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Voice of Nintendo's Mario Is Retiring

Charles Martinet will now be a 'Mario ambassador'

(Newser) - The original voice of Mario is retiring. Charles Martinet, who's voiced the Nintendo character for nearly three decades, dating back to 1994, is "stepping back from recording character voices for our games," Nintendo announced Monday, per Deadline . The 67-year-old American voice actor, who reportedly based the voice...

Game Left in Desk Sets Record
Left in

Game Left in Desk Sets Record

Super Mario Bros. cartridge brings $660K at auction

(Newser) - Somebody paid $660,000 for a video game Friday, the highest price ever. The sealed copy of the Nintendo video game Super Mario Bros. was sold through Heritage Auctions, the Verge reports. The price far eclipsed the $114,000 a Super Mario Bros. game brought last summer, and the $156,...

1985 Video Game Brings a Record $114K at Auction

'Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!' finished a distant second in bidding

(Newser) - An unopened copy of a vintage Super Mario Bros. video game has been sold for $114,000 in an auction that underscored the enduring popularity of entertainment created decades ago. A bidder who wished to remain anonymous snapped up an early version of the pioneering Super Mario Bros. game released...

Super Mario Bros. Game Sells for $100K

Sealed cartridge is from 1985 test launch

(Newser) - A copy of the 1985 Nintendo Entertainment System game Super Mario Bros. has sold for a stunning $100,150 at auction, believed to be a record for a single game. But gamers hoping their own copy of the hugely popular game could be worth a fortune are likely to be...

Super Mario Run Is 'One for the Ages'
Super Mario Run Is
'One for the Ages'
The Rundown

Super Mario Run Is 'One for the Ages'

It's the Mario you love, on a smartphone

(Newser) - It's-a me, mobile Mario. Super Mario Run, Nintendo's first-ever stab at a smartphone game, was released Thursday for all iOS devices. A one-time app store purchase of $9.99 gets gamers six worlds, 24 levels, three game modes, and multiple playable characters. Here's what people are saying...

Researchers Making Mario Think for Himself

He can 'learn' to collect coins, jump on bad guys

(Newser) - Before you know it, your video games could be playing themselves. Researchers in Germany are working on giving Nintendo's best-known character a form of artificial intelligence, the Verge reports. Their goal is a "Living and Conversing Mario Agent" that can act on commands given not with a gamepad...

'Full Screen Mario' Must Come Down

 'Full Screen Mario' 
 Must Come Down 

'Full Screen Mario' Must Come Down

Nintendo shouldn't have to hand over its mascot: Ryan Vogt

(Newser) - Ryan Vogt will be the first to admit that Full Screen Mario, a perfect re-creation of Nintendo's iconic Super Mario Bros. created by a college student and playable for free online, is "amazing." That doesn't mean it should remain available, however. In fact, the game "...

Wii U Hits in November for $299
 Wii U Hits in November for $299 

Wii U Hits in November for $299

It won't come with any of the old Wii's accessories

(Newser) - Nintendo's new Wii U console will hit stores in the US on Nov. 18 for as low as $299, the company announced today. For that price, you'll get just the console, its unique gamepad controller, a charger, and an HDMI cable, Mashable reports. Upgrade to the $349 "...

Scientists: Yep, Nintendo Is Hard

Classic games like Super Mario Brothers actually 'NP-Hard'

(Newser) - Science has confirmed what you already knew as a 10-year-old: Super Mario Brothers is hard to beat. But the paper by a team of international computer scientists uses actual math to come to that pointy-headed conclusion, the Washington Post reports, and focuses on not just the Mario series but also...

PETA: We Were Kidding About Mario

Spoof Nintendo game proves popular

(Newser) - Some of PETA's stunts seem like jokes , but apparently its rather absurd anti-Mario campaign actually was one. After the group attacked the cartoon plumber for his Tanooki suit, a rep tells Kotaku that Mario fans should “relax.” Its violent game parody, in which players act as a...

PETA's New Target: Nintendo's Mario

When he wears the Tanooki suit, he promotes fur, it claims

(Newser) - PETA's latest target isn't exactly a celeb with a penchant for hitting the red carpet in fur. It's Mario. From the Nintendo game. No, seriously. PETA explains that in the game Super Mario 3D Land, the graphic character will do anything it takes to conquer his enemy...

Angry Birds Aim for Mario-Level Success

75 million downloads, but gamemakers are still spreading their wings

(Newser) - Angry Birds may be the biggest hit on Apple's App Store and a ubiquitous pop-culture presence, but the birds' creators have even bigger plans for their furious fowls—a Super Mario Bros-level of success. "What we’re doing is we’re building out the Angry Birds world,” the...

Geeks Channel Mario With Wedding Invite

Beat the villain, get the details

(Newser) - A pair of self-proclaimed “geeks” have channeled the old-school, 8-bit likes of Super Mario and Donkey Kong to create an unusual wedding invitation—and invitees only get the details if they beat the gorilla-ish villain. “We knew that we didn’t want standard paper invites,” the bride-to-be/game...

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