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Angry Fans Chant 'Refund!' as Messi Sits Match Out

Tickets for the Hong Kong friendly soared to $625

(Newser) - Even Hong Kong's government weighed in Sunday when Lionel Messi remained on the bench during a pre-season friendly soccer match between his Inter Miami team and Hong Kong's team. Hong Kong Stadium's 40,000 seats sold out for the event, which ended in a win for Inter...

Beckhams Open Up About David's Alleged Affairs

It was 'the most unhappy I have ever been in my entire life,' Victoria says in Netflix docuseries

(Newser) - Victoria Beckham opens up about the "hardest period" of her marriage to retired soccer legend David Beckham in a Netflix documentary premiering Wednesday. The fashion designer and Spice Girl acknowledges speculation that her husband had an affair while playing for Spain's Real Madrid in 2003—rumors that the...

Messi Seals Winning Debut With Stunning Goal

Global star touches off Florida celebration in 94th minute

(Newser) - Some people paid hundreds and even thousands of dollars to see Lionel Messi's debut for Inter Miami—and to be able to say they were there. The team's owners committed well over $100 million to have moments like this. So far, it looks like money well spent. Messi...

Beckham: Guess How Long I've Been Waiting to See Queen

Soccer legend got in line at 2am, was still there 12 hours later

(Newser) - David Beckham long ago proved his endurance on the pitch. Now he's showing he can make it for the long haul while queuing up for the late Queen Elizabeth II, whom the soccer legend came to see lying in state in London on Friday. USA Today reports that the...

Top 10 Baby Names Inspired by Sports Stars

Kobe tops the most recent list

(Newser) - Teachers will be calling on a lot more Kobes in about five years. As KTLA reports, the name "Kobe" tops the list of baby names presumably inspired by sports stars between 2000 and 2021. The list, compiled by Betsperts , found that more than 17,000 infants born in the...

Beckham Lets Ukraine Doctor Use His Instagram

Soccer legend's 71M followers get first-hand accounts of the war

(Newser) - Soccer great David Beckham has more than 71 million followers on Instagram , and on Sunday they got an unexpected inside look at the Ukraine war. Beckham turned over his account on Sunday to a doctor in Kharkiv, reports the BBC . The woman identified only as Iryna is a child anesthesiologist,...

David Beckham Uses Phone While Driving, Now Can't Drive

He was hit with a ban for 6 months

(Newser) - Good thing David Beckham can afford to hire a driver: The former soccer star has been banned from driving for six months after a member of the public took a photo of him holding his phone at knee level while driving his $130,000 Bentley in "slowly moving" London...

James Corden Awesomely Pranks Beckham
James Corden
Pranks Beckham 

James Corden Awesomely Pranks Beckham

There's a reason the 'statue' didn't look like the soccer star

(Newser) - At least he liked the hair. David Beckham went to see a statue of himself before the official unveiling, and was shocked by what he saw, CNN reports. The statue was not at all flattering: "It doesn't really look nothing like me," Beckham said. "I mean,...

Yes, This Is Apparently the Best Dressed Royal Male

Prince Philip comes out highest on GQ's list

(Newser) - British GQ has named Britain's 50 best dressed men, and the royal who ranks highest on the list this year is Prince Philip. (A choice that prompted Vanity Fair to declare, "The Man Named Best Dressed in the Royal Family Is Probably Not Who You’d Expect....

Sexiest Man Alive Isn't an Actor

Retired soccer star David Beckham takes the honor

(Newser) - David Beckham has been named People's sexiest man alive, marking the first time an athlete has received the honor, per the Washington Post . Jimmy Kimmel broke the news Tuesday after first getting his audience to play 20 questions with the veiled father of four. "It's the best...

