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A 'Disfigured' Evangelista Is Back on Cover of Vogue

'I got to do what I love to do,' Linda Evangelista says

(Newser) - "My big dream was to be on a Vogue cover and it's happening again," says Linda Evangelista, who is on the cover of the September edition of British Vogue. The Canadian supermodel has appeared on the magazine's cover more than 80 times—but a lot changed...

Vogue Magazine Asks Pub in Vogue Village to Change Name
Vogue Asks 200-Year-Old
Pub to Change Its Name
in case you missed it

Vogue Asks 200-Year-Old Pub to Change Its Name

Response from pub in tiny village of Vogue was a hard no

(Newser) - A pub in the tiny village of Vogue in Cornwall, England, has told the publishers of Vogue magazine that its response to a request to change its name is a "categorical NO." The long-established Star Inn at Vogue—known to locals as "the Vogue"—received a...

Fashion Force Andre Leon Talley Is Dead at 73
Fashion Legend
Andre Leon Talley
Is Dead at 73

Fashion Legend Andre Leon Talley Is Dead at 73

He was the former creative director and editor-at-large of 'Vogue' magazine

(Newser) - André Leon Talley, the towering former creative director and editor-at-large of Vogue magazine, has died. He was 73, reports the AP . Talley’s literary agent David Vigliano confirmed Talley’s death to USA Today late Tuesday, but no additional details were immediately available. Talley was an influential fashion journalist who...

Vogue Editor Speaks Out on Harris Cover Controversy

They wanted to portray VP-elect as 'accessible and approachable,' Wintour says

(Newser) - Vogue editor Anna Wintour says the magazine had no intention of disrespecting Vice president-elect Kamala Harris with a cover that turned out to be highly controversial . Critics said the photo, in which Harris, wearing sneakers, stands in front of green and pink drapes, was too informal and "familiar,"...

Kamala Harris' Vogue Cover Isn't Going Over Well

VP-elect covers the magazine for the first time

(Newser) - Kamala Harris will cover Vogue for the first time in February, but the cover image chosen for the issue isn't going over well. As CBS News reports, the magazine revealed two images, and sources are saying the photo featured on the cover is not the one Harris' team agreed...

Their Wedding Was Featured in Vogue. Then, a COVID Cluster

Article quietly taken down from magazine's site after coronavirus outbreak on Martha's Vineyard

(Newser) - Click on the link for a recent Vogue spread featuring photos of a swank Martha's Vineyard wedding and you'll see nothing but a big "Oops. The page you're looking for cannot be found." That's because the magazine took down the piece almost as quickly...

Harry Styles Makes History in a Dress
American Vogue
Cover Makes History

American Vogue Cover Makes History

Harry Styles is the first solo male to make American Vogue's cover

(Newser) - Harry Styles, in a Gucci ballgown? American Vogue has it, on the cover no less—the first time a man has graced the 127-year-old magazine's cover all by himself, USA Today reports. "Clothes are there to have fun with and experiment with and play with. What's really...

Former Right-Hand Man: Wintour Gave Me 'Scars'

Andre Leon Talley tells of 'huge emotional and psychological scars' in new book

(Newser) - It was the 2003 novel The Devil Wears Prada, written by a former assistant of Anna Wintour, that cast the Vogue editor-in-chief as a nightmare. Almost two decades later, a new book from her former right-hand man reportedly confirms some of the narrative. In a memoir that will be out...

Rihanna Explains the Thing She 'Couldn't Dare Do'

It relates to the Super Bowl

(Newser) - Maroon 5 rocked the stage at Super Bowl LIII, but only after other performers refused the gig with Colin Kaepernick in mind. Rihanna was one of them and, months later, she has no regrets. "I couldn’t dare do that. For what? Who gains from that? Not my people,...

Prince Harry Explains Why He Won't Have More Than 2 Kids

He's concerned about the planet's resources

(Newser) - If Prince Harry has another baby, it will be his last, he reveals in a new interview with environmental activist Jane Goodall. In discussing their concerns about the planet and its diminishing resources, Harry told Goodall he's become even more concerned about Earth's future since having his first...

