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With Olympic Water Sports Looming, Bad News on Seine

River in Paris has levels of E. coli bacteria that are beyond limits determined to be safe for humans

(Newser) - Water in the Seine had unsafe elevated levels of E. coli less than two months before swimming competitions are scheduled to take place in it during the Paris Olympics, according to test results published Friday. Contamination levels in the first eight days of June, after persistent heavy rain in Paris,...

Prosecutors Don't Take Kindly to Coffin Stunt at Eiffel

They say display mentioning Ukraine was an act of psychological violence

(Newser) - Three people were released from custody Monday pending further investigation after they allegedly placed five coffins at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. According to officials at the Paris prosecutor's office, the three—citizens of Bulgaria, Germany, and Ukraine—placed the coffins, covered with a French flag that included...

Robbers Take Jewels Worth Millions in Paris

Thieves rammed Harry Winston with motorcycle, Paris prosecutors say

(Newser) - Armed robbers who used a motorbike as a battering ram made off with several million dollars' worth of valuables from a luxury jewelry boutique in Paris, prosecutors said. Having declined Saturday to confirm that Harry Winston was the target, the Paris prosecutor's office did so on Sunday, saying the...

Meet Paris' New King of the Baguette
Meet Paris'
New King of
the Baguette

Meet Paris' New King of the Baguette

Xavier Netry of Utopie bakery beat out more than 170 other bakers to claim victory

(Newser) - Paris has a new king of the crusty baguette. Baker Xavier Netry was chosen this week as the 31st winner of Paris' annual "Grand Prix de la Baguette" prize. His long loaf beat 172 others, per the AP . Competing baguettes were evaluated for taste, look, texture, airiness, and the...

In Paris, an Unexpected Sight at the Moulin Rouge

Blades of famous windmill collapse overnight

(Newser) - A bad omen ahead of the Paris Olympics? The blades on the windmill on top of the famed Moulin Rouge cabaret collapsed early Thursday morning, leaving debris in the street but not causing injuries, the BBC reports. The first three letters of the Moulin Rouge sign also fell off. "...

France Readies a Plan B for Olympic Ceremony

Amid heightened security concerns, opening of Paris Games may be moved

(Newser) - French President Emmanuel Macron on Monday said the opening ceremony for the Paris Olympics planned on the River Seine could be shifted instead to the country's national stadium if the security threat is deemed too high. France is on a high security alert ahead of the Paris Olympics and...

Race Honors Paris' Celebrated Waiters
Race Salutes Paris'
Famed Waiters

Race Salutes Paris' Famed Waiters

Apparently by making them walk a mile and a quarter carrying coffee, water, croissant

(Newser) - Usain Bolt's sprint world records were never in danger. Then again, even the world's fastest human likely wouldn't have been so quick while balancing a tray with a croissant, a coffee cup, and a glass of water through the streets of Paris without spilling it everywhere. France'...

As Olympics Loom, Eyes on France's Mystery 'Invader'

Street artist's mosaics have appeared in more than 4K locations around the globe

(Newser) - For the Paris Olympics, it could almost be a new sport: Score points by hunting down mosaics that a mystery artist who calls himself "Invader" has cemented to walls across France's capital, the world, and even had carried aloft to the International Space Station. Vincent Giraud, one of...

Two Nations Tighten Security After Attacks on Jewish Men

Teenager held in Zurich, assailant sought in Paris

(Newser) - A teenager has been arrested on suspicion of stabbing and critically wounding an Orthodox Jewish man on the streets of Zurich, Swiss police said Sunday. And French authorities were searching for the assailant who beat a man leaving a synagogue in Paris, an assault that the nation's interior minister...

The Eiffel Tower Is Open Once Again
The Eiffel Tower Is
Open Once Again

The Eiffel Tower Is Open Once Again

Operator of the Paris landmark reaches agreement with striking workers

(Newser) - The Eiffel Tower reopened to visitors on Sunday after a six-day closure because of striking employees demanding better maintenance of the historic landmark (which is showing traces of rust) and salary hikes, the AP reports. The operator of the 1,083-foot tower said in a statement it reached an agreement...

