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Snakes on a Plane Became Real Life on This Flight
Pilot Who Felt 'Cool Sensation'
on Back Made Terrifying Find
in case you missed it

Pilot Who Felt 'Cool Sensation' on Back Made Terrifying Find

Highly venomous cape cobra had slithered its way onto the plane

(Newser) - A cobra encounter is nerve-wracking no matter where it takes place, but we imagine it's worse when trapped in a small plane 11,000 feet high in the sky. That was the plight earlier this week of a South African pilot and his passengers when he was confronted by...

There's a Deadly King Cobra Loose at a Swedish Zoo

'Houdini' is venomous but not aggressive, terrarium director says

(Newser) - Anyone planning a visit to Stockholm's Skansen Aquarium will be out of luck, at least until the staff is able to wrangle an eight-foot king cobra that escaped on Saturday, according to the Local. The zoo's director, Jonas Wahlstrom, told reporters the snake has been dubbed "Houdini"...

On 2nd Try, He Killed Wife With a Snake
Man Found Guilty
of Killing His Wife
With a Cobra
in case you missed it

Man Found Guilty of Killing His Wife With a Cobra

Sooraj Kumar receives rare double life sentence in India

(Newser) - A man convicted of killing his wife by forcing a venomous cobra to bite her has received a rare double life sentence in India. Police determined Sooraj Kumar had twice used snakes in an attempt to kill his 25-year-old wife Uthra, succeeding on the second attempt. Uthra, mother to a...

Escaped Spitting Cobra Captured With Glue Traps

Police in Raleigh say it is now in state custody

(Newser) - Raleigh residents no longer have to fear encountering an escaped cobra capable of blinding them with venom from nine feet away. An escaped spitting zebra cobra on the loose since Monday was captured in a home Wednesday night and was in state custody Thursday, the News & Observer reports. Police...

If You See This Snake in NC, Don't Go Near It—Call 911

Police are on the lookout in Raleigh for an escaped zebra cobra

(Newser) - If you're out for a jog or walking your dog in Raleigh today, you might want to steer clear of the Brittany Woods neighborhood. WRAL reports that residents there "are waking up to another day of anxiety" after police reported that a highly toxic zebra cobra is on...

His Pet Cobra Bit Him. Then, the Scramble for Antivenom Began

Generic antivenom initially given to victim didn't work

(Newser) - A Michigan man's pet cobra bit him earlier this month, setting off a multistate hunt for the specific type of antivenom needed to save the man. The 26-year-old started vomiting about 20 minutes after being bit by the albino monocled cobra July 14; their venom is one of the...

He Trained Firemen to Catch Snakes. A Snake Killed Him

Malaysian 'Snake Whisperer' Abu Zarin Hussin dies just days after trying to catch a cobra

(Newser) - Just a few days after being bitten by a cobra, Malaysia's famous "Snake Whisperer" has died. The Star and Free Malaysia Today report that 33-year-old firefighter Abu Zarin Hussin was attacked by the snake earlier this week in Betong while trying to catch it, and he was rushed...

Feds Seize King Cobras Hidden in Potato Chip Cans

Alleged smuggler could get 20 years

(Newser) - A man was arrested on federal smuggling charges Tuesday after customs officers intercepted a shipment with three live king cobras hidden inside potato chip canisters that were being mailed to his California home, US prosecutors say. Rodrigo Franco, 34, faces a felony count of illegally importing merchandise into the US,...

Cobra Escapes, Is on the Loose in Florida

Pet snake escaped from its room

(Newser) - If you're in the area around Ocala, Fla., watch out: A pet cobra escaped from its home Monday night and a search has been launched. Per First Coast News , police and the state Fish and Wildlife Commission are urging residents to "use caution" until the 2-foot-long snake is...

Ignoring Cobra Bite, Pop Star Sings to Her Death
 Ignoring Cobra Bite, 
 Pop Star Sings 
 to Her Death 

Ignoring Cobra Bite, Pop Star Sings to Her Death

Irma Bule sang for 45 minutes after deadly snakebite

(Newser) - An Indonesian pop star known for dancing with snakes was bitten by a king cobra during a concert on Sunday and kept on singing until she collapsed and later died. Irma Bule, 29—famous in the Dangdut genre of Indonesian folk music, per Mashable —often included pythons, cobras, and...

