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Man May Have Paid $55K to Kill Africa's Most Famous Lion

Spaniard sought in killing of Cecil

(Newser) - Months after Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe came under fire for exporting 23 elephant calves to China ( National Geographic has published undercover photos), the park is again mired in controversy—this time after a hunter skinned and beheaded Africa's most famous lion, 13-year-old Cecil. The lion was wearing...

Jittery Milwaukee Thinks a Lion Is Roaming Its Streets

No sign of the animal since Monday, except on Twitter

(Newser) - Milwaukee residents, do not panic. That's an order from officials fielding dozens of calls since Monday, when a woman spotted what she claimed was a "lion" in her backyard on the north side of the city. A cellphone video appears to show a lion-like animal that wildlife experts...

US Tourist Killed by Lion Worked on Game of Thrones

NY native Katherine Chappell, 29, suffered fatal wound to neck

(Newser) - Katherine Chappell, the American who died at a South African lion park , was an Emmy-winning special-effects editor for Game of Thrones. The 29-year-old New York native, on a trip to raise money for anti-poaching initiatives, was driving through the park with independent tour guide Pierre Potgieter, 66, when a 9-year-old...

African Lion Jumps Through Window, Kills US Tourist: Report

Woman reportedly had windows down, against park regulations

(Newser) - South African media are reporting the death of an American woman at a lion park in Johannesburg, and the US Embassy says it has received reports of an "incident" involving an American citizen at the private park. The embassy says it has no information but will follow up to...

War-Scarred Lions Find New Home

Israel-Hamas war killed 80 of Gaza zoo's other animals

(Newser) - A trio of scrawny lions was brought into Israel from Gaza yesterday en route to a better life at a wildlife sanctuary in Jordan after their zoo was damaged in the recent Israel-Hamas war. The three, a pair of males and a pregnant female, were sedated at Al-Bisan zoo in...

Woman Loses Part of Finger Petting Lion at Zoo

She and the zoo are trading blame

(Newser) - It could have been much worse. Police in Michigan are investigating a woman's report that a lion bit off part of her finger at a small private zoo in northern Michigan. Renae Ferguson tells WNEM-TV that the big cat "ripped" her finger as she tried to pet it...

West African Lions on Brink of Extinction

There are fewer than 250 adults left, surprise study finds

(Newser) - Lions are on the verge of extinction in West Africa, a stunning new survey has concluded, after years of harrowing treks in search of them. When researchers started their search in 2005, the lions, a distinct species from their east and south African brethren, were believed to inhabit 21 protected...

Safari Park to Visitors: Stop Wearing Animal Prints

And not because it's tacky; animals are getting confused, hungry

(Newser) - A British safari park has hired "animal print bouncers" to look out for guests wearing clothes that could confuse or scare the animals, the Guardian reports. The park has opened a new off-road attraction and animals are becoming alarmed "when they see what looks like zebras and giraffes...

Zoo Tries to Pass Off Dog as Lion
 Zoo Tries 
 to Pass Off 
 Dog as Lion 

Zoo Tries to Pass Off Dog as Lion

And fox as leopard

(Newser) - It wasn't hard to figure out that the "African lion" at a Chinese zoo was no lion: The animal was barking, according to one mom whose son pointed out the apparent discrepancy. Turns out the zoo in the People's Park of Luohe had substituted a Tibetan mastiff,...

After Uproar, Restaurant Yanks Lion-Meat Tacos

Conservation groups not happy given big cats' 'vulnerable' status

(Newser) - A Tampa taco company has pulled its controversial lion meat tacos off the menu, after getting complaints and even threats from animal lovers, the Tampa Tribune reports. It's probably hard to think of the king of the jungle as "vulnerable," but that's the designation conservation groups...

Lion That Mauled Intern Had Escaped From Cage

Broke woman's neck as she cleaned: report

(Newser) - The lion that killed an intern in a California animal park had escaped from its cage, and broke Dianna Hanson's neck while she was cleaning its outer enclosure, authorities say. "The gate of the cage was partially open, which allowed the lion called Cous Cous," who weighed...

Intern Mauled to Death at Big Cat Sanctuary

Dianna Hanson had started California internship in January

(Newser) - Tragedy in California yesterday, where a 24-year-old was mauled to death by a lion at a big cat sanctuary. The AP identifies the victim as Dianna Hanson, an intern at Project Survival's Cat Haven whose father described her as "absolutely fearless." The Los Angeles Times reports on...

Lion and Liger Welcome World's First Liliger

Kiara born in Siberian zoo

(Newser) - We all know that a lion mating with a tiger produces a liger —but a zoo in Siberia has taken it one step further. The Novosibirsk Zoo mated a lion, Sam, with a liger, Zita. The result? An adorable liliger cub named Kiara, ABC News reports. She was born...

UK's Loose Lion Really a Cat Named 'Teddy Bear?'

Owner thinks her Maine Coon was mistaken for a lion

(Newser) - The mystery of the "lion" on the loose in Essex, England, may have been solved: Ginny Murphy says the fearsome creature spotted by locals was probably just her cat, Teddy Bear. She tells the BBC that her Maine Coon cat is a regular in the town's fields where...

UK Cops End Huge Search for 'Large Domestic Cat'

Well, or it could have been a big dog

(Newser) - Today, in the Bigfoot-esque Department: A reported lion spotting in Essex, England, last night had police pulling out all the stops. Two helicopters equipped with thermal imaging were dispatched, and as many as 25 armed officers set out in search of the creature, reports the BBC . Residents' proof: One claimed...

Lion Tries to Eat Zebra-Striped Toddler

Boy unfazed by hungry predator at Oregon Zoo

(Newser) - In his black-and-white striped hoodie, one-year-old Jack Baltzor must have looked a lot like a tasty little zebra to a hungry lioness. In video taken by his parents, the 250-pound predator at the Oregon Zoo swipes furiously at the glass separating her from the toddler, even trying to take him...

Lion Kills S. African Zookeeper
 Lion Kills S. African Zookeeper 

Lion Kills S. African Zookeeper

Employee came out of retirement because of staff shortages

(Newser) - A Johannesburg Zoo employee who came out of retirement because of staff shortages was killed by a lioness at a breeding facility outside the city. The 63-year-old, who had nearly 40 years of experience working with animals, was attacked while feeding the lions, the BBC reports. An enclosure was found...

Paralyzed Lion Ariel Dies in Brazil: Famous Male Feline Had Over 62K 'Likes'
 Paralyzed Lion Dies in Brazil 

Paralyzed Lion Dies in Brazil

Ariel died of unknown disease, captured attention of thousands

(Newser) - Ariel, a paralyzed male lion whose fight to walk again became the focus of an Internet fundraising campaign and captured wide media attention in Brazil, died yesterday. On the lion's Facebook page, owner Raquel Borges wrote, "Our beloved Ariel is gone. This is the saddest day of my...

Why Lions Will Eat You After Full Moon

They're especially hungry because they can't hunt on bright nights

(Newser) - African lions are most likely to hunt prey on moonless nights, and especially on nights following a full, bright moon, the Telegraph reports. A study looked at roughly 500 lion attacks on Tanzanian villagers over the past two decades, and found that a vast majority occurred between dusk and 10pm...

Tiger Kills Lion in Zoo
 Tiger Kills Lion in Zoo 

Tiger Kills Lion in Zoo

Big cat dispatched with single swipe of paw

(Newser) - Who's the king of the jungle? An old question about inter-species conflict has, unfortunately, been answered. A tiger killed a lion at a zoo in Turkey after finding a gap in the fence that separated them, the BBC reports. Zoo officials say the tiger killed the lion by severing its...

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