It's a 'Beautiful' Moment for Parisians

Notre Dame's reconstructed spire unveiled

(Newser) - Notre Dame is starting to look a bit more like it did before it was ravaged by fire in April 2019 . Though the medieval building's exoskeleton remains, scaffolding around its peak came down this week, revealing the new spire, which is "identical in appearance, materials (oak framework covered...

Paris' Olympic Medals Feature a Little Something Special

Yep, that's an actual piece of the Eiffel Tower going home with victorious athletes

(Newser) - An Olympic medal with an inlaid piece of the Eiffel Tower. How's that for a monumental prize? A hexagonal, polished chunk of iron taken from the iconic landmark is being embedded in each gold, silver, and bronze medal that will be hung around athletes' necks at the July 26-Aug....

Paris Just Made Your SUV a Lot Costlier

City of Lights votes in favor of eye-popping parking fees for SUVs ahead of Olympic Games

(Newser) - Parisians voted Sunday to muscle SUVs off the French capital's streets by making them much more expensive to park, the latest leg in a drive by Socialist Mayor Anne Hidalgo to make the host city for this year's Olympic Games greener and friendlier for pedestrians and cyclists. More...

In This Train Station, an 'Unbearable Act'

Cops say man with knife, hammer injured 3 in Paris' Gare de Lyon station; suspect in custody

(Newser) - A man armed with a knife and a hammer wounded three people Saturday in an early morning attack at the bustling Gare de Lyon train station in Paris, another nerve-rattling security incident in the Olympic host city before the Summer Games open in six months. The man, carrying residency papers...

Restaurant That Inspired Ratatouille Reopens in Paris

Tour d'Argent is back in business, overlooking a Notre Dame Cathedral also undergoing renovations

(Newser) - The Tour d'Argent already boasts a 320,000-bottle wine cellar, a world-famous duck recipe, and a storied 441-year history. Now, the legendary Paris restaurant is about to serve up its "plat de resistance": a front-row view of two of the biggest events of 2024—the renaissance of Notre...

Stowaway Survives 2.5-Hour Flight Hidden in Landing Gear

Man was hospitalized in serious condition after plane landed in Paris

(Newser) - A commercial aircraft that landed at Paris' Orly airport Thursday morning had a stowaway hidden in its landing gear—and he had survived the flight from Algeria to France. An airport source tells AFP (via the Guardian ) the unidentified man, who is in his 20s, "was alive but...

It's Going to Be a Quiet Day at the Eiffel Tower

Paris landmark shuttered amid staff strike

(Newser) - Wednesday marks the 100th anniversary of the death of Gustave Eiffel, the engineer behind the famous Paris landmark that bears his name. Anyone who wants to visit the Eiffel Tower on the centennial, however, is out of luck: Staff are currently on strike, to protest what their union says is...

2 US Cities Make Cut in World 'Destinations' List
2 US Cities Make Cut
in World 'Destinations' List

2 US Cities Make Cut in World 'Destinations' List

Paris is No. 1, but New York and L.A., make the cut in Euromonitor International's annual ranking

(Newser) - With international travel making a comeback after the peak of the pandemic, the sky's the limit on possible destinations. To help you narrow down where to visit, CNN Travel reveals the most attractive cities worldwide, at least according to Euromonitor International's "Top 100 City Destinations Index 2023....

Hotel Says $800K Ring Was in Vacuum Cleaner Bag

Ritz Paris guest had reported ring stolen

(Newser) - What appeared to be another high-profile theft at the Ritz Paris had a more innocent explanation, the hotel says. Police launched an investigation Friday after a Malaysian businesswoman said a diamond ring worth around $800,000 had vanished from her bedside table while she was out shopping, the Guardian reports....

Paris Mayor Abandons 'Vast Worldwide Sewer' of X

The site provokes conflict instead of encouraging debate, Anne Hidalgo says

(Newser) - Saying the social media platform has become "a tool for destroying our democracies," the mayor of Paris announced Monday that she's quitting X. She didn't name Elon Musk but made clear that it's all gotten worse since he took over Twitter, Politico Europe reports. "...

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