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Bakery Accepts John Oliver's Cake Challenge

After owner missed out on Red Lobster equipment sale, host made an offer

(Newser) - John Oliver is now a cake bear and a bakery in upstate New York that complained about his show Last Week Tonight snapping up equipment from a defunct Red Lobster is set to get some new ovens after all.
  • On his show Sunday, Oliver joked about how Deising's Bakery

John Oliver Isn't the Only Celeb Diving Into Red Lobster
Not Everyone Is Happy With
John Oliver's Red Lobster Stunt
in case you missed it

Not Everyone Is Happy With John Oliver's Red Lobster Stunt

Kingston business owner says he'd hoped to buy equipment from the eatery that Oliver scooped up

(Newser) - John Oliver's acquisition of a Red Lobster in upstate New York had many laughing after Sunday's Last Week Tonight segment on it, but not everyone appreciated the stunt. Per News 12 , Eric Deising, owner of Deising's Bakery in Kingston, near where Oliver's new purchase is located,...

Red Lobster Fans Have a New Hero in John Oliver

'Last Week Tonight' host buys all contents of a Red Lobster, including the cheesy biscuits

(Newser) - "John Oliver buys a Red Lobster in upstate New York" probably isn't a headline you expected, but the Last Week Tonight host has made that a reality. The seafood restaurant chain recently filed for Chapter 11 , and a Red Lobster in Kingston, New York, was among dozens to...

John Oliver Offers to Pay Clarence Thomas $1M a Year

But only if the Supreme Court justice steps down; Oliver swears he has a legal contract

(Newser) - John Oliver's HBO show returned for a new season on Sunday, and the host closed with a doozy of an offer for Clarence Thomas: Oliver promised to pay him $1 million a year to resign from the Supreme Court, reports Deadline . Oliver pulled out a contract and promised the...

John Oliver Wrecked New Zealand's Bird of the Century Competition
New Zealand Was
Having a Nice Bird
Contest. Then
Came John Oliver

New Zealand Was Having a Nice Bird Contest. Then Came John Oliver

'Last Week Tonight' host wins with his viral campaign to get puking bird voted 'Bird of the Century'

(Newser) - Comedian John Oliver has succeeded in his campaign to have what he describes as a weird, puking bird with a colorful mullet win New Zealand's Bird of the Century contest. As the AP reports, he even managed to elbow out the iconic national bird, the kiwi. Conservation group Forest...

Kimmel, Colbert, Fallon, Oliver, Meyers Just Teamed Up

Profits from podcast 'Strike Force Five' will go to their staffs, who are idled by Hollywood strike

(Newser) - Late-night hosts Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, John Oliver, and Seth Meyers have teamed up in a new podcast called "Strike Force Five" —named after their personal text chain. Because their respective shows have been dark since the Writers Guild of America went on strike in May,...

In One Week, Late Night Could Take a Hard Hit

Looming Hollywood writers strike will affect talk shows, 'SNL' first if deal isn't reached by May 1

(Newser) - May 1 is the deadline for Hollywood writers, represented by the Writers Guild of America, to reach a contract agreement with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, and if no such deal is struck, the late-night TV arena will be the first to say goodbye to new episodes,...

Man Gives Nazi Salute at Michigan School Board Meeting

It followed another in Pennsylvania

(Newser) - An audience member was booted Tuesday from a school board meeting in Birmingham, Mich., where an indoor mask mandate was passed, after giving a Nazi salute. Suzanne Busdiecker had joined a friend at the podium at the Birmingham Public Schools board meeting as the friend spoke in support of the...

John Oliver Challenges Cheerios to Drop F-Bomb
John Oliver Goes on
a Cereal Rant

John Oliver Goes on a Cereal Rant

Challenges Cheerios to drop an F-bomb

(Newser) - Late night host John Oliver has a big issue with ... breakfast cereals. In a web exclusive video , the Last Week Tonight host ranted about the tendency of cereal brands to deliver "empty nonsense" and meaningless "positivity" jargon in their ad campaigns and on social media. "No one...

John Oliver Segment Gets the Attention of Local News Outlets

Television station groups say they will review procedures after segment

(Newser) - John Oliver on Sunday night delved into the topic of local news and its questionable use of sponsored content—and apparently, the Last Week Tonight segment was quite effective. Two station groups Deadline describes as "major" say they will review their stations' use of sponsored content in response to...

