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Singapore Will Soon Let Residents Have Cats

Currently, more than 80% of the population technically can't have them

(Newser) - More than 80% of the population in Singapore is currently not allowed to have a cat as a house pet, but that is set to change come September. As the Guardian explains, the Housing and Development Board (HDB) was created in 1960 to address a housing crisis in the island...

Bringing a Pup From Abroad? There Are New Rules

Dogs have to be microchipped to stop spread of rabies, at least 6 months old to come to US

(Newser) - All dogs coming into the US from other countries must be at least 6 months old and microchipped to help prevent the spread of rabies, according to new government rules published Wednesday. The new rules require vaccination for dogs that have been in countries where rabies is common. The update...

Man Loses Emotional Support Gator: 'Bring My Baby Back'

Joie Henney was vacationing in Georgia when Wally vanished

(Newser) - A Pennsylvania man who credits an alligator named Wally for helping relieve his depression for nearly a decade says he's searching for the reptile after it went missing during a vacation to the coast of Georgia. Joie Henney has thousands of social media users following his pages devoted to...

Dogs Are Getting Their Own Airline—but It Won't Be Cheap

Bark Air for dogs has just 2 stops from NY—London and LA—costing up to $8K one way

(Newser) - "Finally, dogs can fly." That's the lofty proclamation on the website for Bark Air , a "100% totally real" new service that vows to "revolutionize flying" for our canine companions. In a statement, the airline launched by the BarkBox subscription service will offer "a more...

Missing Dog Has 'Tale That Hollywood Would Love to Tell'

'Stray' in Michigan was Mehrad Houman's Mishka, who vanished in California in July

(Newser) - A dog missing in California since the summer turned up more than 2,300 miles away in suburban Detroit. Police in Harper Woods, Michigan, responded to a call about a stray dog last week, picked up the terrier mix, and contacted an animal welfare group. The Grosse Pointe Animal Adoption...

Couple Had 159 Cats in Small Apartment

Court in Nice, France, bans them from having pets for life

(Newser) - A French couple found to have been keeping 159 cats and seven dogs in their small Nice apartment have received a lifetime ban from having pets. Police arrived at the apartment last year to intervene in a neighborhood dispute and discovered the animals, and their poop, spread around the 861-square-foot...

What Does a Dog See in Its Mind When You Say 'Ball'?

Scientists cite pups' 'referential understanding,' with mental images hinting at deeper grasp of language

(Newser) - Many dog owners believe their pets understand and respond not only to commands such as "sit" and "stay," but also to words referring to their favorite objects. "Bring me your ball" will often result in exactly that. But science has had trouble determining whether dogs and...

Magpie Who Bonded With Dog Is Seized
Magpie Who Bonded
With Dog Is Seized

Magpie Who Bonded With Dog Is Seized

Aussie caretakers fight to reunite social media stars Peggy and Molly

(Newser) - A magpie taken in as a chick stole the hearts of millions of people around the world who were warmed by the bird's unlikely friendship with its Aussie caretakers' bull terrier. But caretakers Juliette Wells and Reece Mortensen say their hearts have been torn apart in having to surrender...

Man Rails Against Seizure of His 750-Pound 'Son' Albert
Man Rails Against Seizure of
His 750-Pound 'Son' Albert

Man Rails Against Seizure of His 750-Pound 'Son' Albert

Albert is an 11-foot-long gator, and New York DEC authorities say his owner was harboring him illegally

(Newser) - Hamburg, New York, is known for its ample snowfall , the Erie County Fair, and ... alligators? The Western New York town south of Buffalo picked up the latter honorary last week, when local authorities seized an 11-foot-long, 750-pound reptilian resident from a home there, where a man had apparently been keeping...

Lawmakers Reject 'Crazy' Bill on Exotic Pets

NH legislation would have made it easier to keep kangaroos, monkeys, skunks

(Newser) - Lawmakers in New Hampshire have voted down a proposal to make the state a bit more like a zoo. The Republican-sponsored House Bill 1325 would've allowed residents to keep animals such as red-tailed kangaroos, small-tailed monkeys, foxes, otters, skunks, and raccoons as pets without the need for a permit...

