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Bus Driver's Sweet Snack Has Him in Hot Water

Jinhuan Chen, who blacked out behind wheel, says he didn't know gummies he ate had THC in them

(Newser) - A commercial bus driver has been charged with 38 counts of reckless endangerment after blacking out behind the steering wheel while snacking on gummies he says he didn't know were infused with THC. Jinhuan Chen appeared Tuesday in Bridgeport Superior Court after being arrested at his home in Boston,...

7 Hospitalized After Co-Worker Brings Brownies

Man is fired and arrested after colleagues fall ill at call center in Argentina

(Newser) - Employees at a call center in Argentina began Monday morning with chocolate brownies, brought to work by a colleague. One woman stopped after one bite, Vice reports, saying the brownie didn't taste right. That bite was enough to cause problems. "My body stopped responding, I stopped feeling my...

Thailand Handing Out 1M Free Cannabis Plants

Yes, seriously

(Newser) - Not so unusual: a country legalizing medicinal marijuana . Very unusual: the country giving its citizens cannabis plants so they can grow pot at home. That's what's happening now in Thailand, which in 2018 legalized marijuana for medical research and use. In January, Reuters reported the country decided to...

It's Not a Happy 4/20 for Pot Investors

Lack of progress in DC has crashed stock prices

(Newser) - Today is the annual celebration of cannabis culture, but with legalization efforts stalled in Washington, DC, investors in cannabis companies don't have a lot to celebrate, reports the Wall Street Journal . The value of many well-known marijuana stocks has dropped by more than 50%, and they could fall further...

Malawi Has an Unusual Offer for Mike Tyson

The country wants him as its new cannabis ambassador, but his rape conviction hovers

(Newser) - In "something we weren't expecting" news this week, Mike Tyson has been asked to be an ambassador. Specifically, the cannabis ambassador for the African nation of Malawi, which hopes that the former world heavyweight champ's brand will help bring investors to its nascent medicinal pot industry. "...

Pregnant Moms May Want To Just Say No to Marijuana

Cannabis may lead to more anxious, aggressive children

(Newser) - Moms-to-be may want to lay off the marijuana, or risk having babies more likely to be anxious or exhibit behavioral problems. That's per a study out of Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and the City University of New York, which found that kids of women who ingest...

Illegal Pot Edibles Are Packaged as Name-Brand Snacks

California warns about potent cannabis products: 'These Aren’t Doritos'

(Newser) - California Attorney General Rob Bonta issued a consumer alert Thursday about illegal, potent cannabis edibles for sale that are being packaged to look like snack and candy brands popular with children and teens. The edibles are being sold online and at California unlicensed shops, the AP reports. They often contain...

Users Want Their Cannabis in Edibles, Survey Finds

Most say they'd share them with grandparents

(Newser) - Most users prefer to get their cannabis from a gummy than by smoking, and 60% of them would be fine with passing the bowl to their grandparents, a survey has found. The online survey measured sometimes-changing attitudes toward cannabis from users and nonusers, Forbes reports. As for preferences, there could...

After Olympic Letdown, WADA to Review Controversial Ban

Sha'Carri Richardson lost spot in Tokyo Games due to pot use

(Newser) - Sha'Carri Richardson missed her chance to compete in Tokyo's Summer Olympics due to pot use, but a move by the World Anti-Doping Agency could keep future athletes from meeting the same fate. On Tuesday, WADA announced it will set up an advisory committee to review whether cannabis should...

A Warning for Cannabis Users Under 45
A Warning for
Cannabis Users
Under 45

A Warning for Cannabis Users Under 45

They're almost twice as likely as nonusers to suffer a heart attack, study finds

(Newser) - Heart attacks are significantly more prevalent in US adults under 45 who use cannabis than those who don't, according to researchers, who dispute the idea that cannabis is safe. Their study, published Tuesday in the Canadian Medical Association Journal , looks at the health data of more than 33,000...

