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Former Grad Student Guilty of Murdering Professor

Murad Dervish shot University of Arizona hydrologist Thomas Meixner 11 times

(Newser) - A jury took less than three hours Tuesday to find a former graduate student guilty of murdering a professor in the University of Arizona's Department of Hydrology. Murad Dervish, 48, was found guilty on charges including first-degree murder in the October 2022 shooting of department head Thomas Meixner, 52,...

Cops Move In at UPenn, MIT
Cops Move In at UPenn, MIT

Cops Move In at UPenn, MIT

AP reports more than 40 students and staff arrested at the 2 schools Friday

(Newser) - Police made more than 40 arrests as pro-Palestinian protest encampments were dismantled Friday at the University of Pennsylvania and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, hours after police tear-gassed demonstrators and took down a similar camp at the University of Arizona.
  • Penn: The dismantling at Penn came around 5:30am, as

Creative Testing Catches Virus Early: 'This Is How You Do It'
University Stops
Virus Outbreak
'in Its Tracks'
in case you missed it

University Stops Virus Outbreak 'in Its Tracks'

University of Arizona's testing of wastewater samples leads to 2 asymptomatic students

(Newser) - Everyone in the dorm seemed just fine. But by using a creative testing method, researchers at the University of Arizona were able to quickly determine two students in the college residence had COVID-19, fending off a larger outbreak throughout the dorm and the entire school. The Arizona Republic reports that...

UA Is Now UArizona, Because SEO
UA Is Now UArizona, 
Because SEO

UA Is Now UArizona, Because SEO

University of Arizona changes its abbreviation so it will show up higher on web searches

(Newser) - The University of Arizona has announced it is changing its abbreviation from UA to UArizona in an effort to increase search engine optimization results for the college, the AP reports. The Tucson-based college in a statement Monday said the change would help distinguish the school from other national and international...

Arizona Abruptly Fires Rich Rodriguez

Former employee says he ran 'hostile workplace'

(Newser) - Arizona has fired head football coach Rich Rodriguez after a notice of claim was filed with the state attorney general's office alleging he ran a hostile workplace. The Arizona Daily Star revealed the $7.5 million notice of claim on Tuesday after making a public-records request. The paper said...

Arizona Student's Post About Her Taxes Goes Viral

Belen Sisa, an undocumented immigrant, was trying to make a point

(Newser) - An Arizona State University junior found herself in the crosshairs of internet commenters over the weekend after posting a photo of herself holding her tax return to Facebook. AZCentral reports that Belen Sisa, an undocumented immigrant who came to the US with her parents from Argentina at age 6 and...

Rock Theft 101: University Missing $30K Gold Nugget

University of Arizona says people really liked having their pictures taken with it

(Newser) - Looks like the University of Arizona has lost itself one pricey rock: The school reports that a 3-inch, half-pound hunk of gold worth $30,000 has been stolen from its Mineral Museum. The rock went missing Friday from an office where it was stored. As the LA Times reports, current...

University of Arizona Loses, Students Riot

15 arrested in Tucson after team suffers narrow overtime loss

(Newser) - Wisconsin handed the University of Arizona a narrow overtime loss last night, and the student body cheering on the latter didn't exactly take it well, clogging a main thoroughfare in Tucson and chucking beer bottles and firecrackers at pepper spray-wielding police officers. Police eventually managed to clear the streets,...

Asteroid to Hit Earth? NASA Builds Craft to Find Out

Bennu is circling Earth, and could strike in 2182

(Newser) - With a big asteroid possibly heading for Earth in 2182, what are scientists to do? Build an unmanned spacecraft to give that hunk of rock a closer look, the Arizona Republic reports. NASA and the University of Arizona are is designing the $1 billion project, called OSIRIS-REx, which is set...

