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Obama Taps Ex-Ohio AG for Consumer Bureau

Elizabeth Warren passed over in hopes of avoiding Senate brawl

(Newser) - Elizabeth Warren is officially out at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: President Obama will tomorrow instead nominate former Ohio AG Richard Cordray to lead the agency, reports the Columbus Dispatch. Cordray is currently the bureau's enforcement director, and Obama will likely dodge the Senate dogfight that would have...

Obama, Stop Snubbing Progressives
Obama, Stop Snubbing Progressives
Paul Krugman

Obama, Stop Snubbing Progressives

This one's easy: Pick Elizabeth Warren

(Newser) - President Obama is having well-documented troubles with progressives , partly because their "sky-high expectations" have collided with political reality, writes Paul Krugman. But the president deserves a fair share of the scorn because of his "consistent snubbing of those who made him what he is." The latest: his...

Ignore Carping: Let Warren Run Consumer Agency

Banks are afraid she's too tough, but she's spot on

(Newser) - Some powerful forces are lining up to ensure that Elizabeth Warren isn’t chosen to head the Consumer Protection Financial Agency, which is absurd, writes David Weidner of the Wall Street Journal , because “there really is no other choice.” Warren invented and championed the whole idea of the...

GOP Focuses on Single Word in Financial Reform Fight

And the bill's offending word is: 'significantly'

(Newser) - Republicans have found another reason to oppose financial reform: They claim it will impose regulations on dentists, florists, and plenty of other small businesses, all because of a single word: “significantly.” The Senate bill states that the Consumer Protection Agency will only regulate those who provide significant consumer...

Dems Get Mojo Back: Here Comes Financial Reform
Dems Get Mojo Back: Here Comes Financial Reform

Dems Get Mojo Back: Here Comes Financial Reform

Suddenly, it looks like smooth sailing for Dodd's bill

(Newser) - Health care has given the White House and Democrats a serious dose of momentum, and it looks as though that will result in easy passage of a stronger-than-expected financial reform bill. Republicans are backing off, and Democrats are sticking together to fend off Wall Street lobbyists who assumed they could...

Dodd to Push Financial Reform Without GOP

He's preparing to introduce the measure Monday

(Newser) - Chris Dodd is preparing to introduce a sweeping bank reform bill on Monday in the Senate without any Republican support. The move comes after months of negotiations with the GOP's Bob Corker, who said the two were on the "5-yard-line" before Dodd got pressure from the White House to...

Krugman on Finance Reform: Go Big, or Go Home
Krugman on Finance Reform: Go Big, or
Go Home

Krugman on Finance Reform: Go Big, or Go Home

No reform better than current Senate bill

(Newser) - Paul Krugman comes out against passing a watered down financial regulatory reform bill today, saying the current Senate bill would provide only a “false sense of security and a fig leaf for politicians opposed to any serious action.” Republicans, driven by bank lobbyists and their strategy of opposing...

Dems May Cave on Consumer Agency
Dems May Cave on Consumer Agency 

Dems May Cave on Consumer Agency

Proving they serve banks, not families, says Elizabeth Warren

(Newser) - Senate Democrats are signaling that they're willing to drop the independent Consumer Financial Protection Agency to get financial reform passed, but they'll have to go through bailout watchdog Elizabeth Warren to kill it. The fight over the independent agency is a showdown between the banks' interests and those of American...

GOP Opposes Consumer Agency as 'New EPA'

Senate Repubs resist independent agency as a business-killer

(Newser) - Get ready for a bruising showdown over the consumer protection agency the Democrats are trying to create: GOP senators are pledging to kill a standalone body, which is critical to the Dems' plan. A strong, independent CFPA is anathema, says Utah Republican Robert Bennett: "Can you say EPA?" Bennett...

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