Jim Belushi Files for Divorce After 23 Years

The pair almost divorced in 2018, too

(Newser) - Jim Belushi and his wife, Jennifer Sloan, are splitting up. Probably. The comic actor, 67, filed for divorce in Los Angeles Friday from his wife of 23 years, People reports. This is the second filing for the couple. Sloan filed for divorce in 2018, on the 36th anniversary of the...

NFL Star Faces Accusations From Cannabis Company

Lawsuit says Julio Jones and a former teammate sold product without turning the money in

(Newser) - An All-Pro NFL receiver is among those facing allegations of fraud and money laundering by a California cannabis company. Genetixs filed a suit, which seeks damages, accusing Julio Jones and his co-defendants of selling its product since March and pocketing the proceeds, the Tennessean reports, which ran about $3 million...

Study Suggests Link Between Schizophrenia, Cannabis

Danish researchers say cases have gone up as pot becomes more prevalent and potent

(Newser) - A new study out of Denmark shows a link between increased cases of schizophrenia and cannabis use disorder. The study, published in JAMA Psychiatry , notes that both the use and potency of cannabis have gone up in the last 20 years. Cannabis use disorder is not the mere use of...

This Is the Source of All Weed
This Is the Source of All Weed

This Is the Source of All Weed

Study suggests cannabis was first grown in northwest China

(Newser) - Humans have been growing cannabis for 12,000 years, according to new research claiming to pinpoint where the first crops were developed. Scientists writing in Science Advances add 82 whole genomes of cannabis plants to the 28 already sequenced, determining the first Cannabis sativa plant was likely domesticated not in...

Top Democrats Push to Legalize Pot at Federal Level

They're calling for an end to prohibition

(Newser) - Top Senate Democrats have unveiled draft legislation to legalize marijuana, remove federal penalties, and erase nonviolent federal cannabis-related criminal records. The proposal from Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, Senate Finance Committee Chairman Ron Wyden, and Sen. Cory Booker, dubbed the Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act, would remove marijiuana, now fully...

Baron Cohen Sues for $9M Over Borat Billboard

Actor says he's never used cannabis and would never advertise it

(Newser) - Borat creator Sacha Baron Cohen says he doesn't want the character to be used to advertise anything—especially not cannabis, which he says he has never used. The British actor is suing a cannabis company for $9 million over an unauthorized billboard on an interstate highway in Massachusetts featuring...

Sha'Carri Richardson Is Glad She Isn't Perfect

The star sprinter tweeted that she'll be world champion next year

(Newser) - Sha’Carri Richardson is human. The 21-year-old sprinting star won’t get to run the 100-meter race in the Olympics after testing positive for pot, but she’s also not running away from the sport or the spotlight. After acknowledging her mistake and thanking her community for support, she tweeted...

New York's Deal Sets Up $4.2B Recreational Pot Market

Plan includes a social equity component to help people hurt by past practices

(Newser) - New York lawmakers have reached an agreement with Gov. Andrew Cuomo that would make recreational marijuana legal in the state. Officials said the change should help eliminate a longtime inequity—Black and Hispanic people are arrested on minor marijuana charges much more often than white people are—while setting up...

White House Punishes Staffers Over Past Pot Use

Daily Beast reports that dozens were fired, suspended, or made to work remotely

(Newser) - President Biden is no fan of dopers, according to a report from the Daily Beast . The outlet reports "dozens of young White House staffers" have been fired, suspended, asked to resign, or placed in a remote work program because of past marijuana use, even in states where the drug...

Seth Rogen's Favorite Pastime Is Now His Business

Actor launches new cannabis brand, Houseplant, website immediately crashes

(Newser) - Apparently the internet was excited about Seth Rogen's new venture, because the website for Houseplant crashed immediately after the actor launched the cannabis brand Monday. "If you know anything about me at all, I'm going to assume it's that I really love weed," Rogen said...

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