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Dune Sequel Had a Secret Premiere 6 Weeks Ago

Director Denis Villeneuve screened film for sick man in Quebec palliative care facility as his dying wish

(Newser) - Dune: Part Two saw its official wide release on Friday—but a dying man in a Canadian palliative care facility had his own secret screening six weeks before the premiere, thanks to one woman's determination to fulfill his final wish. Josee Gagnon, whose L'Avant charity helps guide people...

New Anorexia Debate: Let Patients Stop Treatment?

Katie Engelhart delves into palliative care's place in handling eating disorders for 'New York Times Magazine'

(Newser) - At what point does an extreme mental health disorder become untreatable? And must doctors continue to treat those patients, even against their will? Katie Engelhart examines these questions in an in-depth look at how some psychologists are turning to palliative care for anorexia patients who are done fighting their conditions,...

There Are Worse Places to Die Than Mongolia
There Are Worse Places
to Die Than Mongolia

There Are Worse Places to Die Than Mongolia

The country is a surprising leader in palliative care

(Newser) - A man lies dying of liver cancer inside his family's tent—or "ger"—as a harsh wind blows outside, where the family's sheep are hunkered down. His only wish is "to be without pain" as he dies. In that case, it's a good thing...

The 5 Worst Places to Die in the World

 The 5 Worst 
 Places to Die 
 in the World 
in case you missed it

The 5 Worst Places to Die in the World

'The Economist' ranks end-of-life care

(Newser) - There's no avoiding death—but some places are "better" places to die than others. The Economist looked at 80 countries and ranked them for "quality of death," looking at factors including the overall palliative care and healthcare environment, the availability and training of healthcare professionals, the...

'Death With Dignity' Should Become the National Norm

And it may, thanks to proposed Massachusetts act: Lewis Cohen

(Newser) - “It is time we became pro-choice at the end of life,” writes Lewis M. Cohen, and Massachusetts’ Death With Dignity Act, poised to pass on Election Day, could finally make that happen. The ballot question, if approved, could “turn death with dignity from a legislative experiment into...

Inside the Real World of End-of-Life Care

End-of-life specialists are 'psychoanalysts,' 'detectives'

(Newser) - With so many up in arms about “death panel” rumors, the New York Times paints a picture of real-life palliative care providers, or end-of-life consultants. The Times follows one specialist in a field that requires its doctors to be “part psychoanalyst, part detective,” writes Anemona Hartocollis: He’...

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