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Ravers in Berlin Seek Recognition of Techno

Parade calls for World Heritage listing of electronic music culture

(Newser) - A techno parade whose initiators include the founder of the Love Parade, once a popular annual party in Berlin, took to the streets of the German capital Saturday with calls for the city's electronic music culture to be added to a World Heritage list. The "Rave the Planet"...

Daft Punk Says Goodbye After Explosive Video

French duo's lucky streak ends for good after nearly 30 years

(Newser) - Monday morning on Facebook , a strange message came down the feed from Daft Punk: a link to an eight-minute YouTube video entitled "Epilogue," an excerpt from the French duo's 2006 sci-fi film Electroma, per Pitchfork . The clip, which also popped up on the group's website , shows...

Man Who 'Changed the Very Sound of Music' Dead at 73

Kraftwerk co-founder Florian Schneider was 73

(Newser) - The enigmatic co-founder of one of the most influential groups in music history has died. Florian Schneider, who founded Kraftwerk with Ralf Hutter in Dusseldorf 50 years ago, died of cancer last week, a musical collaborator confirms to the Guardian . Schneider was 73. The group pioneered electronic music and inspired...

The Story Behind Wednesday's Odd Google Doodle

Clara Rockmore is the coolest electronic musician you've never heard of

(Newser) - Not only is Wednesday's Google Doodle a lot of fun, it commemorates an important figure in music history you've probably never heard of. Musical wunderkind Clara Rockmore was accepted into the St. Petersburg Imperial Conservatory in Russia at the age of 4—its youngest violinist ever, the Telegraph...

Stampede Kills 3 Women at Madrid Halloween Party

Police suggest firecracker sparked stampede in crowded venue

(Newser) - A Halloween party went horribly wrong in Madrid last night, leaving three young women dead and two more in serious condition, reports El Pais . An exploding firecracker around 4am at a crowded electronic music party reportedly caused a stampede. Two women were found dead at the scene, while another died...

Au Revoir, Paris Nightlife

 Au Revoir, Paris Nightlife 

Au Revoir, Paris Nightlife

Noise ordinances strangle once-legendary music and party scene

(Newser) - Paris, a city whose decadent nightlife was once the stuff of legend, is looking more like a museum these days: pretty, quiet, and closed at night. Gentrification of former party neighborhoods has brought an influx of residents unwilling to put up with noise; resulting noise ordinances have caused music venues...

6 Stories