John Oliver Roasts Andrew Cuomo
John Oliver
Points Out
'Pretty Weird'
Cuomo Habit
the rundown

John Oliver Points Out 'Pretty Weird' Cuomo Habit

Governor, now mired in scandals, mimics his father in quoting a fictional AJ Parkinson

(Newser) - The scandals just keep coming for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and the governor is getting no sympathy from John Oliver. On his latest HBO show , Oliver rips into Cuomo over allegations that he sexually harassed two women, covered up COVID deaths at nursing homes , and threatened a state lawmaker...

Late Night Blasts Ted Cruz Photo Op
Late Night Blasts
Ted Cruz Photo Op

Late Night Blasts Ted Cruz Photo Op

'Most people just drove away when he tried showing them his vacation photos'

(Newser) - Late-night hosts who were on vacation during Ted Cruz's Cancun trip last week couldn't have been happier with the Texas senator's weekend photo op. Cruz had shared photos showing him meeting with first responders and putting water in people's vehicles with the hashtag #TexasStrong, which only...

Pringles Mascot Gets a Body Thanks to John Oliver

And Feeding America gets $20K

(Newser) - John Oliver has spent more time than anyone really should spend wondering what the body of the Pringles mascot looks like. He discussed some possibilities before Last Week Tonight went on hiatus, per the Hollywood Reporter , then released a web exclusive video on Sunday in which he showcased viewers' drawings...

John Oliver's Sewage Wish Comes True

Connecticut city names facility after him

(Newser) - It's official. Every time residents of Danbury, Connecticut, flush, they will be sending their special deliveries to the John Oliver Memorial Sewer Plant, per the AP . The City Council voted 18-1 Thursday night to rename the sewage plant after the comedian, who began a tongue-in-cheek battle with Danbury when...

John Oliver Chides Connecticut City for Chickening Out

Says he'll give $55K to charity if Danbury gives sewage plant his name

(Newser) - Comedian John Oliver upped the stakes in a tongue-in-cheek spat with a Connecticut city, offering to donate $55,000 to charity if officials follow through on a joke to name its sewage treatment plant after him . Mayor Mark Boughton said last week that Danbury was going to rename the facility...

Sewage Plant Named After HBO Host 'Because It's Full of Crap'

Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton wasn't exactly complimenting John Oliver

(Newser) - A Connecticut town's officials are showing comedian John Oliver what they think about his expletive-filled rant about their city—they're naming the local sewage treatment plant after him, the AP reports. Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton announced the tongue-in-cheek move in a video posted on his Facebook page on...

John Oliver Wants to Help the USPS. So Now ... Stamps

'Last Week Tonight' launches branded stamp set to raise money for beleaguered agency

(Newser) - John Oliver is worked up about the current financial struggles of the US Postal Service —so his show has launched what Mashable calls a "glorious stamp collection" featuring Bolivian zebras, Mr. Nutterbutter the giant squirrel , and Japanese mascot Chiijohn. On Sunday's Last Week Tonight , Oliver reported that...

John Oliver Hosted a 'Definitely Weird' Show on Sunday

HBO host says this was the week coronavirus went from 'an abstraction to a very real threat' in US

(Newser) - Late-night TV shows have nixed studio audiences or canceled production altogether during the novel coronavirus outbreak, and John Oliver noted how bizarre it all was during his own Sunday night broadcast. In a special episode of HBO's Last Week Tonight—aired from an unknown studio, with its host sitting...

John Oliver Has Movie Analogy to Explain Boris Johnson

He's like a bumbling Hugh Grant in a rom-com, says Oliver. The problem is, this is not a movie

(Newser) - John Oliver returned to his HBO show from a short hiatus Sunday to deliver what Mashable describes as a "truly savage and clinical takedown" of new British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. See the full video here , in which Oliver warns succinctly that "Britain is f-----." Johnson comes...

John Oliver Robocalls FCC About Robocalls

HBO host hopes to get commissioners' attention about the problem

(Newser) - John Oliver cannot understand why the FCC won't stop illegal, spammy robocalls, and he unleashed some poetic justice on his HBO show Sunday night. His staff created its own robocall message and began robocalling all five FCC commissioners, including agency chief Ajit Pai, reports Deadline . (You can see the...

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