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Nude Pics Aren&#39;t Me: Blake Lively

 Nude Pics 
 Aren't Me: 
 Blake Lively 
but hacker releases more

Nude Pics Aren't Me: Blake Lively

She threatens to sue over publication

(Newser) - Gossip Girl star Blake Lively says a series of circulating nude pictures are not her, and she's threatening to sue outlets publishing the photos. The photos were first released (then yanked) on Perez Hilton's gossip website . They show a blonde strongly resembling Lively taking cellphone shots of herself...

Did Ryan Reynolds Get Too Lively for Scarlett?

Gossip Girl canoodling may have broken up marriage

(Newser) - The surprise announcement that Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds are ending their marriage may be linked to sparks between Reynolds and saucy Gossip Girl Blake Lively on the set of their recent movie. "Everything wasn’t exactly up to wedding vow snuff" with 34-year-old Ry and Lively "canoodling"...

Michelle Obama, Carey Mulligan, Lady Gaga, and More: Vogue's 2010 Best Dressed List
 Vogue's 10 Best Dressed 

Vogue's 10 Best Dressed

Actresses, models, even the first lady makes the list

(Newser) - Vogue honors 10 ladies who are "rewriting the rules" of fashion in its 2010 Best Dressed list. The honorees:
  • Blake Lively
  • Marion Cotillard
  • Michelle Obama
  • Jessica Biel

Katy Perry Is Maxim 's Hottest
 Katy Perry Is Maxim's Hottest 
the 2010 hot 100

Katy Perry Is Maxim's Hottest

Singer replaces last year's No. 1, Olivia Wilde

(Newser) - Katy Perry tops Maxim’s Hot 100 this year, causing a few bloggers to say, “Really?” The mag justifies its somewhat uncharacteristic choice by explaining that Perry “is the best friend you suddenly realize you’ve loved your whole life. The rad chick who taught you how to...

How Much Is That Celeb in the Front Row?
 How Much Is That 
 Celeb in the Front Row? 

How Much Is That Celeb in the Front Row?

The hotter the star, the more they get paid to be there

(Newser) - Think those big-name celebs you see in the front row at fashion show after fashion show are just into clothes? Well, they might be, but they're also getting paid big bucks to be there, Fashionista reports. How much? It depends on their star power.
  • A-listers like Rihanna and Beyonce can

Meet Blake Lively, the Next Big Thing
 Meet Blake Lively, 
 the Next Big Thing 

Meet Blake Lively, the Next Big Thing

Gossip Girl actress poised for success in film

(Newser) - Blake Lively is poised to become a bonafide star, and Ryan D'Agostino thinks he may have scored the last-ever interview with the real her, as she bakes him a pie while discussing her blossoming career. Another person wants his early associations with the Gossip Girl made known, too: Ben Affleck,...

SNL Tiger Sketch a Bit Sketchy
 SNL Tiger Sketch 
 a Bit Sketchy 

SNL Tiger Sketch a Bit Sketchy

Host Blake Lively not awful, Rihanna scores with 'Shy Ronnie'

(Newser) - Domestic violence does not comedy make, and the folks over at Popeater aren't laughing at Saturday Night Live's sketch lampooning Tiger Woods and his golf-club-wielding wife, Elin Nordegren—particularly with musical guest "Rihanna on board, we wonder if a domestic violence gag was in especially poor taste," staffers...

Blake Lively, Serial Boob Flaunter

The Gossip Girl star's hair isn't her only asset

(Newser) - Diane Keaton had her pantsuits, Lisa Lopez had her condom glasses, Kriss Kross had their backwards pants…and Blake Lively has her boobs. The Gossip Girl’s long blond locks get a lot of attention, “but the assets Lively flaunts most flamboyantly are not on her head: They're on...

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