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John Hinckley Jr. Says He's a 'Victim of Cancel Culture'

Would-be Reagan assassin has another music gig canceled

(Newser) - More than 40 years after he tried to kill Ronald Reagan, John Hinckley Jr. is getting frustrated by his struggle to make progress in the music business. "With all of my concerts canceled, it's a fair statement to say I'm a victim of cancel culture," he...

John Hinckley Jr. Now a Struggling Musician

He claims he stands 'for peace' as concerts are canceled

(Newser) - Most musicians dream of name recognition. For John Hinckley Jr., it's the name recognition that's doing him in. The man who shot President Ronald Reagan and three others in a 1981 assassination attempt says he's a changed man but can't shake his poor reputation. "I...

Newly Freed Hinckley: 'I Am Sorry for What I Did'

In CBS interview, man who shot Reagan can't recall what he was thinking at the time

(Newser) - The man who wounded President Reagan in 1981 apologized for his actions Tuesday and said he doesn't remember what he was feeling when he fired the shots that also wounded three others, per the AP . John Hinckley Jr. told CBS Mornings in his first televised interview since he was...

John Hinckley Jr.: It's 'Kind of Scary' in America

Would-be assassin, now free, wants to focus on his music, not the shooting

(Newser) - John Hinckley Jr. is a free man , no strings attached. The man who shot Ronald Reagan is now living in Virginia and trying to get a music career going (listen to a song here ), and he just gave an interview to Input magazine. Some snippets:
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Federal Court Drops All Restrictions on Hinckley

Would-be presidential assassin tweets in celebration

(Newser) - Update: After keeping an eye on John Hinckley for decades, the federal courts dropped all restrictions Wednesday on the man who tried to assassinate President Ronald Reagan. "After 41 years 2 months and 15 days, FREEDOM AT LAST!!!" Hinckley t weeted , per CNN . He no longer faces any...

John Hinckley Apologizes to Jodie Foster

As Ronald Reagan's daughter speaks out on possibility of release

(Newser) - After a judge granted him unconditional release next June assuming he remains mentally stable, would-be Ronald Reagan assassin John Hinckley issued a number of apologies for the 1981 shooting. In addition to the American people, Reagan, and the three other people who were injured, Hinckley apologized to Jodie Foster, whom...

John Hinckley Can Get Unconditional Release

Judge says Reagan's shooter can go without supervision in June if he stays mentally stable

(Newser) - A federal judge said Monday that John Hinckley Jr., who tried to assassinate President Reagan four decades ago, can be freed from all his remaining restrictions next year if he remains mentally stable. US District Court Judge Paul L. Friedman in Washington said during a 90-minute court hearing that he'...

John Hinckley's Mother Dies at 95
Mother of Would-Be
Reagan Assassin Dies

Mother of Would-Be Reagan Assassin Dies

Jo Ann Hinckley raised funds for mental health research and education

(Newser) - Jo Ann Hinckley—mother of John Hinckley Jr., the would-be assassin of President Reagan—has died. The 95-year-old had been her son’s constant and primary companion as he transitioned in 2016 from living at a Washington psychiatric hospital to being allowed to live with her full-time in a gated...

John Hinckley Can Display His Paintings

Judge gives permission to man who shot President Reagan

(Newser) - The man who tried to assassinate President Reagan can now publicly display his writings, artwork, and music, a federal judge ruled Wednesday. John Hinckley has long considered himself to be a musician and an artist, per the AP . He paints (mostly landscapes) and plays the guitar and has been involved...

John Hinckley Jr. Wants to Move to CA, Work in Music Biz

So says his lawyer at Washington court hearing

(Newser) - The man who tried to assassinate President Ronald Reagan is interested in getting a job in the music industry, possibly in California, his lawyer said at a court hearing in Washington on Tuesday. John Hinckley Jr., 64, lives in Virginia and was not present at the hearing. A prosecutor said...

Potential Date Called Cops on John Hinckley

She learned his full name and that was it

(Newser) - John Hinckley says he's never been happier in his life after leaving a psychiatric hospital , though he suffers from arthritis and hypertension, walks with a limp, and could use some help on the dating front. As Hinckley himself is barred from speaking to the media, the Los Angeles Times...

Judge to Hinckley Jr.: You Don't Have to Live With Mom Anymore

Hinckley can now move out on his own, but with a long list of conditions

(Newser) - After John Hinckley Jr., the man who shot Ronald Reagan and three others, was allowed to move in with his mom in 2016, one nagging question that many had was: Is he really "better" ? A federal judge seems to think he's well enough to finally be granted...

John Hinckley Is Back Home With Mom—but Is He 'Better'?

Lisa Miller's take for Daily Intelligencer shows why that's a tough question to answer

(Newser) - The man who tried to kill Ronald Reagan to impress actress Jodie Foster was released from a mental facility in September after nearly 35 years, and now that he's home (under rigid limitations) with his nonagenarian mom in Williamsburg, Va., 61-year-old John Hinckley Jr. is trying to rebuild his...

Reagan's Would-be Assassin Is Officially a Free Man

John Hinckley Jr. released from psychiatric hospital Saturday

(Newser) - After 35 years in a psychiatric hospital, John Hinckley Jr. is a free man. The Telegraph reports the would-be assassin of Ronald Reagan was released Saturday from St. Elizabeth's psychiatric hospital after a judge ruled in August that the 61-year-old was no longer a threat to the public or...

Reagan Daughter: 'My Heart Is Sickened' Over Hinckley

Patti Davis says her father's would-be assassin waited out the system

(Newser) - After John Hinckley Jr. received a verdict of not guilty by reason of insanity for shooting Ronald Reagan more than three decades ago, Reagan daughter Patti Davis recalls Dan Rather explaining on CBS News that Hinckley could well become a free man some day. Well, "some day" has arrived—...

John Hinckley Jr. Is Going Free

Would-be Reagan assassin has been hospitalized for 35 years

(Newser) - The man who shot Ronald Reagan will soon be a free man. A federal judge has ruled that John Hinckley Jr., now 61, poses no risk to society and can live permanently with his mother in Williamsburg, Va., reports the Washington Post . It could happen as early as next month....

Agent Who Saved Reagan Dies
 Agent Who Saved Reagan Dies  

Agent Who Saved Reagan Dies

Jerry Parr foiled 1981 assassination attempt on the president

(Newser) - The man widely credited for saving Ronald Reagan's life from an assassination attempt passed away from congestive heart failure Friday at the age of 85, the New York Times reports. According to the Washington Post , Jerry Parr met and protected dozens of US and foreign dignitaries and heads of...

John Hinckley Has 'Somewhat Compatible' Girlfriend

She lives in Williamsburg, where Hinckley hopes to be permanently

(Newser) - An element of normalcy in John Hinckley's life was revealed at a hearing yesterday, meant to help a judge determine whether the man who shot Ronald Reagan should spend even more time outside of a mental hospital: He has a girlfriend, NBC News reports. Hinckley's brother describes the...

Reagan Shooter Tries to Find His Way on the Outside

John Hinckley's release could be further expanded this week

(Newser) - John Hinckley, who the AP calls "the last man to shoot an American president," was 25 years old when he opened fire on President Reagan in 1981. More than three decades after he was found not guilty by reason of insanity, he's been increasingly getting reacquainted with...

No Charges for Hinckley in Death of James Brady

Federal prosecutors decline to file new charges

(Newser) - Would-be Reagan assassin John Hinckley Jr. will not be charged with murder in last year's death of James Brady, the Washington Post reports. The notion had become a real possibility when a coroner ruled that Brady's death at age 73 was a homicide —the result of the...

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