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Judge Rules on Soccer Honcho's 'Unconsented' Kiss

Luis Rubiales, Spain's former soccer chief, must head to trial, per Thursday ruling

(Newser) - After sullying his nation's Women's World Cup victory, former Spanish soccer chief Luis Rubiales will face trial for kissing forward Jenni Hermoso without her consent at the final. Judge Francisco de Jorge ruled on Thursday that Rubiales' kiss was "unconsented and carried out unilaterally and in a...

Ex-Lawmaker: Biden's Actions During Rally 'Mortified' Me

Lucy Flores says ex-VP put hands on her shoulders, kissed her head at 2014 event in Nev.

(Newser) - In 2014, then-Vice President Joe Biden helped Lucy Flores campaign in Nevada for a shot at becoming the state's lieutenant governor. But something Flores says happened between the two at a Nov. 1 campaign rally that year left Flores feeling "embarrassed," "shocked," and "confused,...

Sailor in Iconic Times Square Kiss Photo Dead at 95

George Mendonsa kissed Greta Zimmer Friedman on V-J Day

(Newser) - The ecstatic sailor shown kissing a woman in Times Square celebrating the end of World War II has died, the AP reports. George Mendonsa died two days before his 96th birthday. Mendonsa's daughter, Sharon Molleur, told the Providence Journal Mendonsa fell and had a seizure Sunday at the assisted...

16-Year-Old Gets 4.5 Years in Jail for Kissing 13-Year-Old

Turkish judge throws teen in the slammer for hugging, kissing girl in schoolyard

(Newser) - An expert report cites the "impulse of puberty" for a teen's actions that brought him to trial, but that excuse didn't get the 16-year-old off the hook for a sexual assault charge. The boy's crime of apparent passion, per Gulf News , was kissing a 13-year-old girl,...

Kissing the 'Right' Way: Most of Us Don't Go Left
Kissing the 'Right' Way:
Most of Us Don't Go Left

Kissing the 'Right' Way: Most of Us Don't Go Left

New research suggests this tendency might be innate

(Newser) - Dig if you will the picture: two people engaged in a kiss. Prince sang about "curious poses," but new research suggests that most of us may strike similar poses, leaning to the right instead of the left when kissing the lips of our partners. Researchers at the University...

Olympian's Girlfriend Smooch Nearly Ruined His Career

Gil Roberts failed drug test, but arbitrator rules it was because of his kissing

(Newser) - Gold-medal sprinter Gil Roberts nearly kissed away his career. But an arbitrator cleared the champ of charges he ingested a banned substance, conceding the drug got into his system exactly as Roberts says it did—through smooching with his girlfriend, reports Sports Illustrated . Roberts, 28, who won the 4x400-meter relay...

Trump, Cruz Smooch on a Giant Cleveland Billboard

Anti-homophobia message in sign located near GOP convention site

(Newser) - First they painted a house across from the Westboro Baptist Church the colors of the rainbow. On Thursday the Planting Peace charity erected its next measure of support for the LGBT community: a giant billboard on West 25th Street in Cleveland showing Donald Trump and Ted Cruz about to smooch....

In a French Kiss, You Swap More Than Spit
In a French Kiss,
You Swap More Than Spit

In a French Kiss, You Swap More Than Spit

Smooch for 10 seconds, and you've transferred 80M bacteria

(Newser) - A kiss is just a kiss—except for when it's a major bacteria conduit. A new study published in Microbiome takes a look at what happens when we kiss intimately, and finds that 10 seconds of passion can result in the transfer of up to 80 million bacteria. Dutch...

5 Worst Celebrity Kissers
 5 Worst Celebrity Kissers 

5 Worst Celebrity Kissers

Kissing Tom Cruise isn't necessarily fun

(Newser) - It must be fun to be an actor, always getting to kiss other hot celebrities in movies, right? Well ... not necessarily. OK! rounds up 10 of the worst celebrity kissers:
  • Kate Hudson: Dane Cook called her his worst on-screen kiss, saying that while filming My Best Friend's Girl, "

Kissing Helps Us Find a Mate
 Why Kissing Matters 
study says

Why Kissing Matters

Study suggests it helps us find the right mate

(Newser) - A new scientific study delves into that most important of questions: Why do humans kiss? It's a practice carried out by almost no other animals, especially not with the same level of intensity, Time notes. But researchers found locking lips may actually serve an evolutionary purpose: It helps us...

