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Williamsburg Find Will Help 'Erase Historical Amnesia'

Archaeologists uncover foundation of one of country's oldest Black churches

(Newser) - The foundation of one of America's oldest Black churches has been found at a Colonial Williamsburg site that had been under a parking lot since 1956. Archaeologists believe the brick foundation is the remains of the first permanent home of the First Baptist Church. It was first organized in...

Secret NYC Wedding Was Attended by Thousands

Williamsburg synagogue to be fined $15K

(Newser) - Some viewers might assume footage of a Hasidic wedding showing thousands of maskless people packed shoulder to shoulder inside a Brooklyn synagogue harkened back to happier times, before the onset of a global pandemic. But they'd be wrong. As the New York Post reports, the footage spreading on social...

Colonial Williamsburg Has Been Losing $148K a Day
Colonial Williamsburg Has
Been Losing $148K a Day

Colonial Williamsburg Has Been Losing $148K a Day

And layoffs are coming

(Newser) - Colonial Williamsburg plans to outsource many of its commercial operations and lay off some workers in response to declining attendance and hundreds of millions in debt, the AP reports. The living history museum at Virginia's 18th-century capital announced plans Thursday to contract with outside companies to run its golf,...

1st-Time Parents Die on Way to Hospital; Baby Lives

Brooklyn couple killed in hit-and-run, as son delivered at the scene

(Newser) - A young Brooklyn couple on their way to the hospital to welcome their first child instead lost their lives in a hit-and-run accident that somehow spared their infant son's life. Nathan and Raizy Glauber, both 21 and residents of Williamsburg, were using a car service when a BMW sideswiped...

Hasidic Therapist Gets 103 Years for Sex Abuse

He was charged with 59 counts

(Newser) - Nechemya Weberman, an unlicensed therapist and powerful member of the Hasidic Jewish community of Brooklyn, will likely spend the rest of his life behind bars after being convicted of 59 counts of sexual abuse yesterday, reports the New York Times . After days of testimony from a victim who says she...

GOP to Talk Minority Outreach —at Former Plantation

What a splendid idea, writes Gawker's Cord Jefferson

(Newser) - House Republicans are in colonial Williamsburg today for their annual retreat, and the Hill reports that restoring party unity is high on the agenda. But they've also got a session planned on "successful communication with minorities and women," which prompts this from Cord Jefferson at Gawker :
  • "

Hipsters Go Redneck With Taxidermy, Moonshine

A little bit of country finds its way to Williamsburg

(Newser) - Hipster faves fixed-gear bikes, v-neck T-shirts, and ironic mustaches have a pair of new, and very red-neck, companions: Taxidermy and moonshine. The former, Melissa Milgrom reports for the Daily Beast , gives actual and spiritual Williamsburgers the chance to actually own an animal. And, one practitioner notes, “part of being...

A Decade of Hipsters

 A Decade 
 of Hipsters 

A Decade of Hipsters

From the Emo to the Meta-Nerd, check 'em here

(Newser) - The 2000s have been the decade of plenty of things, hipsters included. Paste undertakes a study of their evolution, from 2000 to the present:
  • 2000: The Emo. “Proto-hipster” finds guyliner and a white belt a “soulful combination.”
  • 2001: The Emo Redux. You’ll see a theme in

How to Identify Hipsters: By What They Hate

(Newser) - Josh Skolnick was looking for a way to sum up what a hipster is for the Stimulist, and stumbled upon the perfect tool: Stuff Hipsters Hate, a website that "gives the world its most coherent vision yet of what defines these folks.” A sampling:
  • Other hipsters: "To

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