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Gabourey Sidibe, Husband Expecting Twins
Gabourey Sidibe
Pregnant With Twins

Gabourey Sidibe Pregnant With Twins

The actress who first came on the scene with 'Precious' says 'double the fun' for her, husband

(Newser) - Gabourey Sidibe and her husband are expanding their family. The actress, who made her debut in the 2009 film Precious, announced Tuesday on Instagram that she and Brandon Frankel are expecting twins. "We thought it was time to give our cats some responsibility so we're giving them each...

Elle Accused of 'Whitening' Gabourey Sidibe on Cover

Bloggers disagree on treatment of Precious star

(Newser) - Precious star Gabourey Sidibe is on the new cover of Elle, and her image has set off a tiff in the blogosphere on whether the magazine used digital retouching to "whiten" her. Here's Julianne Hing at ColorLines : "Elle clearly couldn’t handle Sidibe’s real skin color, and...

Precious Star's Mom Wows Judges

 Mom Wows 
america's got talent

Precious Star's Mom Wows Judges

Gaby Sidibe's mom goes from subway stations to reality TV

(Newser) - Looks like talent runs in Gabourey Sidibe’s family: Alice Tan Ridley, mother of the Oscar-nominated Precious star, gave the “best audition of the day” on last night’s America’s Got Talent , judge Piers Morgan said. Ridley, who sings in subway stations, is moving on in the competition...

Precious Gaby Shows a 'Mean' Side
  Precious Gaby 
  Shows a 'Mean' Side 
diva alert

Precious Gaby Shows a 'Mean' Side

Sidibe has a lot to learn about being a star, says columnist

(Newser) - The gossip rags are still busy fawning over Gabourey Sidibe, but one serious admirer says, "I'm putting down my pompoms." Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart was a huge fan of Precious and rooted for Sidibe to win an Oscar, but he's concluded that she's actually kind of a...

Betty White Steals Show With SNL Promo
 Betty White 
 Steals Show 
 With SNL 
12 days till may 8

Betty White Steals Show With SNL Promo

88-year-old will co-host May 8 show

(Newser) - Gabourey Sidibe impressed in her Saturday Night Live hosting debut , but the hot topic of the day is another first-timer: Betty White, who will co-host the May 8 episode . A 15-second promo during Saturday's show featured the 88-year-old TV legend explaining that she got the gig "thanks to the...

Gabourey Sidibe on SNL: Not 'Precious'

'I love being happy,' and 'Mariah doesn't have a mustache'

(Newser) - Gabourey Sidibe stepped away from her Precious character last night, spunkily declaring that movies are fiction in her opening monologue on Saturday Night Live: "I love being happy," she sang. Another key difference: "Mariah Carey doesn't have a mustache." Sidibe teamed with Andy Samberg on an...

Precious Star to Host SNL
 Precious Star to Host SNL 

Precious Star to Host SNL

Gabourey Sidibe will helm comedy show on April 24

(Newser) - Gabourey Sidibe's 2010 continues to be eventful—the Oscar-nominated Precious star will host Saturday Night Live on April 24. Sidibe, 26, will be paired with indie rock darlings MGMT as musical guest. Also of note to SNL fans: Tina Fey returns to host April 10, with a performance by Justin...

Next Role for Sidibe: Diet-Pill Peddler?

In return for one-year supply of product...provided it works

(Newser) - Gabourey Sidibe’s weight has become a matter of national interest. The latest: A weight loss company reached out to the Precious star, saying it wants to help her fight the “terrible affliction” of obesity. will give Sidibe a one-year supply of its weight loss formula as...

Stern Was Right: Sidibe Has No Future in Film

The sad truth is, Hollywood won't write for her

(Newser) - Howard Stern may have been “distasteful” when he said earlier this week that Gabourey Sidibe’s career is finished , but he was also one other thing: absolutely right. Sidibe is talented, but “nobody's tripping over themselves to write movies for overweight African-American girls,” writes Kevin Broccoli on...

Stern Defends Slam: Gabby Going to Be Dead Soon

She's in 'deep crisis' and 'needs help,' he says

(Newser) - Howard Stern didn’t do anything wrong when he called Gabourey Sidibe “ planet-sized ” the other day: In fact, he did something noble. The radio host defended his comments on yesterday’s show, explaining that “obesity in this country is out of control” and he’s simply concerned...

'Planet-Size' Gabby Sidibe Will Never Work Again: Howard Stern

Shock jock wonders 'what does she eat?'

(Newser) - Howard Stern went on for four and a half minutes on yesterday’s show about “enormous fat black chick” Gabourey Sidibe. “Everyone’s pretending she’s a part of show business and she’s never going to be in another movie,” he says. The Precious star got...

To Keep Working, Gabby Sidibe Must Lose Weight

'Precious' star is popular, but that doesn't mean she'll get parts

(Newser) - Gabourey Sidibe may have been nominated for a best actress Oscar right alongside Hollywood legend Meryl Streep, but industry sources say she’ll need to drop her extra pounds if she wants her star to keep rising. “I'm not saying it's correct, but it's a simple fact that she...

Oscars Fashion: Hits and Misses

 Hits and 
'dear charlize, cinnabon called...'

Oscars Fashion: Hits and Misses

Charlize Theron gets fondled by her dress, but Gabourey Sidibe scores

(Newser) - Now that we know the Best Picture winner, it’s time for the more important question: Who were the fashion winners—and losers—at last night’s Oscars? Click through our gallery for thoughts from the Fug Girls and 's Maisy Fernandez. And to see Miley Cyrus’ particularly...

Precious Romps at Spirit Awards

Bridges, Harrelson, Mo'Nique, Sidibe snag acting honors

(Newser) - Harlem drama Precious took the best picture prize as it dominated the Spirit Awards last night, winning four other honors that included trophies for best actress Gabourey Sidibe and best supporting actress Mo'Nique. Jeff Bridges won best actor for the country-music tale Crazy Heart, and Woody Harrelson won supporting actor...

Gabourey Sidibe: 'I Feel Like a Model'

Precious star talks self-confidence, and her hatred of yoga

(Newser) - Now that Precious has catapulted Gabourey Sidibe to fame, the former psychology major from Harlem finds herself wearing fancy dresses, attending premieres and parties, and doing photo shoots—and she loves it all. Highlights from her Harper’s Bazaar interview:
  • On photo shoots: “I feel like a model. It

Precious : Gritty Candor or 'Poverty Porn'?
 Precious: Gritty Candor 
 or 'Poverty Porn'? 

Precious: Gritty Candor or 'Poverty Porn'?

Harlem drama brutally honest, some say manipulative

(Newser) - Precious packs a strong emotional punch with its story of an abused, illiterate teen in '80s Harlem, but where some critics see candid greatness, others see "poverty porn."
  • Precious is "a great American film," writes Roger Ebert at the Chicago Sun-Times, that finds a believable way

Precious Director, Star Earn 'Wows'

Expect astonishing Gabourey Sidibe and director Lee Daniels to stay in the spotlight

(Newser) - Film festival darling Precious is a breakthrough not just for director Lee Daniels—who collected Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey to champion the movie—but also for star Gabourey Sidibe, who plays the abused main character. Though media reports paint her as “this downtrodden, ugly girl who got this...

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