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This Pricey Piano Produced Some Giant Hits

Freddie Mercury's baby grand sells for $2M at auction

(Newser) - The piano Freddie Mercury used to compose "Bohemian Rhapsody" and other hits by Queen has sold for more than $2 million at auction in the UK. Also of note: A Victorian-style silver snake bangle Mercury wore in a video for the song—long before the days of MTV—set...

'Mongolian Rhapsody'? It Could Have Been, Apparently

Apparently alternate title appears in papers of Freddie Mercury's to be auctioned off

(Newser) - It seems "Bohemian Rhapsody" may have almost been "Mongolian Rhapsody." An early draft of the epic, iconic Queen song shows the words "Mongolian Rhapsody" written near the top by Freddie Mercury, who then crossed out "Mongolian" and replaced it with "Bohemian." The page...

Freddie Mercury's Heir Decides to Sell His Treasures

Sotheby's to auction original lyrics to 'We Are the Champions,' stage costumes, and more

(Newser) - Freddie Mercury's heir is giving up his treasures. Mary Austin, a close friend of Mercury's who inherited his London home and much of his wealth upon his 1991 death, is selling some 1,500 items tied to the late Queen frontman as part of a Sotheby's auction...

Queen About to Rock Us With 'Little Gem' From Freddie Mercury

Band to share previously unreleased song 'Face It Alone' in September

(Newser) - We're still allowed to have nice things. At least if you're a Queen fan, based on news from founding members Brian May and Roger Taylor. Variety reports that the two recently sat down with BBC Radio 2 and made a revelation sure to please devotees of the band:...

Theatergoers Can Sing Along to Bohemian Rhapsody

Starting Friday at 750 theaters across North America

(Newser) - If you've been avoiding going to see Bohemian Rhapsody because you just don't think you can stop yourself from singing along, well, now's your chance. Starting Friday, you'll be able to attend a sing-along screening of the Queen biopic, which just won best picture at the...

Rhapsody Rocks, While Disney Rolls Out a Bomb
Rhapsody Rocks, While
Disney Rolls Out a Bomb

Rhapsody Rocks, While Disney Rolls Out a Bomb

Queen biopic snatches $50M in debut despite lukewarm reception

(Newser) - Critics may have yawned , but audiences let Bohemian Rhapsody rock them—to the tune of a box office-winning $50 million in its opening weekend. That's enough to notch the No. 2 opening ever for a music biopic, notes Billboard , behind Straight Outta Compton's $60.2 million. CNN...

Bohemian Rhapsody Trailer Will Rock You

First trailer for Queen biopic is out

(Newser) - The Queen and Freddie Mercury biopic Bohemian Rhapsody is finally hitting theaters, having hit several snags since it was first announced in 2010—and the first full trailer , released Wednesday, is getting rave reviews. Forbes notes that the trailer confirms star Rami Malek "looks and sounds like Mercury" and...

Queen Biopic Director: Caring for Sick Parent Got Me Fired

20th Century Fox to name new director of 'Bohemian Rhapsody'

(Newser) - Bryan Singer, the director who faced allegations of sexual assault before the dawn of the #metoo movement, has been fired from Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody. In announcing the dismissal Monday, 20th Century Fox blamed the "unexpected unavailability" of Singer, noting production had come to a halt on Dec. 1....

Science Reveals Freddie Mercury's Singing Secrets

Think 'subharmonics'

(Newser) - Freddie Mercury had one of the most memorable voices in music, and now researchers have unlocked some of the mystery behind it. For one thing, his vocal chords moved faster than normal. But the bigger part of the puzzle involves something called subharmonics, which the Consequence of Sound defines as...

Lady Di Partied at Gay Bar in Biker Disguise

Freddie Mercury and friends invited her out, book claims

(Newser) - Lady Di, wearing an army jacket and black cap in a gay bar? A British former TV star claims the princess topped off her disguise with dark shades when she joined him, Queen singer Freddie Mercury, and a comedian to a rowdy bar in south London, the Daily Beast reports....

Google Doodle Honors Queen's Freddie Mercury

Don't Stop Me Now animation marks what would have been 65th birthday

(Newser) - To celebrate what would have been the 65th birthday of the late, great Freddie Mercury of Queen this week, Google unveiled a special doodle and 98-second animated clip all over the world. "To create with Freddie was always stimulating to the max. He was daring, always sensing a way...

Wasilla High School Bans Song Written by Gay Rock Legend

 Wasilla High School 
 Bans Song by 
 Gay Rock 
in case you missed it

Wasilla High School Bans Song by Gay Rock Legend

Freddie Mercury's 'Bohemian Rhapsody' deemed inappropriate

(Newser) - An Alaska high school choir was up in arms after the principal banned a song for graduation because it was written by a gay rocker. Wasilla principal Dwight Probasco banned the 1975 Queen hit "Bohemian Rhapsody" from a graduation ceremony after complaints from parents about the sexual orientation of...

'Borat' to Play Freddie Mercury
 'Borat' to Play Freddie Mercury 

'Borat' to Play Freddie Mercury

Sacha Baron Cohen will star in Queen biopic

(Newser) - Borat mastermind Sacha Baron Cohen will play Freddie Mercury in a biopic about the Queen frontman, Billboard reports. The untitled film will focus on the years before Queen's landmark 1985 performance at a Live Aid concert in London. It begins shooting next year and has the blessing of the three...

Unexpected People With Roses Named After Them

Dolly Parton, say hello to George Burns and Abe Lincoln

(Newser) - Valentine's Day makes people think of roses. And when you think of roses, you think of ... George Burns, naturally. Maybe not, but the late comedian does have a variety of rose named after him. Mental Floss tracks down nine—actually, eight—more celebrities who've lent their names to the flower:...

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