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Trump's Christmas Wish: May My Enemies 'ROT IN HELL'

Former president also renews his push to undo ObamaCare

(Newser) - "Merry Christmas to all," former President Trump wrote at the start of a Christmas Day post on Truth Social . But the warm feelings ended there as Trump ticked off a list of his political enemies and told them to "rot in hell," reports the Hill . Trump...

Trump Threatens ObamaCare, and Team Biden Loves It

Democrats see the Affordable Care Act as a winning issue

(Newser) - ObamaCare has suddenly emerged as a 2024 election issue—at least in regard to the general election. Former President Trump threatened over the weekend to reopen the contentious fight over the Affordable Care Act after failing to repeal it while in the White House, saying he is "seriously looking...

Obama Back in White House for First Time in 5 Years

Yes, he and Biden cracked some jokes

(Newser) - It's an old haunt he hadn't graced in a while: Former President Barack Obama on Tuesday visited the White House in what CNN reports was his first time in the building in more than five years. Obama had last been there for coffee with then-President-elect Trump on the...

Record Numbers Enroll in ObamaCare

14.5M Americans signed up

(Newser) - Some 14.5 million Americans who lack job-based health coverage signed up for 2022 coverage under the Affordable Care Act—a record—according to the latest figures. They're not quite final, with the number expected to climb, per the Washington Post . The current tally includes 10 million people from...

SCOTUS Ruling Suggests ObamaCare Is Here to Stay
Trump May Have Been
ObamaCare's Savior

Trump May Have Been ObamaCare's Savior

SCOTUS ruling suggests law is here to stay

(Newser) - ObamaCare survived another Supreme Court challenge Thursday, with justices, including two of the three appointed by former President Trump, upholding the law in a 7-2 ruling that declared 19 GOP-led states and two individuals did not have standing to challenge the law. That's the biggest margin of victory for...

Supreme Court Dismisses ObamaCare Challenge

Justices leave the Affordable Care Act intact

(Newser) - The Supreme Court has dismissed a challenge to the Obama-era health care law , preserving insurance coverage for millions of Americans, per the AP . The justices, by a 7-2 vote, left the entire law intact Thursday in ruling that Texas, other Republican-led states, and two individuals had no right to bring...

After Losing Bid for Budget Chief, a New Role for Tanden

Biden's former pick to lead OMB will instead serve as a senior adviser to the president

(Newser) - Neera Tanden may not have gotten the budget chief job she'd wanted, but she's now going to the White House. Officials there told NBC News on Friday that Tanden, whom Biden had originally tapped to lead the Office of Management and Budget, will instead serve as the president'...

Biden: I'm Reversing Trump's 'Attack on Women's Health'

He also reopens sign-up window for health insurance during pandemic

(Newser) - President Biden on Thursday ordered government health insurance markets to reopen for a special sign-up window, offering uninsured Americans a haven as the spread of COVID-19 remains dangerously high and vaccines aren't yet widely available, per the AP . Biden signed an executive order directing the HealthCare.gov insurance markets...

Obama: 'Let Me Smack This Guy on the Head'

The former president gives a wide-ranging interview to Gayle King on 'CBS This Morning'

(Newser) - Former President Obama sat down with Gayle King to plug his new memoir A Promised Land—and covered, among other things, why he once wanted to smack a congressman on the head. Obama admits he was "shocked" when Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) shouted "You lie!" as the...

Early Consensus: ObamaCare Will Survive Court Challenge
Common Theme Emerges
in ObamaCare Arguments
the rundown

Common Theme Emerges in ObamaCare Arguments

Roberts, Kavanaugh signal they won't dismantle Affordable Care Act, which would save it

(Newser) - The Supreme Court heard its third challenge to ObamaCare on Tuesday, and a decision won't be out until next spring. But the early assessments after oral arguments wrapped up should give backers of the Affordable Care Act some comfort—it looks like the law will survive again. Coverage:
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It's a Big Day for ObamaCare at Supreme Court

Court's new conservative majority will again consider law, and it's being live-streamed

(Newser) - This will likely be an anxious morning for supporters of ObamaCare as the Supreme Court—with its expanded conservative majority—again considers the law's fate. The pandemic provides an unusual window to hear Tuesday's oral arguments: They will be conducted via telephone and live-streamed to the public beginning...

