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American Eagle Passengers Saw Something, Said Something

Passenger was briefly detained and released after authorities found no threats

(Newser) - People are on edge. Flying is still safe and we’re not trying to scare you. But there’s no getting around that there’s been a massive uptick in the number of unruly passenger incidents. Way back in August the FAA released a public service announcement asking people to...

Man Allegedly Chokes, Kicks Flight Attendant, Asks to Be Shot

Khalil El Dahr was reportedly angered after an in-flight call didn't go through

(Newser) - A passenger tried to rush the cockpit of a JetBlue flight on Wednesday before kicking and choking a flight attendant, according to an FBI affidavit . The man identified as Khalil El Dahr had become angry after trying unsuccessfully to make a phone call about an hour before the flight from...

Passengers Kicked Off Flight, Rest of Plane Celebrates

Two people were forced to deplane after refusing to mask up properly

(Newser) - Masks are required in airports and on commercial airliners. It’s not just a common-sense guideline to curtail the spread of COVID, it’s a federal law . And it’s not new; the rule has been in place since February . But it still seems to come as a surprise to...

JetBlue Bans Couple After Altercation Over Masks

Male passenger was seen grabbing a flight attendant

(Newser) - JetBlue says it's banned a man and woman who refused to wear masks on a flight last week, after the man got physical with a flight attendant in an incident captured in a viral video . It begins with the maskless man yelling and grabbing the arm of a male...

Unruly Passenger Growls at Flight Crew, Shouts 'Joe Biden'

He had a 'meltdown of racist, sexist, and belligerent comments'

(Newser) - A passenger flying from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City was arrested after what a fellow passenger calls a "complete meltdown of racist, sexist, and belligerent comments." Video shared by Dennis Busch shows the American Airlines passenger swearing at flight crew members, growling, and shouting "Joe Biden?...

United to Crew: Please Don't Duct-Tape Unruly Passengers

Exec says crew members should 'follow de-escalation process'

(Newser) - United Airlines has asked its employees not to reach for the duct tape whenever they have a difficult passenger to deal with. In a recent memo seen by People , Senior Vice President of Inflight Services John Slate reminded crew members that disruptive passengers should not be taped to their seats...

Passengers Taken Off Plane After Teen Sends Gun Pic

The image was of an airsoft gun that wasn't even on a plane

(Newser) - Some passengers on a United flight from San Francisco to Orlando, Florida, got a weird photo on their Apple devices delivered via AirDrop. AirDrop is an Apple feature that lets photos be transmitted short distances, and it’s possible to leave that connection open to the public. A photo of...

Man Accused of Sexually Assaulting Girl, 15, on Plane

Vincent Kopacek, 76, was arrested when he tried to check in for return flight

(Newser) - A 76-year-old man who allegedly sexually assaulted a 15-year-old girl on a flight from Texas to Montana was arrested when he tried to check in for his return flight. Vincent Harry Kopacek allegedly repeatedly groped the girl from the seat behind her window seat before and during the July 8...

Cops: Suicidal Teen Tried to Crash Alaska Plane
Teen Asked If He Could Fly the
Plane, Then Tried to Crash It
in case you missed it

Teen Asked If He Could Fly the Plane, Then Tried to Crash It

State troopers say Jaden Lake-Kameroff grabbed yoke, sent plane into nosedive

(Newser) - State troopers in Alaska say a teenager on a flight Wednesday afternoon asked the pilot if he could fly the small plane—and minutes after the bizarre request was rejected, he tried to crash it. Troopers say 18-year-old Jaden Lake-Kameroff grabbed the yoke of the Cessna Caravan, sending it into...

Airline Industry: Prosecute Disruptive Passengers

Letter asks Justice Department to act, citing increase in cases aboard flights

(Newser) - Airlines, flight attendants, and pilots are calling for the US Justice Department to prosecute unruly and violent passengers. In a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland on Monday, the trade group Airlines for America and unions for pilots and flight crew cited a " substantial increase in and growing escalation...

