing what he terms "truly an awful thing": smearing his dog's feces on the face of a dance critic. Marco Goecke, 50, on Thursday lost his job with the Hanover State Opera, though the opera house will continue to...

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