13 Celebs With Bizarre Phobias

Including porcelain dolls, indoor houseplants, and seagulls

(Newser) - Halloween has passed, but the 32 celebrities rounded up by Ranker still have to deal with some very strange phobias. A sampling of their fears:
  1. Channing Tatum: pediophobia, fear of porcelain dolls
  2. Jennifer Love Hewitt: selachophobia, fear of sharks; she also has a fear of elevators
  3. Matthew McConaughey: cleithrophobia, fear

13 Celebrities Who Are Big Tippers

They like to spread the wealth

(Newser) - Dr. Dre just became the richest man in hip-hop —and he's spreading his good fortune around. Last week, the rapper was partying at West Hollywood's Mondrian Hotel, and when he left, he gave his waitress a $5,000 tip. "She was stunned," a source tells...

11 Stars With Secret Skills
 11 Stars With Secret Skills 

11 Stars With Secret Skills

Including Willie Nelson, who just got his black belt

(Newser) - When you think of Willie Nelson, "country singer" and " r ampant pot smoker " are the two descriptions that first come to mind. But now you can add "black belt" to that list. It seems Nelson, who turns 81 this week, has a not-very-well-known love of martial...

Victoria Beckham: David and I Have Had 'Ups and Downs'
Victoria Beckham: David and I Have Had 'Ups and Downs'
paris 'vogue'

Victoria Beckham: David and I Have Had 'Ups and Downs'

As David discusses soccer hazing

(Newser) - Victoria Beckham gets fairly real about her relationship with husband David in the latest issue of Paris Vogue , Radar reports. "David and I have been through so much together," she says. "We’ve had our ups and downs but we’re so proud of each other."...

David Beckham Is Retiring

 David Beckham 
 Is Retiring 
video: see his 'best goal'

David Beckham Is Retiring

Soccer superstar says his storied career is done at end of season

(Newser) - David Beckham says he will retire from professional soccer at the end of the season. The 38-year-old Beckham, who recently won a league title in a fourth country with Paris Saint-Germain, has become a global superstar since starting his career at Manchester United. "I'm thankful to PSG for...

10 Totally Spoiled Celeb Tots
 10 Totally Spoiled Celeb Tots 

10 Totally Spoiled Celeb Tots

Apparently, fancy tree houses are a thing

(Newser) - It comes as little surprise that celebrity children are quite a spoiled bunch, but even by Hollywood standards, these 10 tots rounded up by the Stir seem to have it particularly good:
  • Katie Holmes recently bought daughter Suri Cruise a $100,000 tree house, complete with running water, electricity, and

Beckham Kid Snags Sweet Gig
 Beckham Kid 
 Snags Sweet Gig 

Beckham Kid Snags Sweet Gig

Romeo is the new face of Burberry

(Newser) - More proof that celebrity kids don't grow up the same way the rest of us did: Romeo Beckham is the new face of Burberry. The 10-year-old son of David and Victoria Beckham is featured in ads for the fashion house's spring/summer 2013 collection, the AP reports. Burberry's...

Beckham Leaving Galaxy
 Beckham Leaving Galaxy 

Beckham Leaving Galaxy

Superstar seeks final challenge before legs give out

(Newser) - Soccer icon David Beckham is ending his playing career with the Los Angeles Galaxy after six years that sparked unprecedented growth for Major League Soccer. The 37-year-old says next month's MLS Cup Final will be his final game with the Galaxy, as he wants to "experience one last...

15 Strange Celebrity Friendships
 15 Weird Celebrity Friendships 

15 Weird Celebrity Friendships

You wouldn't guess these pairs hang out as often as they do

(Newser) - Paris Hilton is good friends with ... Kathy Griffin? Yep. You might expect the comedian would spend her time mocking the socialite, but they've actually been spotted shopping and sunbathing together. Fox News rounds up 14 more "unlikely celebrity BFFs":
  • Tyra Banks and Clay Aiken: The supermodel once wrote

18 Completely Insane Celeb Gifts

Jennifer Lopez buys Casper Smart a truck, and more

(Newser) - While your friends are all giving you $20 gift cards on your birthday, celebrities are giving each other $250,000 cars and entire vineyards. Celebuzz rounds up 18 of the most insane celebrity gifts ever given:
  • Jennifer Lopez: J.Lo is the latest, this weekend giving her 25-year-old new boyfriend,

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