Meghan Markle Guest Edits Major Magazine Issue

She selects female trailblazers for September issue of British 'Vogue'

(Newser) - The September Issue of British Vogue will be guest-edited by the woman editor-in-chief Edward Enninful calls "the country's most influential beacon of change": the Duchess of Sussex, formerly known as Meghan Markle. Enninful says Meghan will be the first person to guest edit the September issue, which is...

Madonna: My Daughter Doesn't Have My Drive

The Material Girl talks kids, career in 'Vogue'

(Newser) - Madonna spoke candidly about her kids during a recent interview with Vogue , saying that she gave her older kids phones at 13—and that was "a mistake" she's not planning to make with her younger kids, including now-13-year-old David, who doesn't yet have a phone. Giving her...

Beyonce: What I Did to My Body After Blue Was 'Crazy'

She opens up in September issue of 'Vogue'

(Newser) - There's been plenty of buzz about who shot Vogue's September cover—23-year-old Tyler Mitchell, a black photographer who Beyonce advocated for—but it's the story within the issue that's now attracting attention. In it, Beyonce reveals that she gave birth to twins Rumi and Sir via...

Weinstein's Wife Speaks: I'm Not a Victim

Georgina Chapman gets personal with 'Vogue' about life after scandal on her husband broke

(Newser) - One woman in the Harvey Weinstein orbit we hadn't heard from yet is finally opening up. Wife Georgina Chapman, who has hunkered down in private since revelations about her husband's sexual misconduct came to light, speaks to Jonathan Van Meter for Vogue . He writes that the night before...

Model on the Defense After 'Unrecognizable' Vogue Cover

Gigi Hadid says photo shoot 'was not executed correctly' after she's accused of donning 'blackface'

(Newser) - It's expected models will adopt varying looks during different photo shoots, but Gigi Hadid's cover for the May issue of Vogue Italia is raising more eyebrows than champagne glasses. Per the BBC , the 23-year-old was photographed by Steven Klein. She's shown on the cover (see it here...

Paris Rebirth of Voguing Takes on Political Tinge

Voguing has taken on new meaning for some French youths

(Newser) - Vogue, the '80s dance movement Madonna popularized in her hit 1990 song of the same name, is experiencing a revival in France. It's not just a flamboyant pastime, per the AP . For many minority French communities who feel alienated over tensions arising from divisive anti-gay marriage protests and...

Male Models Accuse Photographers of Sexual Abuse

Bruce Weber and Mario Testino have already been suspended from Condé Nast

(Newser) - Two of the biggest names in fashion photography have been accused of sexual harassment and exploitation by the models they worked with, and it's already starting to cost them work. The New York Times reports that 15 former and current male models accuse Bruce Weber of engaging in inappropriate...

Philip Seymour Hoffman's Fate Was Sealed With One Question

'I've been thinking I want to try to have a drink again. What do you think?'

(Newser) - It's been nearly four years since Philip Seymour Hoffman's stunning fatal overdose , and longtime partner Mimi O'Donnell reflects on the loss in a poignant essay at Vogue . O'Donnell writes movingly of their friendship-turned-courtship and how Hoffman spoke openly of his struggles with drugs and alcohol back...

Internet Reacts to Chelsea Manning's Vogue Photo

Annie Leibovitz photographed Manning for the September issue

(Newser) - If you've ever wanted to know the effect that liberation has on a person, Chelsea Manning is glad to show you. ABC News reports that the transgender soldier released from prison earlier this year posted a photo Thursday to her social media accounts that shows her smiling at the...

Celine Dion Strips Down for Vogue
Celine Dion
Bares All
for Vogue

Celine Dion Bares All for Vogue

Singer gets naked for Instagram photo series

(Newser) - Celine Dion is 49 and, in case you were wondering, she's still got it. The singer posed nude for Vogue for a series the magazine is doing on her during Paris Couture Week, Elle reports. "Here's a little naked fact to ponder while Celine Dion changes looks...

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