Edwards Air Force Base

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5-Minute Hypersonic Flight Planned for Tomorrow

X-51A WaveRider will travel at Mach 6

(Newser) - Tomorrow, a hypersonic aircraft will zip above the Pacific Ocean at Mach 6 for 300 seconds—twice as long as any previous flight at that speed. Just how fast is Mach 6? A blazing 3,600mph—meaning it could get you from Los Angeles to New York in 46 minutes,...

Discovery Lands Safely in Calif.

14-day mission ends on West Coast after poor weather scrubs Florida attempt again

(Newser) - After bad weather kept it from heading to Florida for the second consecutive day, the space shuttle Discovery touched down safely in California moments ago, Space.com reports. The crew returns after a 14-day mission that including resupplying and repairing the International Space Station.

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