Texas Teen Committed Suicide by Cobra
 Texas Teen 
 Suicide by 

Texas Teen Committed Suicide by Cobra

Grant Thompson allowed monocled cobra to bite him: autopsy

(Newser) - Authorities say a young pet-store staffer in Texas committed suicide with help from a cobra. Grant Thompson, 18, was found in cardiac arrest inside his car in a North Austin parking lot on July 14. An autopsy report, obtained by the Austin American-Statesman , shows Thompson suffered "multiple separate bites"...

Missing King Cobra Found Under Neighbor's Dryer

10-foot snake is back with his owners

(Newser) - Elvis is back in the building. Elvis, in this case, being the missing king cobra snake that was returned to its owner's home near Orlando after being on the loose for more than a month. A woman who lives about a half-mile from owner (and Discovery Channel reality star...

Reality Star's Deadly King Cobra Is on the Loose

'I'm going to go load my guns'

(Newser) - The star of a Discovery Channel reality show is hoping his Florida neighbors will keep an eye out for his lost pet, WESH reports. Oh, it should be mentioned his lost pet is an 8-foot-long king cobra with enough venom to kill an elephant with one bite. "It's...

LA Suburb on Lookout for Runaway Cobra

The white snake bit a dog in Thousands Oaks

(Newser) - Residents of Thousand Oaks, Calif., are being advised to keep their pets indoors for the creepiest of reasons: a cobra is on the loose in the neighborhood. Specifically, it's an albino monacled cobra, and authorities are sure of it because the snake bit a greyhound and the dog's...

Driver Busted With 53 Cobras: Cops

Their meat is a delicacy in Vietnam

(Newser) - A driver in Vietnam was arrested over some unusual cargo. His car was slithering with snakes—53 cobras in green sacks, to be specific, police say. The driver reported being paid less than $50 to haul the animals, whose meat is a delicacy in the country, the AP reports. If...

Farmer Bites Snake to Death
 Farmer Bites Snake to Death 

Farmer Bites Snake to Death

Fangs a lot, says cobra

(Newser) - That's one gutsy farmer. A Nepalese man bitten by a cobra in his rice paddy turned the tables on the creature and repeatedly bit the snake. "A snake charmer told me that if a snake bites you, bite it until it is dead and nothing will happen to...

Bronx Zoo Cobra Found ... Sorta

It's on Twitter, but it could take weeks to locate it in real life

(Newser) - The Egyptian cobra missing from the Bronx Zoo has been found ... on Twitter . And apparently she's a big fan of Tina Fey ("OMG! Tina Fey totally just walked by me! HUUUUGE FAN!") and Dancing With the Stars ("Want to watch Ralph Macchio go down for what...

Guess What's Loose at the Bronx Zoo?!

A very deadly Egyptian cobra that someone might want to put back in a cage

(Newser) - So the Bronx Zoo seems to have misplaced a pesky little thing we like to call a very deadly, aggressive Egyptian cobra, reports the New York Post. The 20-inch adolescent went missing yesterday, and workers who scoured all the likely places it would hide still haven't found it, reports the...

House Sealed After Pet Cobra Vanishes

Baby snake becomes most expensive missing pet in history

(Newser) - A German house has been sealed off for two months while authorities wait for a missing cobra to starve. The house was ripped apart last week when an amateur snake handler, 19, reported his pet missing. Authorities found no trace of the cobra, despite installing cameras and trying to trap...

How Nicolas Cage Really Went Broke
How Nicolas Cage Really Went Broke

How Nicolas Cage Really Went Broke

Actor 'spent money like it was water,' friends say

(Newser) - Nicolas Cage’s money woes aren’t all his money manager’s fault. Cage “lived like a sheik,” a friend tells the Daily Beast . “Spent money like it was water.” Here’s a sample of what he spent it on:
  • More than a dozen homes, including

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