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Trump Is Dead Last in Presidential Rankings Survey

He's knocked for 'polarizing' the nation, while Biden comes in at No. 14

(Newser) - In honor of Presidents' Day, the 2024 Presidential Greatness Project Expert Survey polled 154 historians on the subject of presidential rankings—and Donald Trump came in last, again . President Biden, despite his current approval rating sitting at around 37% , came in 14th, the New York Times reports. "Biden's...

MTG Wants a 'National Divorce'
MTG Wants a 'National Divorce'

MTG Wants a 'National Divorce'

Georgia rep says, 'I can not express how much Americans hate Joe Biden'

(Newser) - Divorce is apparently sitting so well with Marjorie Taylor Greene that she's recommending the nation get itself one. On the occasion of Presidents Day, the Georgia Republican rep tweeted thusly , "We need a national divorce. We need to separate by red states and blue states and shrink...

Presidents Day Should Be History
Presidents Day
Should Be

Presidents Day Should Be History

Mythologizing past leaders doesn't seem to fit a democracy, John Harris writes

(Newser) - The reconsidering of US history, especially its leaders, has made Presidents Day a little awkward. Woodrow Wilson, for example, was ranked highly by historians until his racial views received more attention recently; he's now largely disappeared from such conversations. Wilson isn't the only one who benefited from the...

RNC's Selection of 'Great Presidents' Includes Nixon

Party wished a 'Happy Presidents Day' to presidents who aren't Biden

(Newser) - The Republican National Committee sent a Presidents Day message with praise for presidents past—but definitely not present. A tweet from the RNC featured a selection of Republican presidents—including Abraham Lincoln, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, both George Bushes, and Donald Trump—with the message "Happy Presidents Day to...

Today Is the Most Confusing Holiday of the Year
Today Is the Most Confusing
Holiday of the Year

Today Is the Most Confusing Holiday of the Year

And not just because of the roving apostrophe

(Newser) - True or false: The reason you're not getting mail on Monday is because it's a federal holiday called Presidents Day, President's Day, or Presidents' Day. Technically, false. As CNN explains, the federal holiday is called Washington's Birthday. Except that Washington's Birthday never, in fact, falls...

More Workers Getting Martin Luther King Day Off

42% of American workers get a paid day off

(Newser) - More and more employers are giving their workers the day off for Martin Luther King Day, so much so that the holiday in honor of the slain civil rights leader now has more stature than Presidents' Day and Good Friday. Per Bloomberg , 42% of American employers close for the holiday....

There Is No Such Thing as Presidents Day

Today is actually called 'Washington's Birthday': Peter Grier

(Newser) - Enjoying having Presidents Day off? No, you're not, because today is not Presidents Day, writes Peter Grier in the Christian Science Monitor . In fact, "there is no such thing as Presidents Day," he writes. The official name for the federal holiday you may currently be celebrating is...

Happy Presidents Day: Ronald Reagan Was America's Greatest President, Says Gallup Poll
 America's Greatest 
 President Was... 
happy president's day

America's Greatest President Was...

The Gipper, according to a recent poll

(Newser) - It’s Presidents Day, so surely you’re wondering: Who is America’s greatest president? A recent Gallup poll has your answer: Ronald Reagan, according to 19% of respondents. Gallup has asked the same "greatest president" question eight times over the last 12 years, and Reagan has come out...

Baptist Pastors Prayed for Obama Death on Presidents Day

Preacher: 'Ask God to make his children fatherless'

(Newser) - While a handful of Americans might have taken a few minutes to reflect favorably on George Washington and Abe Lincoln on Presidents Day, some evangelical leaders devoted their time to praying for Barack Obama's death. The "Imprecatory Prayer" is a favorite of Arizona’s Baptist preacher Steven L. Anderson...

Our Sexiest Presidents
 Our Sexiest Presidents 

Our Sexiest Presidents

Ranking chief executives Nos. 1 through 43

(Newser) - With Valentine’s Day tomorrow and Presidents Day on Monday, Nerve ranks America’s chief executives, from Washington to Obama, on sex appeal. Richard Nixon—“Certainly the least sexy person connected in any way to Deep Throat”—is 43rd and last; here are the top five:
  • Theodore Roosevelt:

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