Male Couple Kisses for 50 Hours
 Male Couple 
 Kisses for 
 50 Hours 
world record

Male Couple Kisses for 50 Hours

Thai couple breaks world record for longest kiss

(Newser) - A male couple in Thailand spent more than two days kissing to break the Guinness World Record for longest kiss. The competition began Sunday in Pattaya, and ended, fittingly enough, today on Valentine's Day. Couples had to stay in a space measuring one square meter, could only take water...

Horrifying Kissing Prank Goes Viral

Blindfolded students kiss ... their parents

(Newser) - Should you have the stomach to watch this, it might be one of the more horrifying 59 seconds of your life. Rosemount High School, in the Minnesota town of the same name, is finding itself on the unfortunate end of a viral video that depicts a prank planned by the ...

Germans Say Nein to Kissing at Work
Germans Say Nein
to Kissing at Work

Germans Say Nein to Kissing at Work

Keep your distance, says a German etiquette group

(Newser) - It may be common in France, but a kiss on the cheek has no place in Germany, says the Knigge Society, a group that advises on social behavior and etiquette. It says it has received numerous complaints on the subject, and wants to remind Germans to stick with a handshake—...

Kissing Couple Explain 'Beautiful' Embrace

Scott Jones was comforting Alex Thomas after she fell

(Newser) - Vancouver's famous kissing couple has come forward to explain their famous embrace amid the riots . Australia's Scott Jones and Canadian girlfriend Alex Thomas tell CBC they got caught up in a crowd running from advancing police when Thomas fell. "Tripped up? I'm not sure," she...

Japanese Gadget Allows Long-Distance Smooching

Tech students design boxes for online kissing

(Newser) - In a long-distance relationship? Now you don’t need an airplane to kiss your partner: Japanese students have created a gadget for online snogging. The device looks like a box with a straw attached. One kisser turns the straw with his tongue, prompting the straw on the other end of...

Romance Publisher Trying to Patent the Kiss
 Trying to 
 the Kiss 

happy valentine's day

Romance Publisher Trying to Patent the Kiss

But don't worry, Harlequin won't charge you for smooching if it succeeds

(Newser) - Harlequin Enterprises, publisher of such titillating romance titles as Roughneck Cowboy and The Nanny and the CEO, is trying to patent the kiss. Does that mean you might someday have to pay a licensing fee if you want to lock lips? Nope: "Should this patent be approved and registered...

Why That New Year's Eve Kiss Might Be Lousy

The brain might know what the heart doesn't

(Newser) - Ah, the romance of the New Year's Eve kiss—the flushed cheeks, the quickened pulse ... the stream of bio-data rushing to the somatosensory cortex? A research scientist deconstructs the kiss in the Washington Post , explaining that there's a lot going on with all five senses during a seemingly simple lip-lock....

Two Guys Break Kissing Record
 Two Guys Break Kissing Record
World Records

Two Guys Break Kissing Record

Goal: To 'queer the Guinness World Records '

(Newser) - After smooching for 33 hours straight (ha!), two college guys yesterday broke the world record for "longest continuous kiss." Standing in a tent on the campus of New Jersey College, Matty Daley and Bobby Canciello smooched non-stop for more than a day, a feat that involved strategic...

Dubai Upholds Month in Jail for Kissing Brits

Pair kissed in a restaurant; Emirati woman told cops

(Newser) - A Dubai appeals court today upheld a one-month prison sentence for a British couple convicted of kissing in a restaurant. The pair landed in court after an Emirati woman complained about the public kiss, which the couple insisted was just a peck on the cheek. They were arrested in November...

Now Sexting Lands Dubai Travelers in Prison

Flirty texts indicated pair 'aimed to commit sin'

(Newser) - Dubai has lowered the boom—again—on travelers whose behavior runs afoul of the nation's strict morality laws by sentencing a couple to 3 months in prison for sexting. The flirty texts indicated the Indian pair, who work for Emirates airlines, intended to "commit sin," according to court...

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