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Teton Pass Road Collapses in Mudslide
Collapse Shuts
Mountain Highway

Collapse Shuts Mountain Highway

Teton Pass corridor will be closed indefinitely for repairs

(Newser) - Two days after a crack first appeared in a mountain highway connecting Idaho and Wyoming, the road collapsed in a "catastrophic landslide," officials said. The road connecting Victor, Idaho, with Jackson, Wyoming, was closed at the time because of a mudslide in another area, and no one was...

Juror to Drag Perfomer: 'Sorry You Went Through This'

Eric Posey wins $1.1M in defamation suit against blogger who falsely claimed he exposed himself

(Newser) - A jury has awarded more than $1.1 million to an Idaho drag performer who accused a far-right blogger of defaming him when she falsely claimed that he exposed himself to a crowd during a Pride event in June 2022. The Kootenai County District Court jury unanimously found Friday that...

Biden Scores a Win in Idaho
Biden Scores a Win in Idaho

Biden Scores a Win in Idaho

He's selected as nominee in Democratic caucuses

(Newser) - Idaho Democrats on Thursday selected Joe Biden as their their nominee for the White House, giving the president more delegates after he already clinched his party's 2024 nomination, the AP reports. Biden won the state Democratic caucus with 95% of the vote in a low-turnout election with just over...

Idaho Crash Kills 6 in Van
Idaho Crash Kills 6, Injures 10

Idaho Crash Kills 6, Injures 10

Highway accident involved a pickup and a van

(Newser) - Six people were killed Saturday in Idaho in a two-car accident that included a large passenger van, authorities said. Ten others were injured in the crash on US Highway 20 in Idaho Falls and taken to hospitals, Idaho State Police said in a statement. An eastbound pickup crossed the centerline...

No Charges Will Be Filed Over Racial Slurs at Team

Idaho prosecutors say 18-year-old was trying to be funny

(Newser) - The high school student suspected of yelling racial slurs at a women's basketball team during March Madness will not be charged by Idaho prosecutors. A statement by Coeur d'Alene city attorneys called the taunts racist and misogynistic but said they were protected speech, so Anthony Myers' conduct was...

These Are the Best US States
These Are the
Best US States

These Are the Best US States

And, by extension, the bottom-feeders

(Newser) - Because there's nothing quite like saying na-na-na-na-boo-boo at your neighbor, US News & World Report is out with its annual rankings of the best states in the union. The survey took a look at 71 metrics in eight categories that included health care, education, natural environment, opportunity, economy, crime...

Victim's Family Reacts to Kohberger's Alibi

'We feel even more confident in the prosecution,' says family of Kaylee Goncalves

(Newser) - Relief might seem like a strange response from a murder victim's family to the alleged killer sharing details of his alibi . But that's what the family of Kaylee Goncalves, one of four University of Idaho students found murdered in a Moscow home in 2022, felt upon learning the...

Kohberger Wasn't Near Scene of Idaho Slayings: Lawyers

Defense team gets more specific on the alibi for suspect in Idaho slayings

(Newser) - The man accused of the brutal murders of four University of Idaho students in 2022 was nowhere near the scene of the crime when it took place, according to a new court filing from his defense team. Bryan Kohberger's lawyers put forward this alibi last year , and the new...

Serial Record-Breaker Just Logged an Excruciating One

David Rush balances lawn mower on chin for 9 minutes, 17 seconds to earn latest Guinness honor

(Newser) - David Rush , the man who calls himself "one of the most prolific Guinness World Records title holders on the planet," now has a new notch in his world record belt. "My neck seared with pain. My back hurt, my eyes watered, and my legs shook,"...

Woman, 85, Kills Intruder in Shootout While Cuffed to Chair

'Her grit, determination, and will to live appear to be what saved her that night'

(Newser) - It was a textbook case of justifiable homicide and "one of the most heroic acts of self-preservation I have ever heard of," a county prosecutor in Idaho wrote Tuesday, describing how an 85-year-old woman managed to kill her attacker despite being handcuffed and shot herself during a home...

