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Women's Soccer Team Has Found a New Ally

Procter & Gamble supports the team's fight for equal pay

(Newser) - Players on the US Women's National Soccer Team have a new ally in their fight for equal pay: Procter & Gamble. The multinational corporation, also a team sponsor, placed a full-page ad in the Sunday New York Times pressing the governing body of US soccer "to be on...

'Law and Order' Trump Is Softer On One Class of Offender

Public Citizen sees profound drop in corporate penalties

(Newser) - While Donald Trump has positioned himself as a tough, "law and order" president, he has mostly excluded one group of offenders from his sights: those of the corporate class, according to a report released Wednesday by Washington-based watchdog Public Citizen . The report found that in 11 of the 12...

When Did Corporations Find Religion?
 When Did 
 Find Religion? 

When Did Corporations Find Religion?

Supreme Court considers ObamaCare contraception mandate

(Newser) - This week, the Supreme Court is considering whether ObamaCare can require corporations to offer coverage for contraception. Companies like Hobby Lobby say that mandate violates their right to religious freedom, a claim that has some pundits raising their eyebrows:
  • Corporations don't seem too worried about religious values when they

Obama Seeks New Corporate Powers in Trade Pact

US corporations would be able to challenge foreign laws: memos

(Newser) - The Obama administration is trying to grant US corporations formidable new powers in a trade pact with 11 other countries—including the ability to challenge laws and regulations abroad. In memos obtained by the Huffington Post (see them here and here ) the US is also pressing other members of...

McDonald's to Workers: Need Cash? Sell Your Stuff

Spend less on food by breaking it 'into pieces'

(Newser) - More handy financial advice from McDonald's, which recently suggested its workers might want to get second jobs : The chain's McResource tip website says readers can make money in a pinch by selling "unwanted possessions on eBay or Craigslist." The advice comes in a section on "...

Companies: Pay Up, or We'll Open Somewhere Else

Taxpayers foot the bill to lure big business

(Newser) - Want a big business like GM or Shell Oil to open up shop in your area? So do state and local officials, who try to lure corporations with incentives like free buildings, tax breaks, and outright cash payments—to the tune of $80 billion a year—but it's hard...

Mitt's Right: Corporations Are People
 Mitt's Right: 
 Are People 

Mitt's Right: Corporations Are People

And without them, America falls apart: Jack and Suzy Welch

(Newser) - Mitt Romney was derided by many when he claimed that "corporations are people," but he was right, write former General Electric CEO Jack Welch and his wife Suzy in the Wall Street Journal . After all, it's people—not buildings—who hire people, invent new technologies, discover medical...

Private Sector Is Doing Fine
 Private Sector 
 Is Doing Fine 


Private Sector Is Doing Fine

It's a good time to be an American corporation, Rex Nutting argues

(Newser) - Believe it or not, some "people" are doing just great in this economy. "Those people are called 'corporations,'" writes Rex Nutting of MarketWatch . It may have been politically disastrous for President Obama to say the private sector was "doing fine" last month, "but...

Recession Was Great— for Big Business

Firms come out streamlined; still slow to hire

(Newser) - For some of America's biggest companies, the recession amounted to growing pains: They're now "leaner, meaner, and hungrier," says one economist. Indeed, sales, profits, and employment among S&P 500 companies last year beat figures from 2007—before the crisis began, the Wall Street Journal notes...

Occupiers Get Cash From... Corporate Bosses

Ben and Jerry's leading the way

(Newser) - As the last Occupy camps are dismantled , an unlikely force has emerged to keep the rag-tag protest movement going. A team of corporate leaders is joining forces to raise money for protesters, with some $300,000 collected so far. Among the members of the new Movement Resource Group are Ben...

