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Reprieve for Student Loan Borrowers Ends Tomorrow

After pandemic break, millions must start repaying their loans again in October

(Newser) - Millions of Americans must start repaying their federal student loans again in October, with monthly payments averaging hundreds of dollars a month. To get ready, borrowers are cutting expenses, taking on additional work, and looking for options to reduce their monthly payments, per the AP . Megan McClelland, 38, said she'...

Doctors Who Agree to Serve the Poor Can Have Loans Paid Off

California writes its first checks in $340M program

(Newser) - As a remedy for its shortage of physicians, California has begun paying off the medical school debt of doctors who commit to making low-income Medi-Cal patients 30% of their caseload. The five-year commitment could suppress doctors' pay at the beginning of their careers, Forbes reports, but erase debt that can...

Ivy League Schools Suing Students Over Loans

Yale, Penn among those seeing rise in defaults

(Newser) - Another sign that the student debt problem is off the rails: Borrowers defaulted on nearly $1 billion in federal loans designated for low-income students in 2011, a jump of 20% from five years earlier, reports Bloomberg . Because these particular loans, called Perkins loans, are administered by the schools themselves, it...

One Trend Among GOP Freshmen: Debt

Not the national kind, the personal kind

(Newser) - Republican freshmen in Congress say they're serious about tackling the US debt—but when it comes to their own personal debt, many have what the Washington Post amusingly calls “a more nuanced view.” At least 30 out of 87 had debts of $50,000 or more last...

Lawyer Sues Over Calls— About Law School Debt

He claims Sallie Mae is harassing him and wants payback

(Newser) - There's probably a lawyer joke in here somewhere: School loan company Sallie Mae is peppering a Seattle man with phone calls because he's behind on his payments. The twist is that the debtor just happened to use those loans to go to law school, and he's now suing Sallie Mae...

5 Stories
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