Prosecutor: Chad Daybell Called His Foes 'Zombies'

Idaho man goes on trial for murders of Tammy Daybell, Joshua Vallow, and Tylee Ryan

(Newser) - In their opening statements Wednesday, prosecutors characterized Chad Daybell as crafting an alternate reality so he could fulfill "his desire for sex, money, and power. When he had a chance at what he considered his rightful destiny, he made sure no person and no law would stand in his...

FBI: Idaho Teen Hatched 'Truly Horrific' Pro-ISIS Plot

Alexander Mercurio charged with planning attack on local churches

(Newser) - An 18-year-old planned to storm at least one church in Idaho, "killing as many people as possible" in the name of the Islamic State, according to authorities, who say they intervened to stop him just in time. Investigators arrested Alexander Mercurio on Saturday, a day before he intended to...

Cops Name Suspect Who Aided Idaho Escape
Police: Idaho Inmate,
Accomplice Are in Custody

Police: Idaho Inmate, Accomplice Are in Custody

Nicholas Umphenour allegedly shot 2 officers at Boise hospital

(Newser) - An Idaho prison gang member and his accomplice, the subjects of a regional search since an ambush and escape early Wednesday from a Boise hospital, have been taken into custody, police said. Skylar Meade, the escapee, and Nicholas Umphenour were captured about 2pm Thursday in the Twin Falls area, about...

Idaho Abandons Execution Attempt After an Hour

Lawyers say they're angered, but not surprised that state 'botched' execution of Thomas Creech

(Newser) - On Wednesday, Idaho attempted to carry out its first execution in almost 12 years . It did not go smoothly. Prison officials say the attempt to execute 73-year-old serial killer Thomas Eugene Creech by lethal injection was abandoned after almost an hour because the medical team was unable to establish an...

One of Longest-Serving Death Row Inmates Set to Die Today

Thomas Eugene Creech has been imprisoned since 1974

(Newser) - The hour of Thomas Eugene Creech's death has been set, and it is rapidly approaching. On Wednesday morning, Idaho prison officials will ask the 73-year-old if he would like a mild sedative to help calm him before his execution at the Idaho Maximum Security Institution south of Boise. Then,...

3 Killed, 9 Hurt in Boise Hangar Collapse
Collapse at Boise Airport Kills 3

Collapse at Boise Airport Kills 3

9 others injured, 5 critically when hangar under construction folds

(Newser) - A hangar under construction on the grounds of the airport in Boise, Idaho, collapsed Wednesday, killing three people and injuring another nine, officials said. Five of those injured in the collapse are in critical condition, the city said in a statement released Wednesday night. Authorities responded at about 5pm to...

Retiring Soon? Consider These States

Florida comes in first in WalletHub's rankings; Kentucky is last

(Newser) - Whether you're nearing retirement age or simply planning way ahead, where you ultimately stick out your golden years can make a big difference in how you live those years, and how much it affects your pocketbook. WalletHub looked at all 50 states, using nearly four dozen metrics in three...

Biden Slams SCOTUS Decision on Idaho Abortion Ban

High court says state can enforce ban, even in medical emergencies, until legal fight resolves

(Newser) - The Supreme Court on Friday allowed Idaho to enforce its strict abortion ban, even in medical emergencies, while a legal fight continues. The justices said they would hear arguments in April and put on hold a lower court ruling that had blocked the Idaho law in hospital emergencies, based on...

Our Love of Pizza Is Taking a Toll on US Groundwater

'New York Times' explains how farmers need irrigated crops to feed all those cows; same with chickens

(Newser) - A previous New York Times investigation revealed that America's groundwater is being depleted at a fast rate all around the country. A new story in the Times explains how Americans' love of cheese and chicken is a big reason why. Consider first the broad shift in our diets: The...

Woman Missing 4 Days Found in 'Miracle' at Canyon Floor

72-year-old Penny Clark of Idaho rescued Saturday near Melba

(Newser) - For four long days, 72-year-old Penny Clark sat with her damaged car, which had traveled some 200 yards into a canyon, unable to climb out. Thankfully, she was discovered Saturday after two campers spotted the vehicle near the Canyon County village of Melba and called police, believing it might be...

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