John Jones

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Utah Cave to Be Sealed with Man's Body Inside

Recovering body from Nutty Putty cave too dangerous

(Newser) - The cave where a spelunker died this week is to be permanently sealed off with his body inside, officials say. John Jones, a 26-year-old med student, died after being stuck in Utah's Nutty Putty cave for 28 hours and police say it will be too dangerous to recover his body....

Caver Who Died Stayed in 'Good Spirits'

Nutty Putty crevice was the site of successful rescues in 2004

(Newser) - The spelunker who died after being stuck upside-down in a Utah cave for 28 hours became wedged in exactly the same spot where two others had gotten stuck in recent years. In those cases, both in 2004, rescuers saved the trapped explorers. "Caving isn't generally considered to be a...

2 Stories