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Trainer Jillian Michaels Takes Flak Over Lizzo Remarks

Trainer is accused of fat-shaming, but she says she's talking only about health risks

(Newser) - Personal trainer Jillian Michaels—best known as a coach on The Biggest Loser—is receiving lots of criticism Thursday from fans of singer Lizzo. It stems from comments Michaels made Wednesday on the BuzzFeed News show AM to DM. “Why are we celebrating her body?" Michaels said. "Why...

Jillian Michaels Targets Popular Exercise Regimen. Fans Balk

'She's doing this for the sake of trying to be relevant,' one CrossFit devotee remarks

(Newser) - Jillian Michaels isn't exactly known for shying away from strong opinions on controversial topics, including a recent slam of the keto diet . The 44-year-old personal trainer's latest issue: CrossFit. USA Today reports that Michaels taped a short video for Shape last year, which the magazine posted to its...

Guess Who's Joining the Biggest Loser?

...Anna Kournikova, X17online reports

(Newser) - Tennis star and undeniable hottie Anna Kournikova will replace Jillian Michaels next season on the Biggest Loser, X17online reports. Kournikova, whom PopEater notes has been dating singer Enrique Iglesias for nearly 10 years, recently put her Miami mansion on the market for $9.4 million—perhaps because she’s preparing...

Jillian Michaels: Childbirth Would Ruin My Body
 Jillian Michaels: 
 Childbirth Would 
 Ruin My Body 
reasons to not procreate

Jillian Michaels: Childbirth Would Ruin My Body

Experts miffed at Biggest Loser trainer's comment

(Newser) - Jillian Michaels probably should have thought twice before telling Women’s Health magazine she’ll never give birth…because she “can’t handle doing that to my body.” The Biggest Loser trainer is now under fire for her comment, and the feel-good bit about adopting that she added...

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