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Zoo Accidentally Freezes Rare Monkeys to Death

Cotton-top tamarins were left outside, PETA wants feds to investigate

(Newser) - There are about 7,800 cotton-top tamarins left on the planet, 1,800 of them in captivity—and two fewer of the species of tiny monkey the AP dubs "critically endangered" after a Louisiana zookeeper apparently forgot about them and left them to freeze to death. The one-pound tamarins,...

Wikimedia: Monkey Selfie Is Staying Put

It's in public domain because a monkey took it, not a human, say editors

(Newser) - Strangest copyright dispute ever: British photographer David Slater wants Wikimedia Commons to take down photos of a monkey taken with his camera, but the site refuses because a monkey pushed the button. As the Telegraph explains, Slater traveled to Indonesia in 2011 at his own expense to photograph crested black...

Reason for Cool Monkey Faces? Safe Breeding

Guenons' distinctive features help prevent interbreeding, say researchers

(Newser) - Guenon monkeys are renowned for their colorful, distinctive faces, which vary from species to species. The reason? It's all part of a strategy to help the monkeys identify their own species and avoid crossbreeding with others, new research finds. Guenon monkeys, sometimes known as cheek pouch monkeys, are a...

China Military's 'Secret Weapon': Trained Monkeys

But they go after birds, not humans

(Newser) - We've got military dogs and even military dolphins . But military monkeys? The Chinese army is on it, though the special unit is trained to go after birds rather than enemy soldiers, reports the People's Daily Online . The army has trained a small group of macaque monkeys to rid...

HIV's Origins Stretch Back Millions of Years

Earlier work suggested HIV 'cousins' were much more recent

(Newser) - "Cousins" of the HIV virus are millions of years old—not tens of thousands, as previous research has suggested, according to a new study. Researchers in Seattle examined HIV-like viruses in a range of primates. Genetic changes in monkey and ape immune systems point to the development of such...

UK Woman: Monkeys Raised Me in the Jungle

She says kidnappers left her in Colombian wilderness

(Newser) - At age 5, she was kidnapped for ransom and left in the Colombian jungle—but she was lucky enough to be adopted by a clan of monkeys. So says Marina Chapman, who eventually married a Brit and now lives in Britain, the Daily Mail reports. She lived with capuchin monkeys...

New Monkey Species Found
 New Monkey Species Found 

New Monkey Species Found

'Lesula' found in remote Congo jungle

(Newser) - A remote jungle in the Congo has yielded a new species of monkey, the first to be found in almost 30 years. Scientists discovered the lesula in the Democratic Republic of Congo's Lomami forest basin after spotting an unusual monkey being kept as a pet in a small forest...

Drug Cocktail Cures Ebola in Monkeys

Human tests come next

(Newser) - A potentially big breakthrough against the Ebola virus: Researchers came up with a drug cocktail that completely cured infected monkeys, reports io9 . In the study, scientists infected 12 monkeys with the particularly lethal Zaire strain of the virus. Four that got the cocktail within 24 hours survived, two of the...

Low Social Status Bad for Your Health
 Low Social Status 
 Bad for Your Health 
study says

Low Social Status Bad for Your Health

The immune system is happier on top

(Newser) - It's not only good to be king—it’s good for your health, according to a new study. British research has long shown that underlings in the corporate pecking order suffer from more stress-related, life-threatening health problems than the executives who order them around. Now the Economist reports that...

Japanese Scientists Track Radiation With Monkeys

They'll gather data from collars attached to wild ones

(Newser) - Japanese scientists are recruiting some unusual agents to investigate the radiation levels in the forests around the Fukushima reactor: wild monkeys. A professor of robotic technology at Fukushima University is leading a team that plans to capture up to three wild monkeys and outfit them with a collar that will...

Drug Slims 'Couch Potato' Monkeys

Experimental fat-zapping drug works on chunky monkeys

(Newser) - An experimental weight loss drug helped the fattest, laziest members of a monkey colony lose an average of 11% after just four weeks of treatment—without any forced change in diet or increase in exercise. Researchers behind the drug, following the same strategy used to fight some cancers, designed Adipotide...

Virtual Monkeys Nearly Done Pecking Out Shakespeare

Bard's works being randomly reproduced, 9 characters at a time

(Newser) - A computer programmer testing the old theory that monkeys randomly mashing keyboards will eventually produce the complete works of Shakespeare says his virtual monkeys are nearly done with the Bard. Jesse Anderson—who keeps a running total on his blog —calculates that, in the "largest work ever randomly"...

Monkeys Create Own Language Sign

Mandrills invent way to sign 'do not disturb'

(Newser) - Monkeys at a British zoo have developed a way of saying "leave me alone" that doesn't involve biting or flinging poop. The mandrills cover their eyes—much like in the "see no evil" gesture—when they desire solitude, and their fellow monkeys respect the signal, the Telegraph...

Ad Campaign Targets Primates
 Ad Campaign Targets Primates 
Monkey See, Monkey Buy?

Ad Campaign Targets Primates

Researchers believe billboards will influence monkeys' food choice

(Newser) - Sex sells even when the target audience isn't human, according to a primatologist and two ad execs cooking up the first-ever ad campaign aimed at monkeys. The team plans to create two "brands" of food for capuchin monkeys and heavily advertise one in advance to see if advertising...

Leopards, Monkeys, Bear Found in Airport Bags

Anti-trafficking officials tracked Dubai-bound carrier to Thai hub

(Newser) - Thai officials today nabbed a Dubai-bound man who was hauling “a virtual zoo” of endangered creatures around the Bangkok airport. When they opened his bags, they found a yawning bunch of sedated newborns: two leopards, two panthers, two macaque monkeys, and an Asiatic black bear, the AP reports. Anti-trafficking...

HIV Vaccine Works in Monkeys

Called 'unprecedented' step forward in AIDS research

(Newser) - Big advances in AIDS research are hard to come by—but researchers in Oregon say their new vaccine marks a huge step forward. In a study of HIV’s monkey equivalent, the researchers found that 13 of 24 rhesus macaques given the vaccine were protected against the disease; 12 were...

India Drafts Monkeys for Stadium Security

... against other monkeys

(Newser) - Indian officials have enlisted the help of black-faced langur monkeys to provide security for the venues hosting the Commonwealth Games. Their purpose is to scare away smaller monkeys that have been harassing fans near arenas, the BBC reports. The aggressive langurs are kept on leashes by handlers but released when...

Man Caught Smuggling Monkeys Under Clothes

Rare titi monkeys were held around his waist

(Newser) - In what may be one of the weirdest airport security busts of all time, Mexican police have arrested a man caught trying to smuggle 18 rare titi monkeys through customs in a girdle around his waist. The tiny animals were each kept inside a sock. The man said the monkeys...

Half of All Primates Endangered
 Half of All Primates Endangered 

Half of All Primates Endangered

Deforestation, hunting threaten man's closest kin

(Newser) - Nearly half of all primate species on the planet are in danger of extinction, warns a shocking report by a world conservation organization. Destruction of tropical forests, illegal wildlife trade and commercial bush meat hunting are the key threats to man's closest relatives, according to the International Union for Conservation...

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