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Jack Dorsey Has Beef With Meta's Threads

Co-founder complains that Meta just ripped off his creation

(Newser) - There are legions of people bemoaning Mark Zuckerberg's new "Twitter killer" app (and millions of others signing on to it at a dizzying rate ), Threads , and one of them is predictably Jack Dorsey. The co-founder and former CEO of aforementioned Twitter griped about Meta ripping off his...

Former Twitter CEO Says He Endorses RFK Jr.

Candidate's Twitter Spaces chat was relatively glitch-free

(Newser) - Robert F. Kennedy Jr. appears to be the man of the moment for Twitter CEOs past and present. Former CEO Jack Dorsey endorsed the presidential candidate on Sunday after tweeting a video of him telling a Fox interviewer that he could beat Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis if he wins...

Jack Dorsey Isn't Happy With Elon Musk's Twitter

Dorsey believes Musk should've backed out of the deal

(Newser) - Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey once believed Elon Musk was on a "mission to extend the light of consciousness" through the Tesla billionaire's purchase of the social media giant. In recent comments made on his Bluesky Twitter clone, reports the Washington Post , Dorsey executed a sharp pullback. TechCrunch excerpted...

Jack Dorsey Loses $526M in Single Day
Jack Dorsey
Loses $526M
in One Day

Jack Dorsey Loses $526M in One Day

It's his biggest single-day plunge since May

(Newser) - Within hours of a scathing report from short seller Hindenburg Research accusing Jack Dorsey's company Block of inflating its user numbers and ignoring fraud, among other things, Dorsey's net worth had taken a $526 million nosedive, per NDTV , which cites the Bloomberg Billionaires Index . The 11% plunge left...

Scathing Report Accuses Jack Dorsey of Fraud

Short seller Hindenburg says his Block mobile payment company has inflated user numbers

(Newser) - Earlier this year, the short seller Hindenburg Research accused an Indian conglomerate of shady business practices and caused its stock to plunge. On Thursday, Hindenburg was giving the same treatment to Jack Dorsey, the former CEO of Twitter who now runs the mobile payment company Block. Hindenburg says Block, formerly...

Dorsey: Twitter Mistakes Were 'My Fault Alone'

He condemns attacks on former colleagues, says files should have been released 'Wikileaks-style'

(Newser) - Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey is pushing back—relatively gently—against some of the decisions Elon Musk has made at Twitter, while acknowledging he made mistakes of his own. In a blog post , Dorsey, who stepped down as CEO just over a year ago, set out the principles he now believes...

Jack Dorsey Apologizes to Twitter Employees

Co-founder says he expanded the company too fast

(Newser) - Jack Dorsey tweeted his regrets Saturday for the mass layoffs at Twitter, saying he expanded the company too rapidly. A day after new owner Elon Musk began cutting half of Twitter's workforce, the company's co-founder tweeted a message to the "past and present" staff, CNBC reports. "...

Elon Musk Gives Twitter Investors Hope

As Jack Dorsey leaves the company's board of directors

(Newser) - Jack Dorsey left Twitter's board of directors Wednesday, in a move that had been planned and announced when Dorsey resigned as CEO in November. Dorsey is the last of the social network's founders to cut formal ties with the company, NBC News reports. His term on the board...

Guy Tries to Sell Dorsey NFT for $50M, Gets High Bid of $280

Auction didn't go well for crypto businessman Sina Estavi, who bought Dorsey's first tweet for $2.9M

(Newser) - Update: Some people flip houses; others, NFTs. But for Sina Estavi, his attempt to pull off the latter didn't bring in the return on investment he'd hoped for. Last year, the CEO of blockchain firm Bridge Oracle scooped up the non-fungible token of Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey's...

Goodbye, Square. Hello, Block
Goodbye, Square.
Hello, Block

Goodbye, Square. Hello, Block

Payments company headed up by Jack Dorsey gets a name change

(Newser) - It's been a big week for Jack Dorsey, who announced he's stepping down as CEO of Twitter because "the company is ready to move on from its founders." Now, news on the other firm he heads up, the financial services and payments company Square Inc.: It'...

