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CDC Finds Source of Decade-Long Listeria Outbreak

Rizo-Lopez Foods recalls more than 60 products

(Newser) - A California cheese and dairy company is the source of a decade-long outbreak of listeria food poisoning that killed two people and sickened more than two dozen, federal health officials said Tuesday. New lab and inspection evidence linked soft cheeses and other dairy products made by Rizo-Lopez Foods of Modesto,...

3 Die After Drinking Fast-Food Milkshakes

Listeria outbreak after ice cream machines at Washington state Frugals allegedly not cleaned properly

(Newser) - A listeria outbreak that killed three people and sickened three others has been linked to fast-food milkshakes in Washington state. Authorities say the ice cream machines at a Tacoma Frugals restaurant were not properly cleaned, and the foodborne bacteria was found inside the machines after the illnesses were reported, KOMO...

CDC Links Ice Cream Brand to Deadly Listeria Outbreak

The CDC's investigation is ongoing, but one brand in particular caught their attention

(Newser) - The CDC has linked a deadly listeria outbreak to an ice cream company in Florida. Per the Wall Street Journal, the outbreak has killed one person and sickened at least 22 others. It dates back to early 2021; however, 16 of the cases occurred this year, including 10 since March....

Listeria Outbreak Hits 3 States
Listeria Outbreak Hits 3 States

Listeria Outbreak Hits 3 States

Listeriosis can get worse if it moves to the nervous system

(Newser) - A listeria outbreak has hit 10 people across 3 states—apparently all sickened after eating deli meat, per Consumer Reports . The Centers for Disease Control hasn't identified a supplier, retailer, or brand yet, but nine of the victims said they had eaten Italian-style meats like prosciutto or mortadella bought...

Ex-Blue Bell Chief Indicted in Listeria Case

Paul Kruse is accused of trying to cover up 2015 outbreak

(Newser) - In 2015, three people died and seven others were infected in four states in a listeria outbreak tied to Blue Bell Creameries ice cream. Now, a Texas grand jury has charged the former CEO and president of the company, accusing him of leading attempts to conceal the contamination. CNN Business...

Listeria Outbreak Linked to Mushrooms Takes 4 Lives

Enoki mushrooms from Korea are being recalled over the outbreak

(Newser) - Do not eat enoki mushrooms from Sun Hong Foods. That's the message from the FDA , which says the company is recalling the mushrooms in question due to a listeria outbreak that has killed four people (in California, Hawaii, and New Jersey) and hospitalized 30 others. The outbreak also resulted...

Hard-Boiled Eggs Linked to Listeria Outbreak

CDC warns retailers, consumers about bulk eggs sold in pails by Almark Foods of Georgia

(Newser) - The CDC is linking a deadly listeria outbreak in multiple states to hard-boiled eggs from an Almark Foods plant in Georgia. For those worried about getting sick, however, the warning is tricky. It involves eggs sold in bulk mainly to food-service operators, stores, and restaurants, meaning they might turn up...

Nationwide Veggie Recall Now Includes Target, Walmart

Listeria was detected in sample from Calif. supplier

(Newser) - Salad mixes and other "minimally processed" vegetable products from a California supplier have been recalled at outlets across the US out of what Mann Packing says is an "abundance of caution." The supplier voluntarily recalled the products, which have "best if used by" dates of Oct....

Company Relocating After Massive Burrito Recall

Suspect burritos were sold in 4 states

(Newser) - A New Mexico company that recalled more than 252,000 pounds of frozen burritos because of possible listeria contamination says it's relocating. Green Chile Concepts LLC says it will start making food products at its new manufacturing plant starting Monday in a long-planned move. The US Department of Agriculture...

Blue Bell Recalls More Ice Cream
For Blue Bell, a Deja Vu Recall

For Blue Bell, a Deja Vu Recall

Two flavors may be contaminated with listeria

(Newser) - Blue Bell is now about as synonymous with listeria as it is with ice cream—and apparently for good reason. Following a listeria outbreak last year and the discovery of the bacteria at one of its facilities in January, the company says it's voluntarily recalling two ice cream flavors...