Kids Asking for a Dog Should Cite This Research
Dogs Have a Unique
Impact on Kids' Health

Dogs Have a Unique Impact on Kids' Health

Kids with dogs, especially girls, get more exercise, study shows

(Newser) - Kids lobbying for a pet dog have a new argument to add to their arsenal. A new study published in the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity found that children with pet dogs were more active than their pup-free peers. According to NPR , the paper followed 600 pre-school...

The New Trust Fund Babies: Pets of the Super Rich

Trusts are being set up for pets so Fido doesn't lose his private chauffeur

(Newser) - Pets are a special part of the family, so owners often make plans in case they pass away first. But the uber-wealthy are predictably taking that a step further by leaving massive estates to their furry friends, ensuring they won't lose their doggie therapists and private chauffeurs. And, per...

Arrests Follow Joyride With Lion
Arrests Follow Joyride With Lion

Arrests Follow Joyride With Lion

Thai woman among those facing charges over illegal possession of cub

(Newser) - A woman claiming ownership of a lion cub is facing prison time in Thailand, where the animal was paraded around in an open-top Bentley. Police became aware of the scene through videos shared online , per Business Insider . Though the lion appeared calm for the joyride through the streets of Pattaya,...

'True Miracle' Arrives at Animal Shelter for the Holidays

Pennsylvania-based SPCA announces it has no more dogs at facility, for first time in 47 years

(Newser) - In what staff is calling a "true miracle," a Pennsylvania animal shelter has some good news for Christmas: Before the long holiday weekend, it had a grand total of zero dogs housed within its walls. CNN reports on the impressive accomplishment of the Adams County SPCA, which noted...

It's Not Just Dogs Who Play Fetch
Cats Play Fetch, Too

Cats Play Fetch, Too

Researchers say it's more common than people think

(Newser) - Cats have a reputation for being unfriendly and distant compared to dogs, but research is eroding that idea . In a new study, scientists found cats instinctively know how to play fetch and most often initiate fetching sessions, reflecting a broader tendency "to maintain a sense of control," per...

Runaway Pig Kevin Bacon Gets Shoutout From Namesake

Pennsylvania pig back in pen after 17 days on the loose

(Newser) - Kevin Bacon, a footloose pig, is back home after some encouragement from Kevin Bacon, the actor. The Footloose star weighed in Saturday on what became a hilarious game of cat and mouse in his native Pennsylvania. On a Facebook page titled "Bring Kevin Bacon Home," Gettysburg resident Chelsea...

Rocker Adopts 'Hero' Dog Named for Him

Bret Michaels takes in canine Bret Michaels

(Newser) - Bret Michaels has a new dog, also named Bret Michaels. It's actually quite a touching story, as told by People . Firstly, it's important to know that Michaels didn't name the dog himself. The Poison frontman only heard about the 6-year-old husky after the Nebraska Humane Society announced...

Purring Is the Cat Form of Vocal Fry
Purring Is
the Cat Form
of Vocal Fry

Purring Is the Cat Form of Vocal Fry

New research found how such small animals can produce sounds at a low register

(Newser) - We all know what a cat's communicating when it lets out a pleased purr, but now researchers have solved the puzzle of how our feline friends are able to produce that distinct sound. The Guardian reports that the low register in a cat's deep purring is more common...

Cat Trapped in Sofa Bed Wins Hearts, Trophy

Giles the cat nabs Nationwide award for most unusual pet insurance claim

(Newser) - A cat who was rushed to the vet after being closed in a folding sofa bed has been handed a national award, though one unlikely to ease his trauma. The black cat named Giles is the 2023 recipient of Nationwide's Hambone Award for most unusual pet insurance claim, "...

Guy Who Surfs With Pet Python Hit With a Fine

Wildlife authorities aren't pleased with Australia's Higor Fiuza and his snake, Shiva

(Newser) - Higor Fiuza is a familiar face in the beach community along Australia's Gold Coast, and he's often got Shiva in tow. Shiva isn't the name of his surfboard, or a canine companion—that's his pet Morelia bredli python, who accompanies Fiuza in the water as he...

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