Jack Dorsey Reportedly Out at Twitter
Jack Dorsey: Yes,
I'm Leaving Twitter

Jack Dorsey: Yes, I'm Leaving Twitter

CEO confirms that he's leaving his post, effective immediately

(Newser) - (Update: This file has been updated throughout with confirmation of early reports.) Jack Dorsey is leaving his role as CEO of Twitter. After CNBC reported the news on Monday, Twitter and Dorsey himself confirmed. "I've decided to leave Twitter because I believe the company is ready to...

Jack Dorsey Got a Warning About Coup ... From a Prince

Prince Harry says he sent Twitter boss an email on Jan. 5, never got a reply

(Newser) - On Jan. 5, Prince Harry sent Jack Dorsey an email. "I warned him his platform was allowing a coup to be staged," the British royal said at the virtual RE:WIRED conference Tuesday. The following day, a mob stormed the US Capitol, and Harry says he never got...

Buyers Bid Millions For Jack Dorsey's First Tweet

Offers for the Twitter co-founder's post have reached $2.5M

(Newser) - Jack Dorsey's first ever tweet is up for auction and bids have reached $2.5 million. You read that right, someone wants to offer about what some Americans might earn in a lifetime for the Twitter co-founder's 2006 message "just setting up my twttr." And it'...

Twitter CEO: Trump Ban Represents a 'Failure'

But Jack Dorsey says it was still the right move

(Newser) - Jack Dorsey mused in a long Twitter thread Wednesday over one question: Was the social media network's banning of President Trump the right move? Ultimately, the Twitter CEO says that it was, because "offline harm as a result of online speech is demonstrably real," and there were...

Twitter's Historic Decision Bucks Strong Currents
Twitter Might Want
to Think This Through

Twitter Might Want to Think This Through

Columnist writes the implications are many, surely, but unclear

(Newser) - Twitter's decision to permanently bar President Trump is in opposition to a decades-long movement to banish media filters. It raises many questions, John Harris writes in Politico , and he poses the first one to Twitter itself: "Are you sure about this?" The implications of Twitter's move aren'...

Senators Grill Tech CEOs Again
Facebook, Twitter CEOs
Face Angry GOP Senators

Facebook, Twitter CEOs Face Angry GOP Senators

Lawmakers accused them of anti-conservative bias

(Newser) - Two social media CEOs appeared for another grilling by a Senate panel Tuesday, with senators from both parties expressing concerns about their content moderation policies. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey appeared remotely at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, where Republican lawmakers accused them of anti-conservative bias,...

Ted Cruz to Twitter CEO: 'Who the Hell Elected You?'

He accuses Dorsey of committing felony

(Newser) - Sen. Ted Cruz gave Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey an earful at a testy Senate Commerce Committee hearing Wednesday. The Republican slammed Dorsey over the company's decision to restrict tweets relating to a controversial New York Post story about Hunter Biden , the Hill reports. "Mr. Dorsey, who the hell...

Senate Panel to Subpoena Twitter CEO Over Biden Story
Widens Over
NY Post Story
on Bidens
the rundown

Controversy Widens Over NY Post Story on Bidens

Senate panel plans to subpoena Twitter CEO over restrictions on story

(Newser) - The controversy over a New York Post story about Joe and Hunter Biden is apparently not going to fade quickly. The Senate Judiciary Committee plans to vote next week to subpoena Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey over the site's decision to restrict tweets and retweets about the story, reports the...

Twitter in 'Very Early Phases' of Building Subscription Model

Jack Dorsey says test version will be out this year

(Newser) - With ad revenues down sharply, Twitter is looking at another way of making money: getting people to pay for using Twitter. CEO Jack Dorsey says the company is in the "very, very early phases of exploring" a subscription plan for the social media site and will likely launch a...

Twitter CEO Announces New Company Holiday 'Forevermore'

Jack Dorsey says Twitter will make Juneteenth an official company holiday for US workers

(Newser) - As company after company puts out ads and sends out emails expressing their support for black Americans in the wake of the killing of George Floyd , Forbes notes that some, especially in the tech world, have been slammed for being all talk, no action. Twitter is looking to separate itself...

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