Why Supporting Gay Marriage Is Smart Business
Why Supporting Gay Marriage Is Smart Business

Why Supporting Gay Marriage Is Smart Business

Frank Bruni on why Starbucks, Microsoft, and others are backing change

(Newser) - If you support gay marriage, maybe you should grab a latte at Starbucks sometime soon, because the company is under fire for its support of a same-sex marriage law in its native Washington state. One pastor even called the company " haters of God ," and demanded a boycott. So...

Obama on GOP Field: 'I'll Be Ready for Them'

Talks election, economy with Wolf Blitzer

(Newser) - President Obama is not too concerned with the 2012 election right now, he says: “I'll let (the Republicans) winnow it down a little bit.” But when the time comes, “I'll be ready for them,” he tells Wolf Blitzer in a CNN interview . Discussing the...

Big Biz to US: We'll Haul in Offshore Loot for Tax Breaks

Repatriation holiday would be 'next stimulus,' they say

(Newser) - Top US firms are calling for temporary tax breaks to bring offshore profits into this country. Google, Apple, and Microsoft are among companies seeking what’s known as a repatriation holiday, asking Congress and the White House to drop the federal income tax rate on the money to 5.25%...

US Corporate Profits Reach Record High
US Corporate Profits
Reach Record High
what recession?

US Corporate Profits Reach Record High

But don't expect hiring to follow

(Newser) - Recession or no, US corporate profits hit an all-time high of $1.66 trillion in the last quarter, reports the New York Times . It's the highest figure since the government began tracking the stat more than 60 years ago, though it trails the record set in the third quarter of...

US Military a Better Place Than Disney to Work

But Google's still the best boss, survey finds

(Newser) - The US military may seem like grim duty, but it's actually a relatively nice place to work, a new survey found. In fact, members of all four branches of the Armed Forces and the National Guard were happier than employees of Disney, Microsoft, and Johnson & Johnson. “Despite challenges...

Campaign Ruling Is a Bombshell—or Not
Campaign Ruling Is a Bombshell—or Not
opposing views

Campaign Ruling Is a Bombshell—or Not

Washington is 'hyperventilating,' but the impact may not be that profound

(Newser) - Most of the reaction to the Supreme Court's ruling on campaign spending presents it as a bombshell that will open the spigots of corporate and union coffers and radically change how races are run. Today's New York Times , for instance, notes that the ruling calls into question laws in no...

Why We Love to Hate Anthropologie
 Why We Love 
 to Hate Anthropologie 

Why We Love to Hate Anthropologie

Man Shops Globe was widely panned—but Keith Johnson is just a 'whipping boy'

(Newser) - Man Shops Globe, the show following Anthropologie buyer Keith Johnson, premiered last night to much scoffing from critics—or, as Erika Kawalek calls it on DoubleX, “Anthropologie Rage.” Heather Havrilesky mocks Johnson’s job of “traveling the globe to buy enormous overpriced pieces of weird, ancient junk...

Cost-Cutting Companies Target No. 2 Execs

Corporations eliminate second-in-command roles to save on costs

(Newser) - Cost-cutting at American's largest corporations is hitting the executive suite, with CEOs rolling up their sleeves to take on more day-to-day responsibilities and laying off their No. 2s. In the 18 months leading up to June 2009, 40 major companies eliminated COOs or presidents, the Wall Street Journal notes, while...

High Court May Lift Restrictions on Corporate Cash in Politics

Firms could be allowed to spend freely on ads

(Newser) - September 9 could mark a watershed in campaign finance, as the Supreme Court hears a special argument for overturning long-standing rules that restrict corporations from buying political advertisements, the Los Angeles Times reports. The court has used the case of Hillary: The Movie, a documentary that a lower courts decided...

Tax-Evader Crackdown Spreads to Hong Kong

(Newser) - The IRS and Justice Department crackdown on UBS is widening, reports the Wall Street Journal, as new documents reveal the efforts the bank took to keep its clients' wealth away from the taxman. Two recent cases have relied on channeling millions to a Swiss account owned by a Hong Kong-based...

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