Clif Bars Recalled Over Listeria Fears

Possibly tainted sunflower kernels have led to approximately 40 recalls since May

(Newser) - Clif Bar is recalling three of its products over concerns they're contaminated with listeria from tainted sunflower kernels, Fortune reports. People shouldn't eat Mojo Mountain trail mix bars, Sierra Trail Mix energy bars, and Nuts & Seeds energy bars with best-by dates between this month and 2017. It'...

Massive Recall Covers Food Sold as Long Ago as 2014

It affects consumers across North America

(Newser) - Authorities are warning people to check their freezers—for food bought as far back as 2014. It's one of the largest food recalls in recent memory, affecting well over 400 products from CRF Frozen Foods in Pasco, Wash., sold under more than 40 different brand names in all 50...

1 Dead in Listeria Outbreak Tied to Packaged Lettuce

Some Dole salads are recalled

(Newser) - Packaged salads produced at a Dole facility in Ohio are linked to one death in Michigan, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Friday. The CDC said 12 people in six states have been hospitalized in the outbreak since July after eating salads sold under the names Dole, Fresh...

Listeria Found at Blue Bell—Again

The DOJ just launched an investigation into the ice cream maker last week

(Newser) - Only a week after the US Justice Department announced it was investigating Blue Bell Creameries over a fatal listeria outbreak last spring, the ice cream maker revealed the bacteria had again been found in one of its facilities, Reuters reports. Blue Bell stopped production and issued a mass recall in...

DOJ Opens Criminal Investigation Into Ice Cream Maker

Blue Bell linked to three fatal listeria cases last year

(Newser) - The US Department of Justice has launched a criminal investigation into ice-cream-maker Blue Bell after its frozen treats were linked to 10 listeria cases—three of them fatal—last year, CNN reports. According to the Wall Street Journal , prosecutors are looking into what Blue Bell executives knew about the listeria...

Ex Blue Bell Workers Detail Gross Plant Conditions

Dripping vents, slimy cardboard sleeves, and more

(Newser) - The Houston Chronicle spoke to 14 ex-employees at Blue Bell's flagship plant in Texas, and they tell truly disturbing stories of conditions at the plant where listeria-contaminated ice cream treats were produced. Some of the details:
  • Even after one machine had been cleaned, what the Chronicle calls a "

Don't Wash Your Spinach? You May Not Want to Read This

Even if you do wash, bad news for you

(Newser) - If you don't wash the pre-washed spinach you buy from the store, you may want to stop reading. Actually, even if you do wash your spinach, you still may want to stop here. According to new findings by food safety researchers out of the University of California, Riverside , bacteria...

Blue Bell 'Crankin' Out Ice Cream' Again

Ala. plant gets all-clear from health officials

(Newser) - Blue Bell can resume production and sale of ice cream manufactured at its Alabama plant, the state's Department of Public Health says. An inspection found that Blue Bell's creamery in Sylacauga, Alabama, meets all state public health standards, and the finding leaves no state objection to resumed production...

Enter the Black Market for Blue Bell Ice Cream

You may be able to find it on Craigslist

(Newser) - Drugs and weapons, sure. What you don't expect to find on the black market: ice cream. After a listeria outbreak forced Blue Bell to recall its ice cream products, however, a black market for the items has indeed sprung up online, ABC News reports. A pint of the brand'...

FDA: Blue Bell Knew About Deadly Bug in 2013

Company failed to change procedures after listeria detected

(Newser) - Blue Bell Creameries could have done a lot more to prevent a deadly listeria outbreak, according to newly released Food and Drug Administration reports. The company knew about a serious listeria problem at one of its production plants years before an outbreak linked to the company's products killed three...

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