Southwest Keeps Flights Dry After Passenger Clashes

Alcohol service had been scheduled to resume this summer

(Newser) - Southwest Airlines is delaying serving alcohol again on flights after an increase in incidents of unruly passengers. The airline was planning to resume selling alcohol next month on Hawaii flights and in July on other flights, the AP reports, a move that was questioned by the president of the union...

FAA Has 2.5K Reports of Unruly Fliers This Year

Number of cases is way up this year, and air travel is getting busier

(Newser) - The Federal Aviation Administration said Monday that mask violations account for about 1,900 of the 2,500 unruly passenger reports it has received this year. The agency usually handles 100 to 150 formal cases in a year. The FAA is weighing the allegations, Reuters reports, and said 395 of...

FAA: Told to Mask Up, Passengers Got Physical

Agency issues 4 fines totalling more than $67K

(Newser) - Two travelers are facing a combined $50,000 in fines from the FAA, and not just for their lack of masks. Both are accused of assaulting flight attendants who called them out for their rule-breaking, per the Hill . A female passenger told to don a mask on a Feb. 7...

Frontier: Maskless Fliers, Not Anti-Semitism, Canceled Flight

Flight out of Miami to NYC canceled after Sunday incident with Hasidic Jewish passengers

(Newser) - A chaotic scene on a Frontier Airlines flight before takeoff ended with a group of Hasidic Jews being asked to leave, the entire plane eventually being emptied, and now, accusations of anti-Semitism—all over what the airline says was the group's refusal to wear face masks. The incident took...

FAA Plans $27K Fine, Saying Passenger Hit Flight Attendant

Agency eliminated requirement to issue a warning before issuing penalty

(Newser) - An airline passenger has 30 days to explain why he shouldn't be fined $27,500 for hitting a flight attendant in the face. The Federal Aviation Administration announced its proposed penalty Friday, USA Today reports. The passenger was traveling with someone who refused to wear a mask on a...

Passengers Arrested After Attacking Airline Agents

Clash began over size of carry-on bags

(Newser) - Two agents were injured and two passengers were arrested after a clash at Detroit Metro Airport. The agents had blocked the passengers from boarding a Sunday flight to Atlanta "without authorization," Spirit Airlines said. "This was not a fight," the airline said in a statement. "...

Passengers Help Subdue Threatening Man on Flight

He threatened to kill everyone on Alaska Airlines jet, says airline

(Newser) - An Alaska Airlines flight had to make a quick return to the airport after a passenger began threatening to kill everyone aboard, reports KOMO News . The unruly passenger was eventually subdued by crew members as well as three fellow passengers—one of whom was an off-duty Chicago cop. The incident...

NFL Player: I Was Sexually Assaulted on a United Flight

2 men say attendants ignored their complaints

(Newser) - An NFL player and a second man say they were sexually harassed and assaulted during a late-night flight—and United Airlines flight attendants failed to take their complaints seriously. In a lawsuit filed Monday, the player, identified only as John Doe 1, says he was on a flight from Los...

Cops: Guy Attacked Flight Attendant, Tried to Storm Cockpit

'If he did actually get into that cockpit, Lord knows what would have happened'

(Newser) - Passengers on a flight into New Jersey from DC had a scare as the United Express plane started to land in Newark on Thursday evening, reports NBC New York . Passenger Mike Egbert says that Matthew Dingley got up and went into a "full sprint" toward the cockpit, ramming into...

Unruly Passenger Lit Joint, Yelled 'You're All Screwed!'

Flight had to make emergency landing in Denver

(Newser) - In yet another example of drugs and flying not mixing, a man who told other passengers he had taken cocaine was removed from an American Airlines flight after it made an emergency landing in Denver. Passenger Jim Dickey tells CNN that the man started acting up on the Phoenix to...

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