Hot New Minor at U. of Arizona: Hip-Hop

 Hot New Minor 
 at U. of Arizona: 
in case you missed it

Hot New Minor at U. of Arizona: Hip-Hop

But don't expect to just sit around listening to music

(Newser) - Who needs those overrated, underpaying MBAs ? At the University of Arizona, you can now minor in hip-hop. The school, which has been offering courses on hip-hop since 2004, recently made the subject available as one of the concentrations of its Africana Studies program, the Los Angeles Times reports. "...

Huge Lake Found in Titan's Tropics

Discovery suggests underground channels

(Newser) - University of Arizona researchers have discovered a massive methane lake in the arid tropics of Titan, they announced today, suggesting that Saturn's biggest moon may have subterranean channels of the liquid. Titan has long been known to contain liquid methane, which forms pools, clouds, and rains much as water...

Abortion Bill Could Shutter Arizona OB-GYN Program

University of Arizona would lose accreditation

(Newser) - The Arizona State Senate is considering two bills that would further limit abortions, including one that could force the University of Arizona to shut down its obstetrics and gynecology program. HB 2384 includes a ban on using state funding or tuition money for abortion training at state universities and community...

Giffords Shooting Spawns 'Civil Discourse' Center

Former presidents Bush, Clinton honorary co-chairs of new institute

(Newser) - Former presidents George HW Bush and Bill Clinton will be honorary co-chairman of the National Institute for Civil Discourse, a new non-partisan center for research, debate, and education about dialogue in politics, opening today at the University of Arizona in Tucson. Featuring a prominent board of politicians and media figures—...

Playboy Names Miami Top Party School

Runners-up: Texas, San Diego State, Florida

(Newser) - Promising to make the ranking an annual tradition, Playboy today named its top 10 US party schools, using an algorithm weighing hot temperatures, guy-girl ratio, empty rooms available for sex, and even GPA. “Think of this as a BCS rating, but unlike the BCS we welcome your input,”...

Schools Warn Against Mexico Spring Break

(Newser) - Arizona’s three state universities are following the State Department and attempting to dissuade students from spending spring break in Mexican border towns, a traditional pastime, because of drug-associated violence there, the AP reports. One federal official called the warning “sage advice,” noting “documented violence, attacks, killings”...

Ariz. Coach Swears Off 1-Year Wonders

Olson calls NBA rule "farce," plans to push for changes benefiting college basketball

(Newser) - Lute Olson is sick of an NBA rule that results in top basketball prospects spending just one year in college, the Los Angeles Times reports, and says he'll no longer recruit such players for his University of Arizona program. Olson, who's seen the rule cost Arizona two top players this...

Phoenix Samples Martian Dirt
 Phoenix Samples Martian Dirt 

Phoenix Samples Martian Dirt

Robotic arm tested prior to search for life

(Newser) - The Phoenix Mars Lander grabbed a small sample of the fine soil of the planet's polar region yesterday. It was only a test "dig and dump"—using the spacecraft's 8-foot-long robotic arm—but paves the way for retrieving and analyzing samples of Martian soil later this week, reports...

7 Minutes of Danger in Mars Quest

Probe makes risky landing Sunday in hunt for water

(Newser) - The latest NASA mission searching for signs of life on Mars comes to a heart-pounding climax Sunday as the Phoenix Lander attempts to touch down at the red planet's pole in a hunt for water. The lander must perform complex maneuvers in which the whole mission is at risk for...

Get Out Of School Already, Colleges Urge

Students feeling more pressure to graduate within 4 years

(Newser) - It turns out kids are staying in school … for entirely too long, the Arizona Republic reports. Across the country, colleges are urging students to get in and get out in 4 years. The paper found that just 30% of students graduated state universities in 4 years, a problematic number...

Stereotype That Women Out-Blab Men Is Blather

Study silences gender misconceptions

(Newser) - Women do not talk more than men, despite widely accepted stereotypes in popular culture of strong silent guys and chattering females, reports Time. Both men and women use about 16,000 words a day, with women typically employing a statistically insignificant 500 extra words daily, according to the new research.

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