identical twins

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In Single 5th-Grade, a Record Number of Twins

Highcrest Middle School's 24 sets look to be new Guinness record

(Newser) - Wilmette, Ill., might seriously want to get its water checked: When 11-year-old brothers Luke and Ryan Novosel started scheming on the wacky or weird ways in which they might land in the Guinness Book of World Records, they eventually gave up on loudest burp and found their answer in their...

Texas Woman Births 2 Sets of Identical Twins

Odds of that: One in 70M

(Newser) - A Valentine's Day miracle? A Houston mom brought two sets of identical twins into the world last week—a phenomenon with a one-in-70 million chance of occurring naturally, doctors say. Tressa and Manuel Montalvo used no fertility drugs to conceive the children, they say; before catching a third heartbeat,...

'Inseparable' Twins, 73, Found Dead Together

They had Hollywood past, became recluses

(Newser) - Police in California are trying to unravel the puzzling deaths of identical twin sisters, reports the AP . Patricia and Joan Miller of South Lake Tahoe were entertainers as kids in the 1950s, performing on TV and before the troops, but they turned into recluses for most of the last 40...

Autism Tied to Environment in New Study

But which environmental factors remain a mystery

(Newser) - Burgeoning cases of autism are strongly linked to the environment, researchers have discovered. A study of twins indicates that while genetics plays a role, the environment is a more significant factor. The study used results among both identical and fraternal twins, and a mathematical formula that determined that genetics accounts...

Parents, Stop Working So Hard at ... Parenting

Lighten up, you matter less than you think: Bryan Caplan

(Newser) - Economics professor Bryan Caplan has advice for all those stressed-out parents in the world: Lighten up, you don't matter that much. As the father of twins, Caplan has immersed himself in twin research, which imparts this lesson: "With a few exceptions, the effect of parenting on adult outcomes ranges ...

Jose Canseco Busted Sending Twin to Paid Event

Celebrity Boxing putting 'stop-payment' on the check it gave Ozzie Canseco

(Newser) - Score another one for Jose Canseco's relentless quest to make the entire planet mad at him: This time it's Celebrity Boxing, which discovered on Saturday that the Canseco it paid $10,000 to show up at a match was really Jose's twin brother, Ozzie. The boxing group made the discovery...

Twins Born Seconds Apart, in Different Decades

Florida brothers come into the world near stroke of midnight

(Newser) - A weird quirk of the calendar in a Tampa delivery room: Marcello Velasco was born at 11:59:37pm on New Year's Eve, and his identical brother, Stephano, arrived at 12:00:02. Which means that not only do they have different birthdays, but they arrived in different years and...

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