Obamacare Returns Amid Health Coverage 'Crisis'

An estimated 5M to 10M more Americans have lost coverage during the pandemic

(Newser) - Millions of Americans who have lost health insurance in an economy shaken by the coronavirus can sign up for taxpayer-subsidized coverage starting Sunday, the AP reports. It's not a new COVID relief program from the government but the return of annual sign-up season under the Affordable Care Act, better...

In First Excerpt, Obama Recalls Weightiest Fight in Congress

Focus is on passage of ObamaCare in 'New Yorker' release

(Newser) - The New Yorker is out with the first excerpt of former President Obama's forthcoming memoir, A Promised Land, and the focus is on how he and his team got ObamaCare passed. Before the legislative fight even began, Obama recounts a conversation with advisers Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod, who...

As New SCOTUS Term Opens, Here's What's Coming
New SCOTUS Term Starts
Quietly, but That Could Change
the rundown

New SCOTUS Term Starts Quietly, but That Could Change

The term is so far short on high-profile cases, but perhaps not for long

(Newser) - The Supreme Court began its new term Monday with a remembrance of "a dear friend and a treasured colleague," the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Chief Justice John Roberts paid tribute to Ginsburg as the court resumed its work via telephone because of the coronavirus pandemic. Roberts said...

Biden: This Isn't Just About the Supreme Court

The Democratic candidate makes his case in Philadelphia

(Newser) - Joe Biden on Sunday used the sudden Supreme Court vacancy to reinforce his argument that the upcoming election should be a referendum on President Trump's handling of health care and the coronavirus, the AP reports. The death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg jolted the presidential campaign just six weeks...

At Town Hall, Voters Fire Back at Trump
Trump Has Rough Night
With Undecided Voters

Trump Has Rough Night With Undecided Voters

Even Joe Biden got in a dig during town hall in Philadelphia with the president

(Newser) - President Trump faced "an unusual moment of exposure" Tuesday night as he was confronted on his response to the coronavirus pandemic, his vow to wipe out ObamaCare, his comments on dead soldiers, and more by a group of undecided voters during an ABC News town hall in Philadelphia, per...

Supreme Court Deals Big Blow to One ObamaCare Mandate

In 7-2 ruling, exemptions expanded to requirement that free birth control be on employer health plans

(Newser) - Obtaining birth control through one's health plan at work may now be more difficult after a Supreme Court ruling Wednesday that expanded exemptions to an ObamaCare contraceptive mandate, NBC News and CNN report. In a 7-2 decision penned by Justice Clarence Thomas, the high court cleared the way for...

Trump Administration to SCOTUS: Strike Down ObamaCare

White House backs case before the Supreme Court

(Newser) - In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the Trump administration on Thursday urged the Supreme Court to overturn the Affordable Care Act, the AP reports. The administration's latest high court filing came the same day the government reported that close to half a million people who lost their health...

Health Insurers Score Big Payday at Supreme Court

They're entitled to collect $12B from government in ObamaCare losses

(Newser) - The Supreme Court ruled Monday that insurance companies can collect $12 billion from the federal government to cover their losses in the early years of the health care law championed by President Obama, per the AP . Insurers are entitled to the money under a provision of ObamaCare that promised the...

Uninsured Won't Be Able to Enroll in Obamacare Right Now

White House declines to institute a special enrollment period for the federal exchanges

(Newser) - Uninsured Americans will not have Obamacare as an option. The White House on Tuesday night confirmed to Politico that no special enrollment period would take place, though the official told the site the Trump administration is "exploring other options." The annual open enrollment period closed in December, and...

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